Chapter 266: Unreachable Distances

“Asleep? Did she get injured? I won’t be at ease if I don’t go in to have a look.” Ye Zifan looked at the police officer who hadn’t gotten off the train, his eyes glinting so very slightly, “Yingying was frightened too, the two children were both victims tonight.”

Principal Chen laughed, taking out the hexagonal key and opening the door, “This kid is even more frightened than Ye Ying, fortunately the bandit at the back had opened the train door, making it convenient for both myself and her to jump out. Although she was afraid, I think her courage is admirable.”

She was inside, curled up into a fetal position on that narrow bed of hers, her clothes still clean, hair a little wet, back facing, thus no one could see her expression.

“Let her rest here.” Principal Chen didn’t let Ye Zifan continue observing, and gently shut the door, then using the hexagonal key to lock it, “She’s still in a state of shock, hope you don’t mind me locking the door.”

She came back just in time, exactly in time for Ye Zifan to come over.

Knowledge of the other party is the key to victory, seems like there was no longer a need to worry that the little girl would suffer at the hands of Ye Zifan.

Ye Zifan took a step forward, and saw the police officer who was taking statements was carrying a black bag, still dripping wet.

His vision swept across the droplets of water on the floor, and he gently squinted at them.

“This bag contains rescue money, Mr policeman, since you guys retrieved it, would it be possible to give us that money back?” Principal Chen said deeply. Ye Zifan, who had a conflicted expression as though he was pondering over something, sighed, “Money for rushing to the hospital.”

Listening, Ye Zifan looked again at the bag the officer was carrying, and asked Principal Chen, “What’s the matter, can the money inside still not be returned to the guests?”

“Can you confirm that this bag was in the possession of the bandit when he got off the train, and it contains all the valuables of the robbed guests?” The police officer taking the statement, who seemed to be in his 40s, continued, “We still need to find a few more witnesses, then can we return the money to the guests.”

Principal Chen smiled and took a step back, then said, “I can confirm that this bag was in the possession of the bandit, and contains a portion of the valuables of the guests. As for proof, Mr Ye over here can do that.”

“Mm, I can attest to that.” Ye Zifan nodded, he could indeed prove this fact, because that bag contained his money, “You can open the bag to have a look, there’s an envelope inside, and inside the envelope there is exactly one thousand Yuan, that was what the bandit stole from me.”

There was indeed such an envelope in the bag, and after the police officer had a look he said to Ye Zifan, “Alright, follow me.”

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The bag was actually retrieved by the police as they were nabbing the bandits, and not…snatched back by Principal Chen or Ye Jian, only after understanding this could Ye Zifan set his mind at ease.

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The train stopped for a whole half an hour before setting of again, hearing the rumbling of the train as it moved along the tracks, Ye Jian, her eyes shut, fiddled with the silver wire in her hands…, a gentle grin plastered on her face all the way till the next morning.

In the end, she could only rely on herself, and not others, to redeem herself.

Over at the provincial capital city hall, Ye Jian and Wang Mo received the award personally issued by the governor of province. After saying a few words of gratitude and assurance that their hard work would continue, then only she could let out a sigh of relief.

She wasn’t very suited to situations like this, honestly.

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