Chapter 591: Peculiar space

Strolling around Demonic Dragon Island along with Sharman and Crystal, Long Yi was in a good mood. The scenery of Demonic Dragon Island was truly great. This single island was actually divided into several completely different environments. At the center of this island was a continuous range of mountains covered with dense forests; moreover, there were also lakes hidden among them. The northwest zone, nevertheless, was filled with jagged rocks of grotesque shapes. The surface was full of grey-black rocks and steam occasionally shrouded this place. One could even hear the gurgling sound of spring water. This place unexpectedly was a hot spring of a quality that was very difficult to see on Blue Waves Continent. It was due to an active volcano located in this northwest region. Although it was an active volcano, according to Sharman, from the time since the Demonic Dragon Clan had migrated here, this volcano had never erupted. Merely, some smoke and dust would occasionally emerge from the crater. They had never seen magma flowing out. Presumably, it was a stable active volcano. As for the southeastern region, it was a wide expanse of flat land. That place had carpet-like lush green grass covering everywhere, and at its end was the vast sea. This scene truly made people sigh endlessly in admiration.

“Sharman, your Demonic Dragon Island is a good place. It is a pretty good choice for spending one’s holidays,” Long Yi sat on the soft grassland and said while looking at a few fire rabbits playing with each other not far away.

“Hereafter, you are free to come often, but I am afraid that our small Demonic Dragon Island will not even enter your sights soon,” Sharman said with a smile. Looking at Long Yi, a hint of happiness appeared in her heart.

“How can that be? Your Demonic Dragon Island has such beautiful scenery; moreover, there are two outstanding great beauties! Anyone would be reluctant to leave after seeing them,” Long Yi said with a smile.

Sharman smiled and said, “Then, are you also reluctant to leave? Of course, if there aren’t any other important matters to attend, you should stay here for some time.”

Long Yi bit a long grass stalk and imagined playing with his numerous girls in this grassland. Just like those fire rabbits, when they got tired, they could go to the hot springs of the northwest and be completely open with each other. At that time, touching Xiangyun’s thigh, touching Ruyue’s pert buttocks, not to mention…

“Long Yi, how come you are drooling? I can tell just from looking at your expression. Aren’t you thinking about something bad?” The fantasies of Long Yi were destroyed by a pinch from Sharman. He screamed and came back to reality.

“Heh heh, I was thinking about you!” Long Yi said with a bad smile. He was very eager for that kind of pleasant business. In this world, he had already undertaken more than sufficient responsibilities, but wasn’t everything for the sake of being able to live this kind of quiet and beautiful life in the end?

Sharman snorted softly, but a hint of a blush appeared on her beautiful face.

The four people fell into a kind of tacit silence for a moment. Only a sea breeze blew softly, and the grasses far away swayed. The continuous sea waves far away seemed to have suddenly turned blue from green, becoming well organized and coherent. This was especially fascinating.

Suddenly, Long Yi sprang to his feet. Clapping his hands, he spat out that grass he was biting and said, “Okay, Sharman, take me to a secret and quiet place to set up the transfer magic array. I and Liuli still have to go look for Undersea City. I cannot stay here for too long.”

Sharman thought for a bit and led Long Yi toward the northeast direction. There was a big cave there, and the guards of Demonic Dragon Clan strictly guarded that place. However, these guards didn’t stop them upon seeing that Sharman was leading them.

“This cannot be the forbidden land of your Demonic Dragon Clan, can it?” Long Yi asked with a smile after seeing more than ten huge demonic dragon guards.

“You could consider it that. This is the resting place for the imperial kinsmen of the Demonic Dragon Clan. My mother is inside,” Sharman softly replied. She looked somewhat dejected when speaking about her mother.

 Long Yi gently held the little hand of Sharman, before releasing it. He talked no more.

Sharman looked at Long Yi, and her complexion became soft. She smiled at him in gratitude and then led them inside the cave.

The cave was full of fist-sized night-luminescent pearls that emitted a soft milky white radiance. There were no other decorations apart from this. Walking just a few hundred meters, they arrived at the end. There was a white jade door with a strange totem carved on it.

Sharman dropped a droplet of her blood onto the groove of this gate. This white jade door emitted a strange magical radiance and slowly opened, sliding to two sides.

Long Yi and Liuli were dazzled for a moment. By the time they could see once more, they discovered that the other side of this gate was a completely different world. A warm and cozy aura blew against them, and a lush and green land with neatly arranged unknown trees appeared before their eyes. There were also colorful fresh flowers with a group of beautiful butterflies dancing lightly and gracefully. A spring gurgled at the right side. There were simply so many beautiful things that one couldn’t take them all in.

“So beautiful!” After a good while, Liuli finally managed to exclaim in amazement.

Following the gaze of Liuli, Long Yi looked up and was also surprised. Unexpectedly, this was not open space as he had expected. Rather above was a luminous rock, and the light it emitted felt no different from sunlight. He had never seen such a peculiar scenery.

