Chapter 262: How Will You Be Rescued?

The thugs who had jumped off the train chased after the train while yelling, “Hurry up and jump, hurry up and jump!” Some of the thugs who were on the luggage rack heard them and wanted to discard the steel pipes in their hand, so they threw it over the travelers who were packed into a big lump, cursed, “F*ck you all!” and then turned around and fled the train.

As soon as they saw their comrades leaving one by one, the remaining thugs obviously couldn’t stay on the train, so they all rushed to the front and fled the train as well.

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It had started raining heavily outside, and when the ringleader got off the train, he snickered maliciously twice, then pointed fingers at the old man and the student in front of them, “Brothers, my word on the train still counts, whoever bashes their skull in, all this money…”

He shook the duffle bag that contained tens of thousands of dollars, “All this money shall belong to that person!”

After getting off the train, these lackeys grew bolder. The train was rumbling behind them, and the thugs wielding the steel pipes started charging towards them with fearless expressions.

A gunshot sounded through the air. The Yu An police weren’t just stationed in one area and had realized that something was amiss, so they fired a warning shot and were bringing their personnel towards them.

“F*ck!” The ringleader knew that he couldn’t deal with the old man and student in front of them, so after he roared “Run”, he immediately fled the place.

Just you wait! We’ll settle this score sooner or later!

Since ancient times, bandits were always afraid of the authorities. Once the police arrived and adding a warning shot to the equation, the intimidating effect … made the thugs who were chasing after Ye Jian with bloodlust to disperse like wild animals. They crossed over the steel tracks and charged into the darkness while braving the rain.

Ye Jian’s target was only the ringleader. After the gunshot was fired, she told Principal Chen: “Principal, your shoulder hurts so you can’t stay in the rain. You should board the train first, I’ll be back soon.”

“Lass, be careful, I’ll get the cops to follow after you.” Principal Chen waved his hand and responded. He looked at the silhouette of the girl running towards her target’s escape route while braving through this night enshrouded in darkness and rain.

The little lass … had some deeply seeded secret. When the ringleader said that he’ll do different kinds of things to her, the murderous intent she had emitted made him feel shocked.

There’s a need for her to release that bloodlust. She can’t just suppress it under her heart, and since she wants to chase after him, then she might as well, but taking someone’s life … That’s something she wouldn’t do.

By the time the armed policemen came running, Principal Chen told them the direction which the ringleader ran toward but did not tell them that Ye Jian had chased after him.

The train finally stopped after a long “ka-chik”, but no one dared to move in carriage number 9 which was filled with the sounds of wails, all of them still afraid that the thugs would reappear and start bashing up people with their metal pipes.

No idea who said “they all left”, but the travelers who were crying together were finally hit with exhaustion to the point that they looked like they just lost half of their lifespan. Although they could relax, they were all covered in cold sweat from fear since waking up, and none of them dared to move rashly.

Beside the aisle, someone was lying on the ground whimpering in pain. The sounds she made floated into Ye Ying’s ears, causing her body to tense up and her expression to become alarmed and scared.

That … that was the lady that she pushed out, the middle-aged lady that had the accent from Yannan city.

There were lots of injured people in the carriage; some of them were even bleeding from their skulls, the lucky thing was that all of them were still alive and had managed to survive this terrible ordeal.

“Money … My money! My husband’s money for emergencies…” Among the travelers, the middle-aged woman who was obsessed with her husband’s money ran over while crying. The aisle was filled with luggage, so she used both her hands and feet and crawled her way over to chase back her lost money.

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She wasn’t the only person suffering losses in the whole carriage, but the amount that she had lost was the largest.

Before she managed to leave the train, she was stopped by the police running into the train, and officers were swiftly instructed to get to know her situation.

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