Chapter 192: Reckless

News of the bet travelled quickly.

In less than half a day, every Fierce Sun Pillar disciple knew about it.

Even Pillar Master Shen Yan came to be aware of it. She laughed it off and made no comment on it.

Qin Tian gave off a mysterious feeling. She could not see through him, as if he has no depths.

However, wanting to refine a spiritual tool in one day was not something a normal person could do.

She was looking forward to his performance the next day.

On the east side of the peak, was a wooden house near a cliff.

The house is separated into two floors with its roof exposed, allowing one to admire the scenery.

This was where Yan Xin and Yan Bing stayed. The location of their house was the most remote as compared to others.

“Sister,  who do you think will win tomorrow? “

Yan Bing was lying on the windowsill with a hand on her cheek. As she admired the scenery, her mind wandered.

Yan Xin was in a lotus position, revolving Ascension Force around her body. Each breath of hers seemed to be one with nature.

Time passed. Seeing that her sister was not replying, suddenly laughed, “I really want to see Zhou Wei eat sh*t, it’ll definitely be very funny, heehee……”

“Regretfully…we can’t go and see, ai… …”

Yan Bing sighed, feeling down.

“Refining a spiritual tool in a day is not something master could do when she just came into contact with tools refining. Qin Tian will not win.” Yan Xin opened her eyes and said.

At this moment, her face was not ice cold like before, but natural, giving off a feeling of freshness.

In front of others, she’s a cold beauty. Away from others, she’s a plain and simple girl.

When she heard about the bet, her mind was in a mess. She could not focus on cultivating.

She understood Zhou Wei’s personality well. If Qin Tian loses, his ending would not be as simple as guarding the peak.

“I trust Qin Tian. “

“He’ll definitely win.”

Yan Bing might be a bit ignorant, but she was extremely certain. From the day she laid her eyes on him, she felt that he wasn’t simple at all.

He completed the mysterious flame task, soloed a rank nine monster, and is also a tamer. He’s just filled with mystery.

Yan Xin laughed as she stared out of the window, “May you win… …”


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Refining a spiritual weapon in a day.

The pressure on Qin Tian was great, but if he had not bet in that situation, his ending would probably be terrible.

And so, the news continued to spread.

If Zhou Wei loses, let’s see what face he would have to continue to stay.

After Zhou Wei went away, Qin Tian turned serious. Many of the female disciples looked at him with pity.

“Senior sisters, please help me. “Qin Tian spoke.

“Junior brother, do speak your mind. “

“Right, we’ll help however possible. “

“Just say it. “

……Although they feared Zhou Wei, they’ve always wanted someone to appear and humiliate Zhou Wei, vent their grievance in place of them. In their opinion,  Qin Tian would not be able to refine a spiritual tool, but they can’t help but have a trace of hope.

When Qin Tian seeked help, most of them expressed their willingness without hesitation.

Looking at them, Qin Tian felt touched, “Please lend me your furnaces. “

The surrounding disciples were startled, not understanding why Qin Tian would need so many furnaces.

“Junior brother, why do you need so many furnaces?”

All of them just stared at Qin Tian.

Qin Tian laughed, “Don’t you want to see eldest senior brother make a fool of himself? See what kind of sh*t he’ll be eating? If you want, don’t ask. Lend me your furnaces, I’ll return them back tomorrow. “

“We want… …”

Although it was soft, Qin Tian could feel their hearts screaming in hope.

“Sisters, let us help our junior brother. It doesn’t make any difference if we don’t train for a day, just take it as us having a break. “

“Junior brother, don’t disappoint your sisters.”

……Everyone in the Refining Building handed Qin Tian their furnaces and spoke some words of encouragement before leaving.

Qin Tian was touched.

Soon, only Liu Yue and Qin Tian remained. She stared at him in fear.

“Senior sister Liu, are you not leaving?” Qin Tian waved his hand with a smile on his face.

Liu Yue jumped up in fright and scrambled away. She no longer wanted to experience the feeling of having her body manipulated.

Qin Tian was now alone in the Refining Building.

