Chapter 190: Refined out a sh*t

Qin Tian’s arrogant expression put Zhou Wei in a bad mood.

However, with so many disciples around, he did not dare to do anything. This place is after all Fierce Sun Pillar, private duels would result in strict punishments.

As the Eldest Senior Brother, someone who manages everything in Fierce Sun Pillar, although he doesn’t dare to do anything to Qin Tian publicly, there are still many things he could do in the dark. Seeing Qin Tian entered the Refining Building,  he followed.

In the Refining Building, smoke was thick and sounds of metal clashing could be heard.

Here was Fierce Sun Pillar’s most basic Refining Building. The refining facilities were simple.

As long as one broke through the basic layer in the art of refining and refined a low grade spirit tool, one could leave this place for a better Refining Hall to practice.

Qin Tian did not have much contact with tools refining.

When he entered, he almost cried from the smoke that rushed towards him, causing him to cough madly and resulting in many other disciples around him to snicker.

“Laugh you f**k*rs.” Qin Tian cursed inwardly.

Soon, a female disciple walked towards Qin Tian and handed him a pen and paper, “Register your name.”

“I need to register?”


The crowd laughed again in mockery.

Being too lazy to look at them, Qin Tian took the pen and paper and wrote down his great name. Following which, he sensed that something wasn’t right. The other disciples that entered did not need to register their names, so why must he?

Without waiting for him to ask, that disciple took the pen and paper back, “Today, you are in charge of this place’s cleaning. Not a single speck of dust should be found.”

After saying that, she looked towards Zhou Wei who was at the entrance and smiled.

Zhou Wei nodded, signaling to her that she did well.

The Refining Building was at least 1000 square metres wide. Not only was he to clean the place by himself, not a single speck of dust should be left behind. They were obviously making things difficult for him.

“These are your furnace and materials. From now onwards, you can only use this furnace.”

That disciple kept the pen and paper. From a black chest, she took out a dull black furnace which was about half a metre tall. It was covered in dust and was probably not touched for 10 or if not 8 years.

As for the materials, they were 2 pig irons.

And, it was poor quality pig iron from iron slag, containing hardly any iron within. Such a pig iron cannot even be used to refine anything by a grandmaster tools refiner.

Qin Tian stared at the female disciple and did not say anything.

“What are you staring for? As a tools refining trash, do you think you will get good materials? It would just be a waste giving you.” The female disciple spoke rudely.

Qin Tian smiled coldly and took the 2 items. Just as he wanted to go further inside,  Zhou Wei entered, “Liu Yue, you should take better care of our new junior brother. Don’t keep saying the word trash, it isn’t nice to hear.  Even if he’s really trash, he is still our Fierce Sun Pillar’s people. Although Fierce Sun Pillar doesn’t accept trash, since master accepted him, we should treat him with care. “

Zhou Wei gave Qin Tian a glance,  “Junior apprentice brother, don’t take to heart that Liu Yue called you trash. She is an outspoken person. She speaks frankly and doesn’t know how to beat around the bush.”

“Eldest senior brother’s words are reasonable, senior sister Liu Yue is indeed outspoken. However,  I feel that she’s better at pleasing people. From just the Dog Master’s gaze, the dog servant immediately understood what to do. Junior disciple truly admires.” Qin Tian laughed respectfully.

In an instant, Liu Yue’s expression turned ugly. She clenched her fists in anger.

At the same time, Zhou Wei glared at Qin Tian and gashed his teeth.

“F**king bastards, trying to torment this Laozi.  Just wait and see.” Qin Tian took the furnace and went towards an empty spot.

The previous night, although Qin Tian did not train in the art of tools refining, he had gained some understanding of it.

After placing the furnace down, Qin Tian went to a corner to choose some substance which looked like a coal block. Seeing the surrounding disciples using these as a fuel, Qin Tian gauged that these were the ‘Flame Tungsten’ written in the book. They are substances that contain high amount of energy and can release more than 10 000°C of heat.

[°C = Degree Celsius ]

First, place two flame tungstens into the furnace and light them up. Second, control the flame with inner Qi. When the heat reached a certain degree, place the materials at the second layer of the furnace.

A few minutes later after the flame tungsten were lit up, Qin Tian decided inwardly, “It should be enough. “

The two pig irons were put inside.

From the furnace, red flame emerged. It was exactly the same as the flame from the previous day.

“Red Flame. “

“Haha… …”

“Indeed a trash… …”

When Qin Tian started his refining process,  the surrounding disciples stopped what they were doing and focused their attention on Qin Tian. After sending his Inner Qi inside and red flame emerged, the disciples couldn’t help but laugh.

