Chapter 191: Get ready to eat sh*t!

Qin Tian was only at the beginning stage of tools refining and could only release red flames.

With regards to tools refining, red flame is considered a trash flame and is unable to refine any tools.

However, Qin Tian managed to refined half of the core’s energy.

This was something inconceivable.

Here, perhaps only Zhou Wei understood how Qin Tian managed such a feat. It was largely due to the furnace.

Dragon Furnace, a sacred tool for tools refining, able to amplify one’s tools refining capabilities.

With it, even a person who doesn’t know the art of refining can refine a tool. One can imagine how great it is.

Facing such a treasure, how can a master refiner like Zhou Wei not be agitated?

At this moment, he really wanted to just kill Qin Tian and take the Dragon Furnace for himself. But with so many disciples around, if he were to take action, his doings would spread and he would be condemned by Master.

By killing Qin Tian in public, he may even need to pay a visit to the Disciplinary Hall.

Such an ending was not something Zhou Wei wanted to have, but he needed to get his hands on the furnace. Since the physical method was not passable, there was still the shady one.

“Eldest senior brother, your words are hard to understand.”

Qin Tian naturally understood that Zhou Wei wanted the Dragon Furnace. However, what is his will never become another’s, unless he is willing.

“Have you ever fail before in the past?”

“Have you never refine an odd item before?”

“Really, if you want my furnace just say it. Don’t try to find an excuse.”

“Eldest senior brother, I am a fair and reasonable person. If you really want it……” Qin Tian glared at Zhou Wei and continued coldly, “Even if you beg, Laozi will not give.”

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“What guts you have to actually speak to your senior brother like that!” Qin Tian was already an eyesore to Liu Yue. In anger, she rushed towards Qin Tian, wanting to teach him a lesson.

Yet right after she took a step, her body stopped moving as if she was frozen in position.

The scene startled the pig-headed man. Immediately, he lowered his head and reminded Zhou Wei, “Look, that was what happened to me yesterday……”

“Who are you, what qualifications do you have to teach Laozi a lesson?”

Qin Tian walked towards Liu Yue and sent out a slap, not giving her face.

On this day, if he doesn’t display his dominance, his life here in Fierce Sun Pillar would be tough.

Feeling unsatisfied, Qin Tian followed up with a punch towards her stomach, “How dare a dog servant rushed out when it’s master haven’t spoken yet, courting death.”

This was Qin Tian’s second time hitting a female, but there was not a trace of leniency. Liu Yue needed to be taught a lesson. Who knows how many people had been suppressed by her in this basic refining hall.

Almost everyone had been suppressed. When they saw Liu Yue being hit, their hearts screamed in joy.

Sadly,  due to Liu Yue having a backing known as Zhou Wei,  they did not dare to reveal it.

Zhou Wei’s expression changed and Rebirth force started to circulate within him. He glared at Qin Tian in rage, “Qin Tian, to actually dare to attack your senior sister, today I shall punish you in place of master… …”

The overbearingness of a Rebirth realm expert emerged, resulting in the faces of the surrounding disciples to turn pale.

Qin Tian immediately revolved the Dragon Elephant force to guard his conscious. He then took a step back and calmly spoke, “Don’t you just want the furnace? Why don’t we have a bet? “

The aura of a Rebirth realm expert is not able to pressure him?

Zhou Wei’s face turned gloomy. He thought about what happened to the pig-head guy and wondered, “Is he hiding his true strength?”

He looked at Liu Yue again from the corner of his eyes.

“A rank 8 Ascension realm expert isn’t his opponent too. Qin Tian, just what secrets are you hiding?”

Seeing that Qin Tian was still at ease, not affected by his Rebirth aura, and the pale faces of the surrounding disciples, he allowed his aura to dissipate. Coldly,  he laughed, “How do you want to bet?”

The surrounding disciples sighed in relief. They were drenched in sweat as if they had just fought a battle. Quietly, they retreated a few steps, fearing that Zhou Wei would release his aura again.