He placed all the furnaces into his spatial ring, along with a huge amount of pig iron and flame tungsten.

He then let out his law of aura. Once he made sure that there wasn’t anyone within a range of 1 kilometre, he got the Glass Pagoda out. His spiritual sense entered and he vanished into the pagoda.

Qin Tian sat in a lotus position at the second layer. Around him were 21 furnaces.

He sneered at the sight of the surrounding furnaces, “Zhou Wei, be prepared to eat sh*t.”

Glass Pagoda second layer – time passes 3 times faster.

By training with 21 furnaces, it would mean a 63 times increase in proficiency.

Tools refining is different from alchemy. His alchemy relies on the cauldron within his system.

To Qin Tian, this could be considered a huge BUG.

63 times increase in training speed, even if half was a failure,  it would still be more than 30 times.

How fast was that?

“Who says you can’t refine a spiritual tool without talent?”

“Laozi will show you that what’s talent in your eyes is d*gsh*t in mine.”

Qin Tian does not fully understand tools refining, until what extent would he be able to refine a spiritual tool. However, he decided not to think too much and level up first.

From morning to evening, evening to night, night to daylight, Qin Tian kept refining tools. He did not stop for a single moment as he wanted to make Zhou Wei eat sh*t and to greatly humiliate him.


“Eldest senior brother, Qin Tian took with him all the furnaces of those in the Basic Refining Hall

Liu Yue stood by the side in fear, not daring to make a sound.

Zhou Wei played around with a recently refined low grade immortal tool. Feeling the energy it gave out, he asked, “Do you know what’s the tools spirit within? “

“I don’t know. “ Liu Yue replied immediately.

Zhou Wei laughed sinisterly, “Ma Fengtian’s soul… …”

Liu Yue was startled. Ma Fengtian was a rank 9 ascension realm disciple. Half a year ago, he provoked Zhou Wei and mysteriously disappeared from Fierce Sun Pillar. No one knew where he went.

To actually be refined by Zhou Wei and have his soul separated from his body to become a tool spirit.

The palms of her hands turned wet and she shuddered. She finally understood why others called him a demon behind his back.

“This is a perfect immortal tool, so perfect that there isn’t any defect.”

“A person’s soul is the best tool spirit, able to merge completely, allowing the creation of an extremely perfect tool.”

“Qin Tian, you will become a perfect tool. Once a soul becomes a spirit tool, he will be a slave to his master forever, never to reincarnate again……”

As Zhou Wei spoke, Rebirth Force erupted and rampaged in the room.

Early in the morning.

This day, Fierce Sun Pillar disciples woke up earlier than usual as something huge was happening.

Their destination were all the same – Basic Refining Building.

Quite a number of them went there just to watch the show as it was really impossible to refine a spiritual tool in a day.

Although some still had a trace of hope, it was only something that emerged due to their hatred for Zhou Wei.

Currently, hardly anyone had not heard of Qin Tian.

Red Flame potential, low talent. He would never be able to refine a spiritual tool even if he trains for a lifetime.

When the disciples entered the refining building, they noticed that someone was missing. Some couldn’t help but sneered, “He’s not even here, I guess he’s too afraid to come and had already ran away. “

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“Refine a spiritual tool in a day? Such big words, he really doesn’t know how high the heavens are.”

“There isn’t a good show to watch… …”


Not long after, the crowd moved, making space to form a path.

“Where is he?” Liu Yue snorted angrily, “He couldn’t have ran away in fear right?”

“Ran away?” Delight appeared on Zhou Wei’s face.

“Even if you escape to hell, Laozi will drag you out.”

The previous night, Zhou Wei had already arranged for people to be hidden at the exits.

Not even wings would aid Qin Tian in escaping from Fierce Sun Pillar.

Suddenly, a pungent smell entered the nose of the disciples around.

“O, everyone arrived already? Make way,  make way… …”

“Sh*it is here, sh*t is here.”

“Recently excreted… …”

The disciples were stirred and stared at Qin Tian with their noses pinched. The sh*t was yellow and rough… …

“Reckless!” Anger grew within Zhou Wei.

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