“Junior brother, don’t force yourself.” Zhou Wei smirked, “Everyone, tell this new disciple what the red flame represent?”


Many shouted in contempt.

A number of them felt sorry for Qin Tian. Many Fierce Sun Pillar disciples are Zhou Wei’s. By provoking him, life here would not be easy.

Those disciples that guarded the peak were the perfect example.

In their minds, it would not be long before Qin Tian was sent by Zhou Wei to guard the peak for some random reason. Or, he would be kicked out.

Qin Tian was too lazy to bother with them. Seeing the pig iron melt, he placed a core inside. He then used his inner Qi to hammer.

“Can someone who only knows the basics in the art of refining refine a core?”

“Is he crazy? To actually place a core inside. Is he even able to refine a core?”

“Trash is trash, not even knowing the basics of tools refining. Wanting to refine a core while only knowing the basics? Stop dreaming.”

Every treasured tool has a tool spirit. Even the lowest ranking one contains it, just that it’s so weak that it is simply negligible.
[Treasured tools refer to spirit tools, immortal tools……]

Cores contain power refined by monsters for many years,  containing immense strength. Refining it during a refining process and integrating it with the tool is the most optimal chose. However, refining cores are far from simple.

Not even master tools refiner Zhou Wei has a guaranteed chance to refine cores.

The power of a treasured tool is linked to its tool spirit.

The higher the percentage of integration,  the greater the power it could show.

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A stronger tool would demand a better core. An immortal grade tool requires the complete integration of a rank 9 core.

Rank nine monsters are uncommon, hence the rarity of immortal grade tools.

Qin Tian frowned and more inner Qi surged forth. All of a sudden, the furnace turned red. Carvings of a fire dragon appeared on it, glowing brightly.

The crowd was shocked by the sight.

This furnace had laid in the chest for an unknown amount of time, with no one willing to utilize it. If not for Qin Tian’s appearance and Liu Yue trying to make things difficult for him, it may have stayed inside forever.

Greed could be seen in Zhou Wei’s face. Others may not know what it was, but he was clear. This is the Dragon Furnace, a sacred tool for tools refining.

Using it to refine tools is every tools refiner’s dream.

It had never crossed his mind that such an item is in the basic Refining Building, buried for an unknown amount of time.

Qin Tian didn’t know that this furnace was a sacred tool for tools refining, but understood that it was far from ordinary from the appearance of the fire dragon carving.

It could resonate with his inner Qi as if it was part of his body.


Qin Tian exhaled and thought, “The core is only refined halfway. Why is the other half unable to be refined? Is it because of my tools refining rank?”

His spiritual sense could sense that the rank 5 core which was about the size of a thumb had become smaller. However, no matter how much more inner Qi he sent, it just didn’t want to be refined


An explosion could be heard from within the furnace.

Qin Tian was startled and halted the flow of inner Qi. A crowd gathered.

The dragon carving on the furnace had vanished, returning to being a dull black furnace.



Some went forward to take a look at the inside of the furnace and laughed immediately.

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Another group went forward and started to laugh too. They stared at Qin Tian with an expression as if saying, “Lad, you’re such a joke.”

When Qin Tian lowered his head, he cursed inwardly in a daze, “F**k, how did I refine a sh*t-like item?”

In the furnace, the 2 pig iron fused and combined with the core’s energy, becoming brownish-yellow in colour. Some wrinkled lines could be seen on it, making it look like sh*t.

“Laozi is too amazing, to actually refine sh*t.”

Although he was feeling a little depressed, he couldn’t help but speak narcissistically. At the same time, he checked out the art of refining using the system. Proficiency had increased by 1.

This shows that the ‘sh*t’ was a successful refinement.

“Eldest Senior Brother, I shall give you my first product from tools refining to you as a souvenir.” Qin Tian took out the brownish-yellow item and handed it over to Zhou Wei respectfully.

“Qin Tian, you……”

In a fit of anger, Zhou Wei hit it away. His eyes were still on the furnace.

Just as he was about to go to it, Qin Tian kept it in his spatial ring and laughed, “Eldest Senior Brother, this is my furnace.”

“Junior Brother Qin Tian, for you to have refined such an ugly item is simply a humiliation to all tools refiners and Fierce Sun Pillar. As your Eldest Senior Brother, I cannot stand it. I command you to hand over your furnace and no longer train in the art of refining.”

Qin Tian smiled coldly……

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