Chapter 268: Famous School Competition

Smiling throughout a full three-hour meeting, from 9 am to 12 noon, made Ye Jian feel that the muscles on her face had stiffened.

However, the end of the meeting didn’t mean that she could leave. She talked with the school’s headmaster and a few of the heads of the city’s education bureau as they walked towards the province middle school cafeteria.

Secretary Wu had begun to inquire which city high school exams was Ye Jian planning to take. He even strongly recommended Provincial Capital High. “The environment isn’t as nice as Provincial High, but Provincial Capital High is the best choice for students to build their network. Besides… ”

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Along the way, Secretary Wu wasn’t the only one who kept mentioning about Provincial Capital High, several leaders also said so. It was obvious that all of them wanted Ye Jian to stay in the city instead of… being taken away by the provincial capital.

The principal of Provincial High, Principal Cao was finally done exchanging greetings with several leaders. Just as he strode over, he heard Ye Jian, the school’s most dearly dreamed to recruit student, smiled and said: “Actually, I’ve never considered to go to the province to study. First, it’s too far and second, there’s no need for me to.”

“Ultimately, I have to depend on myself in my studies. To enter my ideal university, I also have to rely on myself. So I don’t want to go to a school that’s too far away when I could just study in the city.”

Principal Cao, who initially wanted to say a few words, sighed. Then, he said to Teacher Zhu: “She could give up on the opportunity to study in Beijing, and then give up the opportunity to study in the province, …Hey, let’s go. This lass is a piece of gold, she’ll shine anywhere.”

Ye Jian didn’t want to go to Beijing and the province, instead, she chose the city because it was more convenient to go back home.

Upon reaching the cafeteria, Ye Jian spotted Han Zheng, who had a camera around his neck, standing in the shades of a tree. He had one hand in his trouser pocket, as if he was waiting for someone.

Who is he waiting for? Ye Jian couldn’t resist to look behind… The figure of a man who was always sturdy no matter where he was, was still not here.

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…He isn’t waiting for Captain Xia.

Han Zheng smiled as he approached her. Could it be that this lass thinks that I’m here with Captain Xia?

He just took a step. Ye Jian immediately whispered a few words to Principal Chen, then rushed away with him before he came over.

Her quick response made Han Zheng feel like asking Principal Chen how does she normally walk. So he stood under the sun and waited for her to come.

The strong vigilance lass didn’t like people coming closer to her… From a psychological point of view, this also meant that she felt insecure.

It was true though. She had no parents and was abused by her uncle’s family, so honestly, she having no hatred already meant that she was mentally healthy.

“Captain Xia said that he had sent you to look for me last time but you didn’t show up. I don’t mean anything else. I just wanted to see if the ditcher Ye Jian has any message that she wants me to relay to Captain Xia.”

So he‘s here because of this. Ye Jian smiled and replied: “You’re going there too?”

The provincial middle school was a big place, so Han Zheng didn’t lead Ye Jian to the cafeteria, but took her to a military car. “I’m not sure yet, but there shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s go outside, we can eat and talk then. You can even write a letter and I’ll pass to him.”

Ye Jian didn’t refuse as she quietly got on the car. She remained silent until she got off afterwards.

Han Zheng drove the car while taking side glances at the quiet girl. She was truly a god, there wasn’t a single change in her expression on her little face!

“You didn’t show up, but he rushed over once he got down the plane. Young lady, you don’t know how many girls want to go on a date with Captain Xia in Beijing. Yet,  you dare to not show up. You’re making yourself the enemy of all the girls in Beijing.”

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