Chapter 592: Holy Temple’s Ancient Magic Array

At the foot of the Dragon King Treasured Mountain, Demonic Dragon King and the elders had just finished discussing the matter of the Dragon Race Convention. Long Yi went over and directly chatted with them for a while. These elders had already heard of the strength of Long Yi, especially Pierre, since he had seen it with his own eyes. These old fellows didn’t flaunt their seniority in front of Long Yi. After all, this world was a world where the strong were respected. Moreover, the relation between Long Yi and the Devouring Dragon Physique was an unusually close one. Even if he hadn’t had this relation, Long Yi might still have become an imperial kinsman of the Dragon Race through his numerous Dragon Princess admirers.

After a bit, Long Yi set up a transfer magic array at the foot of this treasured mountain. It was comparatively larger than the first transfer magic array. Since this was the first time he had come to the Demonic Dragon Island, he thought about playing around for a few days, but seeing that Liuli was very anxious, he didn’t remain here for a long time. He carefully listened as the Demonic Dragon King explained the route again and then bid farewell to everyone on Demonic Dragon Island. He along with Liuli rode Bai Yu and flew toward the vast sea, disappearing into the horizon in the blink of an eye.


The cold moonlight softly illuminated every corner of the imperial city. The air didn’t seem to be pleasantly cool like in the past; instead, it was somewhat gloomy and cold. One could vaguely see a few stars in the sky; it truly was not the starry sky like it had been in the past. The desolate moon was very lonely.

On Tianya Mountain, a beautiful and elegant figure stood straight like a thousand years old fossil. Seemingly, this figure never moved. When the mountain wind blew, her beautiful hair would flutter in the air, making her looked like a fairy floating above this world.

“Long Yi, have you ever thought of me? Or, have you already forgotten this Hanyan after being surrounded by numerous beauties?” Mu Hanyan watched the cold moon in the sky, recalling Long Yi’s smiling face: his pitch black eyes that were like stars, the smile on his face that was like a bewitching magic speeding up the heartbeats of others.

Several months ago, she had woken up from a coma and discovered that she had landed in the imperial palace of the Cyan Wind Empire. After that, she had smiled miserably and never spoken again. She would have rather preferred to die in Long Yi’s bosom and be buried in the mountain with wildflowers everywhere. Her flesh and blood would nourish the flowers and plants while her soul would float along with the cool breeze. Like that, whenever she missed Long Yi, the gentle breeze would blow those flowers and plants to tell Long Yi that she was thinking about him. Now, although she was alive, she and Long Yi were in two completely different worlds. A powerful invisible barrier had thoroughly separated them. At first, she had forced herself to not think of Long Yi, that man engraved on her bones and heart, but she had discovered that death was better than living like that. Only by thinking of his warm smile and pitch-black eyes filled with wisdom, did she know that she was still a living person.

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“Big sister!” A clear and melodious voice came from behind.

Mu Hanyan shook a bit, and the phantom above the cold moon disappeared without a trace. The warm smile on her face also disappeared as if she had never smiled in a thousand forlorn years.

She sighed softly, but she neither turned around nor replied.

“Big sister, are you still blaming me?” Jingjing stepped forward, and grabbing the hand of Mu Hanyan, she asked.

The little hand of Mu Hanyan trembled, and she retracted her hand. Then indifferently watching Jingjing, she said, “Blame you? Why would I blame you? Also, Tianya Mountain is my territory, I wish to stay here alone. I don’t want anyone coming to disturb me.”

After speaking these words, Mu Hanyan turned away and walked toward a small wooden house not far away.

“Big sister, don’t you want to see Long Yi again?” Jingjing watched the lonely back of Mu Hanyan and shouted.

Mu Hanyan paused and didn’t move for a long time. Then, she faintly said, “Come in. Let’s talk about it.”

In that small wooden house, the two sisters sat opposite of each other. Clearly, these two women had gotten much thinner in this period of time. Especially for Mu Hanyan, that bewitching and charming attitude of hers had completely disappeared. It was replaced by indifference. Her beautiful eyes were also lifeless without any spirit that had brimmed within them in the past.

“Speak, did you find a way to split open the energy cover?” Mu Hanyan indifferently asked.

Jingjing shook her head and said, “Not yet. I have done over a hundred tests, but I have not succeeded so far.”

Mu Hanyan frowned before the hint of emotion hidden deep in the bottom of her heart dispersed again.

“But, there is a way to get out!” Jingjing clearly knew that there was no one around, but she still lowered her voice.

“What way?” Mu Hanyan asked.

“The Holy Temple,” Jingjing replied.  Mu Hanyan’s hand, however, trembled, and she nearly knocked over a teacup.

“Are you insane!? The Holy Temple is strictly guarded. Basically, no one is allowed to enter or exit. The ancestors themselves set up this rule. Whoever enters without permission will be beheaded without exception. If we are discovered, even father emperor will not be able to save us.” Mu Hanyan glared at Jingjing.

The words of Jingjing had shocked her so much that she had reverted back to her previous self a little.

“Now is the perfect time. Several big cities on the frontline have already fallen, and the Empire’s reinforcements have already been cut off. If this goes on, the Cyan Wind Empire will be completely destroyed before long. Who would care about the Ancestor’s rule?” Jingjing hastily said.

A hint of a ripple appeared in Hanyan’s heart, and she tried to reason taking this risk. Now, the alliance of mankind was on the verge of destruction. Going out to look for Long Yi for help might give them a gleam of hope.

“Big sister, don’t hesitate. Let’s go! I know a secret path that leads directly to the Holy Temple. Now, most of the holy knights of the Holy Temple have already moved out to reinforce the armies. They will definitely not discover us,” Jingjing said.

Mu Hanyan gritted her teeth and nodded her head. Then, with Jingjing leading the way in front, they quickly ran towards the foot of the mountain.

The frontline was in a critical condition, and the military strength of Imperial City was basically used up. Only a few soldiers were stationed in the city, so these two girls were able to easily sneak out of the city gates.

In the dense forest, Jingjing lifted up a slabstone camouflaged as green grass, revealing a dark hole.

When the two women jumped down, magic lamps on both sides of this secret path immediately lit up. These devices were very similar to the magic devices within the Lost City’s City Lord’s mansion.

At this moment, within the imperial palace of the Cyan Wind Empire, Emperor Mu Qingming was looking at a head-sized crystal ball on the table. On the crystal ball was unexpectedly the scene of Mu Hanyan and Jingjing rushing through the secret path.

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“Your Majesty, are you truly determined to do this?” Behind Mu Qingming, a white bearded old man stood. He wore a strange-styled magic robe. He held a magic staff that emitted a faint cyan light. His voice was hoarse as he asked.

The tough face of Mu Qingming flickered under the illumination of the radiance of this crystal ball, showing his current state of mind. This secret path that led directly to Holy Temple had intentionally been disclosed to Jingjing by a person he had sent. Several other pieces of news such as the general location and activation method of the ancient restriction within the Holy Temple had also been intentionally leaked by him.

“This is our final chance. If someone has to be punished for this, then I, Mu Qingming will bear that punishment.” Mu Qingming lowered his voice but spoke with determination.

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