Chapter 261: Poison-hearted Ye Ying

Someone started tossing the luggage, then people followed suit and started tossing the blankets on the beds. Now that things have come to that, it had actually managed to force the thugs that were holding onto the steel pipes to retreat.

“My bag, my bag! Hubby! Our bag!” Amidst the chaos, the shrieks of a woman would always be the most piercing sound. It could even be compared to war drums!

But no one cared. It seemed like no one had heard her, but even if they did … In this situation, why does she care so much about a stupid bag! The important thing here was to beat the thugs up until they flee and get caught by the police!

Ye Ying, closest to the middle-aged lady, was being stepped on and elbowed in the ribs by her. After god knows how many times, she couldn’t hold it in and yelled back, “You’re still concerned about your bag now! Is your brain flooded with water!?”

A thick blanket suddenly covered their heads. After being shrouded in darkness, she instinctively extended her hands to remove the blanket. Suddenly, something heavy kept repeatedly hitting on the thick blanket.

A thug has climbed onto the luggage rack and was hitting people from there!

After guessing what was happening, Ye Ying immediately stopped trying to remove the blanket that a kind-hearted person had covered her under, and so she tugged at the blanket tightly with both her hands and started to squeeze back into the crowd with the blanket.

The middle-aged lady who was screaming about her bag was also covered in the same blanket, and she, too, realized that someone was on the luggage rack. So, out of self-interest, she extended her hand to tug at the blanket.

Who knew that when Ye Ying realized that she can’t win in a contest of strength, she gritted her teeth after being squeezed out of breath, tugged at the blanket with one hand, and pushed the middle-aged lady who was unbalanced with all her might forward with her other hand.

The middle-aged lady who wasn’t guarding her back was pushed by Ye Ying’s full force, and her body was thrown forwards.

The thug who was attacking people on the rack caught the opportunity and bashed her mercilessly, and while the middle-aged lady screamed, Ye Ying’s heart was trembling from the shock.

Ye Jian and Principal Chen were holding their ground against the thugs and doing their best to protect the safety of the travelers, but Ye Ying was doing all she could to help herself and cause misfortune to others.

“Boss, let’s go! It’ll be too late if we don’t leave now! The train is about to stop!” The train was getting slower and slower. The thug on guard duty opened the train door and roared towards his companions that were still present amidst the chaos, “The door’s open, let’s go!”

A dozen or so thugs against twenty odd male travelers. Sounds of metal pipes, sounds of roaring, and sounds of metal hitting metal completely muted the voice of the thug who opened the door.

Ye Jian had her eyes on the two thugs who were standing watch. At the moment she realized they had opened the door, she kicked them off the train without another word. At the speed the train was traveling, the worst case scenario was them bruising themselves, but they wouldn’t be falling to their deaths.

On the other hand, her main concerns weren’t with the small minions, instead, it was the thug leader who had dared to announce so arrogantly that he will do whatever kinds of stuff on her, and after capturing the ringleader, how could the cops not round up all the minions?

Along with the lessening pace of the train, the dim streetlights on both sides of the tracks had started to become less faint. The light entering the carriage allowed them to see better and made it easier to stand off against the thugs.

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It also allowed Ye Jian to see the ringleader that ordered his minions, but he himself was also retreating and looking for an opportunity to jump off the train.

“We’ll jump off the train first. Space available here is too narrow, not good.” After realizing his intentions, Ye Jian smiled at Principal Chen who was handling multiple minions at once with ease, “Outside, only then can we stretch ourselves.”

If she doesn’t capture the ringleader who had announced that he will do different kinds of stuff to her, then her hard training for the past six months would be in vain!

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As she stopped blocking the escape route of the thugs, Ye Jian acted as if she was being forced to retreat and jumped off the train along with Principal Chen. Following them, multiple thugs also jumped off the train and started fleeing.

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