Chapter 193: That cornered dog decided to jump over the wall?

“Eldest Senior Brother, my apologies.”

“I was busy taking a sh*t.”

“I need to prepare the stakes, don’t I?”

Qin Tian laughed as he placed the sh*t in front of Zhou Wei, “I’ve suffered an entire morning just to make a bowl, you better not think it’s too little.”


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The faces of a few female disciples turned red. They couldn’t help but smirk.

“What did you eat? It’s so smelly.”

“Too smelly! Can’t you pay some attention to hygiene?”

“Please just take it away, I really can’t take the smell.”

……Quite a number of disciples complained, but Qin Tian paid no attention to them. “Senior Brothers and Sisters, please endure for a while. It will all end soon and we shall watch Eldest Senior Brother eat sh*t……”

The two words; eat sh*t; were greatly emphasized.

Once again, there was an uproar within the Refining Building. The disciples exchanged looks with one another, secretly admiring him. Zhou Wei’s means were very sinister, how come Qin Tian wasn’t afraid?”

Zhou Wei’s face turned uglier and his anger multiplied.

He couldn’t wait to send Qin Tian to his demise.

“Do you know what’s the consequence of losing?”

“I will let you experience a terrible death, extremely tragic……”

Zhou Wei whispered into Qin Tian’s ears. His words were very pressurizing as they were filled with killing intent.

“You should be thinking about how you are going to eat these sh*t.” Qin Tian replied fearlessly.

“Let’s stop the nonsensical talking and begin.”

“As long as you fail to refine a spiritual tool, I will personally remove your head and refine you into a tool spirit.”

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the Refining Building became oppressive. Many of the disciples became silent, not daring to make eye contact with Zhou Wei.

Qin Tian placed the bowl of sh*t aside and scanned through the furnaces prepared, “Choose one for me.”

“Anyone of them would be fine.”

“Then I’ll use this.” Qin Tian picked the furnace closest to him.

Next, he took two ordinary looking pieces of flame tungstens and a piece of fine iron. “Everyone, please take a few steps back. I won’t take responsibility if you get burnt.”

Some of the disciples snickered. Although none of them retreated, many went forward by half a step.

“I’ve warned you all, so don’t blame me if something happens.”

Immediately after that, Qin Tian started the fire and threw the flame tungstens inside. The surroundings heated up.

“Still red flame, how are you going to refine a spiritual tool?” Zhou Wei inwardly scorned. A red flame would not be able to refine a spiritual tool. Without Longding Force, one would not be able to refine the core and the energy within the core would not merge with the tool to form a tool spirit, resulting in no spiritual tool being formed.

Even if the refinement was successful, it would only be an ordinary iron tool.

“Qin Tian, your time is ending soon.”

Disdain could be seen on his face.

After observing for a while, Qin Tian took out a rank 7 core and threw it into the furnace. Suddenly, the surrounding Qi became 10 times denser.

The flame tungstens continued to burn, emitting strong red light which blinded the eyes of the disciples at the front, forcing them to retreat half a step.

Meanwhile, the disciples at the back were trying to squeeze forward, resulting in some falling.

“The core was actually put first?”

“The energy within the core is used to form the tool spirit. To put the core in first, would the refined energy be able to merge with the tool?”

“The degree of fusion for a spirit tool isn’t very high. However, it must be above 50%. If it is less than that, even if it is a success, it would not reach the criteria of being a spirit tool, and it would not be able to display its might.”

…The crowd could not understand as watched Qin Tian in confusion.

At the moment, Qin Tian was very focused as he used his mind to feel the changes within the core. The high heat from the flame tungstens plus his Rank 3 Berserk which increased his qi by 16 folds caused the heat to reach a shocking degree. The originally red flame had turned colorless.

However, the change to the flame was only felt by Qin Tian and the others weren’t able to tell.

The rank 7 core was slowly melted into a transparent liquid form which vibrated gently within the furnace.

When only ⅓ of the core was left, Qin Tian quickly put the fine iron into the furnace.

He then activated his Rank 4 Berserk…


The furnace released out extremely high heat which caused the surrounding crowd’s face to flush red. They were completely unable to withstand it. If they were to move nearer, their face would be scalded.

“Move back. It’s too hot, I can’t stand it.”

“Quickly move back…”

Now, the only person at the front was Zhou Wei. His eyes were glued on the furnace.

With the Rank 4 Berserk, the heat had once again risen by another notch. The fine iron had completely melted. Under Qin Tian’s control, the molten iron and the core’s energy fused.


