Chapter 265: Elegance of the Present Life

The voice of the policemen, their short but strong strides, the shimmering beam of light, all of which were things that criminals were afraid of, but it made Ye Jian feel like she could finally free her struggling legs that were stuck in a swamp.

In her last life, it wasn’t that no one tried to save her, but… she just wasn’t that lucky, that’s all.

“You’re very lucky, if the policemen were slightly late, I think the chances of you staying alive are quite abysmal.” The silver wire gently loosened, Ye Jian who started putting on a refreshing smile retracted the silver wire that could defend lives and also take away lives.

This life will never have the same ending as her past life.

In this life, she would never need to worry about being humiliated to death, and would also not need to worry about who, if anyone will come to save her in her time of desperation.

Because she finally could rely on her own strength, to beat down people who dared to humiliate her, to make them be unable to block her blows…, and also to make herself finally… finally, walk out of her shadows, her body filled with ease and satisfaction.

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The train had stopped for almost twenty minutes, and would leave in another ten minutes, Principal Chen who had a change of clothes sat quietly in the train crew lounge, listening to the cries and laughter of the passengers in carriage number 9, his gaze looking past the window and checking to see if the stubborn person’s silhouette will appear under the street lights.

In the carriage, Ye Zifan gently patted Ye Ying’s back while answering the policemen’s questions, “…It was too chaotic, my daughter and I were pushed to the back, and were completely oblivious to what has happened at the front.

“Fellow policemen, my daughter has heart disease, we’re heading to the provincial city to see a doctor. She just managed to fall asleep after the shock she has just experienced, so if you have any questions, please ask me. She’s just a student, after being scared that badly, she only knows how to cry, how would she know what’s happening around her.”

He took out her medical records, it was a confirmed diagnosis by the Citizen’s Hospital, Ye Ying’s name and disease were written clearly on top of it.

The cops flipped through it then returned the medical records, then asked if she needed the paramedics to check in on her, and Ye Zifan kindly rejected as she was still asleep.

After the policemen left, Ye Zifan furrowed his brows and spoke coldly, “Ying Ying, every single time at inappropriate times, you do dumb stuff like this. You think you’ve done everything perfectly, but in reality, there are loopholes everywhere.”

She continued lying on her sides pretending to be asleep, but in reality, Ye Ying’s whole body was tensed up under the thin blanket while gently clenching her both hands tightly, she did not reply her father and stared straight ahead, the fear in her eyes only starting to slowly vanish after the policemen have left.

“I’m going to check up on Ye Jian, she hasn’t shown herself until now.” Ye Zifan knew that his daughter was listening, but she was always an arrogant one. She always thinks that everything revolves around her, and based solely on that, she was inferior to Ye Jian.

It was exactly as the woman from Yannan city said, even he could not help but be impressed by Ye Jian’s bold actions.

Now then, what exactly was backing her up to be that bold? Good martial arts? Backup from the troops? Principal Chen’s arrangements? He needed to personally make sure of it by asking around.

He walked to the train crew lounge’s door, and saw that the curtains inside were pulled down, covering up the glass so people outside couldn’t see what was happening inside. He placed his hand on the door handle and pushed it down, but it was locked, and he couldn’t open it.

Therefore, he knocked on the door, “Little lass Jian, open the door, let uncle see how you’re doing right now.”

There wasn’t any sound coming from within, however, Principal Chen appeared around the corner and showed himself, “She just drank some sedative medicine given to her from the paramedics, I’m afraid she’s sound asleep now.” Beside him was a policeman who was taking down notes.

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