Chapter 264: Shadows of the Past Life

“Hmm, didn’t you say you were going to have fun with me? Now, aren’t I accompanying you now? Why don’t I see you having fun?” The silver wire in her hands acted like it was one of her limbs, it was bound tightly onto his arm. She lifted her foot until she did a split in the air, then she kicked his jaw furiously with her heel.

… The strength behind it was so powerful that she managed to knock his jaws together, and immediately, two of his front teeth were chipped off.

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The smell of iron filled his mouth. His arms bound tightly in a dead hold, even though his right hand wasn’t bound by the wire, the palm of his hand was covered in bruises and wounds, and the deepest one was deep enough to see the bone within.

That happened because he had tried to grab onto the wire, but he didn’t know his technique was incorrect, and the silver wire just slipped past his fingers and sliced through his palm, leaving a bloody line. It was so painful that he couldn’t hold it in and screamed out loud.

Ye Jian’s bloodlust couldn’t be concealed. Remembering how she had died in her past life, her bloodlust contained a trace of coldness that simply wouldn’t disappear.

Her tidy short hair was already drenched in the rain; water flowed down from the bangs on her forehead, and her jet black eyes looked extremely cold and indifferent after being in the rain, “We’re playing together, right? Why aren’t you happy? Weren’t you the one that said you wanted to play?”

Her voice made him feel like he was drowning in a cold pool. The hair-standing chillness of each and every word she said sliced through the air by the ringleader’s ears.

Fear erupted in his mind at that second. Since both of his hands were tied, as Ye Jian jumped onto his back, the sufficiently long silver wire … was already wound around his neck.

“He… Hel… Help… Help me…” The silver wire continued to tighten, but his hands were also bound in this mess, and if the wire continued to tighten more, in the end, both of his hands will be pushed against his neck. He was afraid to put strength into his hands, as he knew that if he starts to push with his hands, the silver wire will embed itself into his flesh, and could probably embed itself into his wrist bones.

He only managed to run forward half a step with his legs, but the back of his knee joint was kicked with much force. He staggered and kneeled on the ground with one leg, the gravel on the ground making his kneecap feel as though it was crushed.

“I’m having so much fun playing with you, yet why are you still yelling for help? Isn’t this what you wished to see? The only difference is that we switched roles, and you’ve become the toy for me to play with. But isn’t the process the same?”

In that life, if she had the skills she had today, how could she allow a vile person to humiliate her! And how could she end up losing her life then and there?

If she was able to relive that life again, she will definitely not allow anybody else to humiliate her! Absolutely not!

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Her voice against the ringleader’s ears was eerie and frightening and also as sharp as knives, making the ringleader wet himself. He also started to beg for his life with a stutter, “Not gonna play … I’m not gonna play anymore, I failed to … To recognize someone like you. I’m sorry … I offended you …”

His neck was strangled, arms bound dead together; the pain his kneecap bore was unbearable. Even so, he continued begging with his mouth, “I won’t do … I won’t do it again, there’s no … next time, please … please spare me, never will … will … will … I do it again.”

Begging, not dare, offend … help, Ye Jian gently blinked her murderously cold eyes. The corner of her eyes became bitter, and then warm tears gushed out and were washed off her face along with the rain.

It felt like something heavy was gently lifted off her shoulders, causing her shoulders to be able to relax completely, thereby allowing her to stand tall with her spine completely straight.

Flashlight beams shined through the darkness. It was the policemen who were braving the midnight rain and chasing after the criminals. There were five of them and were closing in.

Ye Jian slowly let out a muddled breath, her thin lips bent in a slightly upwards manner, and when the murderous aura dissipated from her body, the hatred and resentment in her pupils had also disappeared in that smile of hers.

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