A figure of a dagger was slowly being shaped.

Still, Qin Tian was nervous. The crucial moment has arrived.

Whether the core’s energy can completely fuse and become the dagger’s tool spirit will count on the last move – cooling.

“Everyone, get out of the way……” Qin Tian shouted and his Inner Qi erupted, forming strong winds to suppress the flames, resulting in the flames surging forth towards the surroundings……

The disciples were startled and rapidly retreated.

The flames were extinguished and the furnace started to cool. A silver glow could be seen.

The surrounding disciples quietened down, not daring to breathe as they viewed the dagger within the furnace in astonishment.

“Eldest senior brother, do you consider this a spiritual tool?” Qin Tian looked at the ashen face Zhou Wei and asked.

Spiritual weapon?

The dagger was already a mid-immortal tool.

Everyone there could recognize, and its silver glow was the greatest evidence.

“Immortal tool, to refine that within a day……”

“How is that possible?”

“Simply inconceivable!”

“Perhaps even geniuses won’t be able to do this!”

……The disciples sighed, completely shocked by the appearance of the immortal tool and Qin Tian’s superb techniques.

To be able to refine an Immortal tool within a day?

Geniuses? They are perhaps d*gsh*t in front of him.

Once the dagger cooled down, Qin Tian brought it in front of Zhou Wei, “Eldest Senior Brother, would you want to examine whether this is a spiritual tool?”

“There’s no need to examine it. It has already surpassed the ranks of spirit tools and reached the mid-ranks of saint tools”

“Your words don’t count unless it is said by senior brother.” Qin Tian purposely said as he looked at Zhou Wei’s ugly expression. He then aggressively chased Zhou Wei for his confirmation, “Senior brother, does this count as a spirit tool?”

“Yes yes.” Zhou Wei was stunned. This dagger could be said as perfect. The core’s energy was completely absorbed and the spirit tool’s degree of fusion had already reached perfection. Even he himself could not refine it.

To be able to create such perfect dagger which was almost like an art, his refining arts should have already exceed grandmaster level. Zhou Wei was deeply shocked as he thought, “It couldn’t be, couldn’t be, even Master at this age could not do it, how is he able to do it? He must have cheated, yes, that should be it, he cheated…”


“Senior brother, could it be that you think I have cheated?”

Zhou Wei only said the word “you”, Qin Tian immediately interrupted and asked, “I want to ask, Senior brother, are your eyes blind?”

“You’ve already admitted that this dagger is a spiritual tool, which means you’ve lost.” Qin Tian stared at the sh*t and laughed coldly, “Eat it.”

“Qin Tian, I’ll have to advise you not to want a foot after I give you an inch.” Rebirth aura filled with killing intent emerged.

“Ah!” Qin Tian shouted and jumped a few steps back, “Eldest Senior Brother, I’m so afraid.”

“A man must honor his words. Since you’ve agreed to the bet, you must be able to accept your loss, else how would others trust you in the future?”

“Eldest Senior Brother, do think again.”

Qin Tian spoke profoundly.

Amidst the crowd of female disciples, a sharp voice could be heard, “Eat sh*t, eat sh*t……”

Soon, another person joined in, “Eat sh*t, eat sh*t……”

Qin Tian forcefully controlled himself, yet he almost laughed out loud. That sharp voice was Yan Bing’s, although it was slightly different due to her pinching her nose.

Still, Qin Tian could recognize her voice.

As the chant grew louder, Zhou Wei’s face became even paler. Never in his dreams could he believe that Qin Tian was able to refine an immortal tool in such a short time.  

He glared at Qin Tian and got a smile back in return, “A man should honor his words, and stay true to it. However, if you admit you’re not a man, then there’s nothing I can say as an animal does not need to take responsibility for its words and actions.”

A dignified 7-foot tall fellow was insulted that he is not a man, this humiliation was worse than eating sh*t.


Zhou Wei could no longer endure. In his rage, he had lost his rationality. Surging forth with Rebirth force, a black sword appeared in his hand. With one wave, the entire building trembled.

“Half-god tool.”

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“Netherworld God Sword.”

“A half-god tool master rewarded Zhou Wei with……”

The disciples immediately rushed out. That half-god tool was just too powerful, if they didn’t run, they might lose their lives.

“F**k, that cornered dog decided to jump over the wall?” Qin Tian was startled. He did expect such a situation to occur, but not the appearance of that weapon.

“Half-god tool!”

Qin Tian was shocked, though his eyes were full of greed……

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