Chapter 269: Do You Know Captain Xia’s Thoughts?

…Captain Xia deliberately rushed to meet me?

Ye Jian twitched her lips and moved a little, “I was anxious to go back that time…. and I don’t have time to wait for two more days.” Should I write a letter? This is the true question.

It was a lie to say that she didn’t feel guilty. He deliberately came over to see me. … I was indeed at fault for not showing up.

Han Zheng clearly noticed her slight movement. He had majored in psychology so he could easily guess what others were thinking, just by looking at their subtle facial expression.

After being exposed, she was nervous and she felt guilty after knowing the truth, but she didn’t… Whatever feeling she was feeling inside, compared to earlier when she found out that Captain Xia didn’t come, that disappointment on her face. Oh… She’s so resentful.

Even Han Zheng from the provincial capital wasn’t familiar with the place. In less than five kilometers, he saw a well-decorated Cantonese restaurant so he drove towards it.

They sat at a table near a window. After ordering some food, he rested his hands on the back of the soft seat. The peach blossom eyes that shone with smiles, were a bit judgemental as they secretly observed the young lady.

Ye Jian casually drank her water, openly allowing him to judge her.

Han Zheng was a man who wasn’t very handsome at first sight, but his eyes were bright and gentle. When he was deeply concentrating on another person, his eyes shone with deep passion and love, as if he or she was the person he loved the most and filled his whole heart.

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When those passionate peach blossom eyes became serious, even his gaze had a hint of sternness. He was just sitting there but one could tell that he was a soldier from the cold aura he emitted, even if the corner of his mouth was only slightly lifted.

“Ye Jian, it’s obvious now that you have no feelings for Captain Xia. Of course, I can’t blame you. After all, you’re still young. But Captain Xia… how should I say this? The feeling he has for you isn’t at the point of love, but it has already reached the level of admiration, so…”

Upon hearing this, Ye Jian naturally interrupted him. Smiling, she said: “So, I need to thank Captain Xia for his admiration. At the same time, I have to give a response since Captain Xia is the ideal partner of every girl in Beijing while I’m just an ordinary girl from the countryside. I have no background, no talent, nor am I pretty. I should be grateful that he likes me.”

“Get acquainted with him and listen to him. Then only I can show my gratefulness to him.”

Ye Jian said all these in a single breath without stopping. Looking at Han Zheng’s slightly stiffened face, Ye Jian slobbered, and added another sentence. “It seems that you’re such a good friend, and you like serving justice. But does Captain Xia knows?”


Hey! This young lady is really good at talking!

Who said she doesn’t understand because she’s just a young lady? Her sentences were clear, how could you say she doesn’t understand?

His words indeed meant that, but it wasn’t as straightforward as her. Why did it seem that her words were scornful though? It even contained a tinge of mockery towards him.

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It seemed like there was an misunderstanding.

It didn’t matter if others were the ones to misunderstand, but Ye Jian was an exception. Han Zheng explained: “Young lady, please calm down. For someone as influential as the Xia family, it isn’t a problem for the woman to have no background.”

“As for what you said about no talent nor looks…” Han Zheng rolled his eyes, an interesting expression showing on his face, he said, “Your petite look isn’t bad. You have the eyes and mouth. The only thing is that you haven’t mature. As for talents, how bad could you be if Captain Xia has feelings for you?”

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