Chapter 267: The Annoying Young Master of Beijing

While taking a group photo with the students who were awarded as “Excellent Youth Members”, Ye Jian’s eyes glanced at the bottom of the stage; she spotted… an acquaintance. His double-lidded peach eyes were smiling at her.

Han Zheng…

Why is he here? Is Captain Xia here as well?

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Her gaze subconsciously searched the place but she didn’t see the familiar face. The photographer had already requested all the students to look at the camera and smile… With a flash, the photo was taken.

Han Zheng put his camera down and gently hummed a song. This lass even dared to not show up at the appointment with Captain Xia. He really admired her courage.

When the photos are washed out, should I send them to Captain Xia at the snowy uplands?

Could I trade the photos with some conditions?

“None of the pictures look good, shut up.” Sitting next to Han Zheng, an imposing middle-aged man squinted and complaint. “I’ll arrange someone to send you away. Stop following me.”

Han Zheng lightly sighed and lazily said: “Brigadier Han, if you agree now, I’ll leave this instant and I won’t appear at your sight for the next few years. If you disagree, then I have no other options but follow you.”

“The Supreme Commander Xia is much more enlightened than you. You must know that you have to suffer to be a soldier. You should learn a thing or two! Imagine if your son has a good future, then you as a father will also be proud.”

What the Brigadier Han worried the most was his only son. He didn’t know what other skills his son had, but no one could beat his ability to annoy others!

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This kid had followed him from the north to the south. He had to go to Fujun Town after this, was this kid going to follow too?

Who wouldn’t want their son to have a good future? But one would need exceptional skills for that! The Supreme Commander’s son was personally brought up by Xia Laozi. He was excellent in all aspects. After graduating from the military academy last year, he went to the decentralized army and coincidentally met the all-powerful warrior. Yet, he managed to take the title as the Almighty King of the Southern Province!

Because of this, the Xia Supreme Commander was naturally assured to send his son to the front line!

“Dad, do you really despise me and think that I’m not as good as others? Let me tell you, I, Han Zheng is also a top man. That time, it was you who sent me to the military school. After a hard time, I’m finally going to the front line, are you really going to stop me now and look after me like a useless person? The order is already given, what’s the use to hold me back? Military’s order is absolute, Brigadier Han.”

Of course, Han Zheng knew what his father was worried about: He was afraid that he would accidentally be killed at the front line.

After the students finished taking their photo and walked down the stage, Brigadier Han sighed: “Let me think again… I’ll consider it.” Before leaving, he asked, “Why were you busy taking photos of that female student in the middle? You know her?”

“Yes, she’s an excellent girl. Captain Xia appreciates her.” Han Zheng peered down at his camera, there were ten more films. He would go outside and take a few more individual photos of her later. “Dad, I’ll give you three days time to consider. After that, I’ll leave so I won’t disturb you.”

On the stage, Ye Jian, who was done with the photoshoot, strolled down the stage with the other students. She glanced a few more times at Han Zheng’s direction. After confirming that Xia Jinyuan wasn’t there, she looked away.

On the way down, there were still flashes from the camera, so even though Ye Jian and Wang Mo both felt bored and uninterested, they still had to smile until the end of the meeting.

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