“This place was accidentally discovered by the first Demonic Dragon King of our Demonic Dragon Clan. This place is too peculiar. Although it is not too big, the trees here are green throughout the year, and the flowers never wither. Moreover, the remains placed here will never rot,” Sharman softly said, leading them in.

 Those beautiful butterflies were not afraid of strangers. They just fluttered around everyone. Some even boldly landed on their shoulders, bringing along a strange fragrance. It was not the fragrance of flowers, but the fragrance of these butterflies.

When Long Yi raised this question, Sharman smiled and said, “No one knows how long these butterflies have been living here. In any case, according to my mother, there are 356 butterflies here and this number never increases or decreases.  With that being the case, I think that since they have been surrounded by the fragrance of flowers for years and years, a variation might have been born in their physique.”

The four people walked through a long and narrow artificial path. Right in front and less than 200 meters away were rows of transparent crystal coffins. There were more than 30 crystal coffins with old and young men and women of the Demonic Dragon Clan lying inside them. They were all in human form, presumably because this mystical place was too small.

Sharman strode in front of a crystal coffin that was at one end. There was a young and beautiful woman lying inside it. Her eyes were closed, and she had a ruddy complexion as if she were just sleeping.

“Mother, Manman has come to see you.” Sharman caressed the transparent crystal coffin, and her beautiful eyes became somewhat moist.

Long Yi performed the courtesy of humankind toward that woman inside the crystal coffin, and then patted the shoulder of Sharman and said softly, “Don’t grieve; don’t be sad. It is enough to have beautiful memories.”

Sharman turned around and smiled, but her tears fell as she silently poured out her heart, “Mother, this is the man Manman likes. Isn’t he very handsome? You will definitely like him; won’t you?”

Sharman calmed down and said, “Set up the transfer magic array here. It will be safer.”

Long Yi was startled, and he asked, “Isn’t this place where only the imperial kinsmen can enter? After some days, your Demonic Dragon Clan will go to the Blue Waves Continent to participate in the convention. What about the rest of the clansmen?”

Sharman smiled softly and said, “Our clansmen have already become too bored from just staying here. It would be better to make them fly there.”

Long Yi frowned and said, “Since you insist, I will set up the array here. However, I still want to find another place to set up an array. It is not a bad idea to take some precautions just in case something happens.”

“Just in case something happens…” Sharman looked at Long Yi with a solemn expression and muttered to herself.

“No one knows what can happen in the future, so we should leave behind a route of retreat. Don’t you understand, you pig brain?” Long Yi lightly knocked the head of Sharman and said. He didn’t know what kind of calamity would befall this world in the future, but he knew that it would definitely affect the entire world. He must unite all the races as soon as possible.

“You are the pig brain, bull head, blockhead!”  Sharman snorted. Turning around, she ignored Long Yi.

Long Yi just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. He began to set up a relatively small transfer magic array on the open space not far away.

After a while, the transfer magic array was set up.

“If you want to set up another transfer magic array, then how about setting it at the foot of Dragon King Treasured Mountain? Usually, only some elders go in and out of that place,” Crystal said.

“Why didn’t you say that earlier? You should have taken me there earlier…” Long Yi stopped speaking when he saw that Sharman’s complexion had sunk.

“Let’s go. Perhaps, father emperor and the elders have finished their discussion. You can also return and set up your transfer magic array,” Sharman said and left in a huff.

Long Yi was stunned. He didn’t understand why Sharman had suddenly gotten so angry. As it turned out, the brain structure of all female species had similarities with human women, at least in some aspects.

After exiting this strange space, the white jade gate behind them closed automatically.

“Liuli, you say, what was going on with that girl? I haven’t offended her, but why is she angry at me without any rhyme or reason? Didn’t I just say that I only want to set up another transfer magic array?” Long Yi grabbed the little hand of Liuli and asked in a whisper.

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Liuli just smiled. Usually, Young Master was very sharp, but he was sometimes so foolish at times like these. She explained, “Sharman was not angry for this reason.”

“Then, what was the reason?” Long Yi asked.

“I think that setting up a transfer magic array was just the pretext to lead you, Young Master, to this forbidden land. I think Sharman likes you,” Liuli said with a smile.

Long Yi was still puzzled; he didn’t understand how Sharman liking him was linked to this matter. After all, didn’t everyone adore him?

“Her mother was there, Young Master. You are truly stupid,” Liuli softly said.

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Long Yi was stunned. He suddenly hit his own head and rushed to catch up to Sharman.

“Sharman, your mother is truly beautiful.” The voice of Long Yi suddenly entered Sharman’s ears.

Sharman stopped and turned around; her beautiful face instantly become lively. “You have a pig brain,” She forcibly stopped herself from smiling and snorted.

As a matter of fact, she had taken advantage of this situation to accompany Long Yi to the forbidden ground because she had wanted him to meet her mother, but this bad fellow hadn’t understand until now.

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