Chapter 263: Comparison of Character

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Ye Ying sat on her bunk, frightened. She stared at the paramedics that had come along with the policemen to treat the wounds of the injured travelers. They had placed all the travelers who were bleeding from their heads on stretchers and sent them straight to the hospital.

They had also checked on the slightly injured travelers and after making sure that they did not suffer from any major trauma, they allowed the travelers to continue resting in the train.

“How come I didn’t see that female student who had stood up for everyone else?”

“Wasn’t she just on the train a moment ago? Hurry, hurry, let’s find her!”

Once the still-traumatized travelers heard that the old man and the young student that saved everyone wasn’t on board, some of them encircled the cops to explain the situation, and the others started searching for them up and down the train.

There was a wound that was around 5 centimeters long that had on the middle-aged lady from Yannan who had been hit by the steel pipe. As the paramedics helped her to stop the bleeding, she pulled the arm of a nearby cop, and finished her sentence even though she was in pain, “Police, I was pushed out by a little girl! I want to sue her, I will sue her! Her kindness must have been eaten by a dog! The other little girl put her life on the line to save us all, but that little girl pushed me out just to distract a thug’s attention!”

Although her voice wasn’t loud, Ye Ying who had her attention focused on her had heard it loud and clear. Her shoulders trembled gently, and she spoke toward Ye Zifan who was gulping down water, “Dad, I don’t feel so good, I wanna lie down.”

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If she did not want to be found out, then she couldn’t be questioned by the police, and more importantly, she could not say a word in front of the middle-aged lady, and what she should do now is to remain silent! After getting off the train at their destination, the province … only then would she be safe.

After something so big had happened, the police started to act very efficiently. They arranged personnel to guard the carriage and arranged for the unscathed travelers that were able to pack up their luggage to do so first.

After that, they took down the description of the contents inside the luggage of the travelers who were injured and needed to go to the hospital, and their luggage was then escorted off the train by the police in a systematic manner.

Principal Chen who had boarded the train with the cops realized the passengers were looking for both him and Ye Jian, and he stopped them with a smile on his face, “Don’t worry, we’re fine. The lassie was just a little bit courageous, but after being forced to jump off the train, she was also frightened by the event, and now she’s resting in the train crew’s lounge. Thank you, everyone, for your concern.”

After hearing that, everyone present in the carriage let out a big sigh of relief. The middle-aged lady from Yannan city, currently lying on a stretcher and being prepared to be carried off the train, had an ashamed expression on her face, “Big brother, you and that little girl … I will never forget you both in this lifetime.”

Suddenly, she gritted her teeth and said, “And that girl that caused me to suffer a hit to the head from a metal pipe, just you wait!”

Looking at the way she was acting, she would be the type that would remember to hold this grudge and swear to investigate it to the end.

The train was stopped for a long time, and the travelers who were squeezed on the hard seats were awoken by the heat. After opening the windows, the cold breeze from the rain was blown inside. The refreshing coolness caused all of them to become drowsy and fall asleep again, and none of them paid much attention to what happened anymore on this thundering and stormy night.

As to why the train has stopped … everyone was already used to it.

The rain didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime sooner, and while the policemen were taking care of the matters in carriage number 9, the other policemen who were executing their duty in the rain had caught multiple thugs and escorted them into the carriages.

At another place, the ringleader that was being stopped by Ye Jian had lost all of his arrogance a while ago, his arm being bound by a strand that no matter how hard he tugged at it, he couldn’t break it apart. The middle-schooler stood in the shadows like a ghost, not making a sound from start till the end, and she only hit some specific places.

His chest, his abdomen, his kneecaps; wherever that hurt the most was where she would hit! It was so painful that even he started to become genuinely afraid.

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