Qin Tian also relaxed. If he had the capability to kill Zhou Wei,  he would have done it immediately.

The feeling of having his heart pressured and his mind constrained, seemingly going to break was just too uncomfortable.

The overbearingness of a Rebirth realm was still a threat to Qin Tian, he could only gnash his teeth and endure. If Zhou Wei was to continue for another half a minute, Qin Tian would have fallen, unable to pretend anymore.

“Do you believe that I’ll be able to refine a spirit weapon tomorrow?” Qin Tian displayed his overwhelming confidence. “I won’t be using this furnace.”

“Refine a spirit weapon by the next day?”

“Is he crazy?  Wanting to be able to refine a spirit weapon in a day, does he thinks that it’s easy?”

“Junior apprentice Brother,  you won’t be able to refine a spiritual weapon with your talent in a day, not to mention a year.”

……The people around discussed, with none of them feeling positive towards Qin Tian’s success.

All of them had trained in the art of tools refinement for many years and knew how difficult it was. It cannot be done in a day.

Along with Qin Tian’s talent, it was simply trying to complete the impossible.

Qin Tian maintained a smile on his face, not affected by the words of those around him. “How about that? Eldest senior Brother, are you willing?”

Zhou Wei really wanted to laugh out loud.

One would need to have good control over the flames and inner Qi, take note of the surrounding temperature, able to refine cores, maintain a stable mental state.

Wanting to refine a spiritual tool isn’t simply ‘difficult ‘.

Talent is needed too.

Qin Tian, having literally no talent, would not be able to refine a tool.

“Since junior disciple has spoken, how can I not comply?” Zhou Wei resisted the urge to laugh as he scolded inwardly, “Really a trash, not knowing how high the heavens are, to actually think about refining a spiritual tool.”

“Let’s discuss the stakes then.” Qin Tian smiled, “Mine would be that furnace. If I am not able to refine a spiritual tool by tomorrow, it’s my loss. However, if I managed, how about senior brother……”

“You can wish for anything.”

Qin Tian scratched his head. He looked at the ‘sh*t’ on the ground, giggled and ran towards it to pick it up. “How about you eat it.”

“You……” Zhou Wei was startled and killing intent emerged.

Some couldn’t help but snigger secretly.

“I’m just joking with you, how could I dare to ask you to eat sh*t?” Qin Tian kept it, “This is lumps of iron, you won’t even be able to bite.”

The faces of some disciples turned red, it was just too unbearable.

“Let me think for a while……there isn’t really anything I want from you, how about……” Qin Tian stared at Zhou Wei, hesitating.

“How about what?” Zhou Wei spoke fiercely.

“Don’t get angry, alright?” Qin Tian acted like a weak person.

“Just say it!”

Qin Tian walked around a few steps before turning around, “Why don’t you…eat sh*t! Not this iron sh*t, but the one I excrete……”



The disciples surrounding them couldn’t control themselves anymore and laugh out loud. Even the pig head man was snickering.

“Qin Tian, do you know what would be the consequences of your lose tomorrow?”

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Zhou Wei’s rage had reached the extreme, a terrifying aura emerged from him.

“I will sacrifice your heart, have your soul suppressed within a tool, making sure you will never be able to reincarnate…..”

“Eldest senior brother, you are scaring me.” Qin Tian displayed fear before wondering out loud, “What should I eat today for a smelly and thick excretion? I can’t give a watery one.”



Once again, the surrounding disciples couldn’t help but laugh.

Zhou Wei’s expression changed. He glared at Qin Tian speechlessly and swung his sleeves in anger, “Let’s go!”

With Zhou Wei gone, the entire refining building burst into laughter.

Although they fear him, they just couldn’t help it right now.

The atmosphere within the refining building was joyous.


Qin Tian sighed and relaxed his body.

“Get ready to eat sh*t!”

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