Chapter 234: Unprecedented in History

One hour later, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had successfully broken through to the 5th level of the Earth Realm.

At the same time, nine portions of Star Road energy was used up, leaving behind only three portions.

‘Breaking through one level requires three portions of Star Road energy, breaking through two levels used up a total of twelve portions. If I am to break through three levels, my guess is about thirty-six portions.’

From the situation of how he broke through to the 5th level of the Earth Realm, Li Fuchen calculated that every increase in level would triple the amount of Star Road energy required. Which meant the amount of Star Road energy required would increase exponentially into exaggerating proportions. It seemed like this Star Road energy and the human body would gradually develop a kind of resistance.

‘If I can pass the fifth stage, I will obtain another 16 portions of Star Road energy. It may not aid me in breaking through the 6th level of Earth Realm, but it will definitely cut down half the time I will need to in doing so.’ Li Fuchen thought to himself while standing up.

‘But, I am afraid it will be difficult to even reach the fifth stage, let alone passing it.’

Looking at the fifth segment of the Star Road, Li Fuchen had some uncertainty in his heart.

At the latter part of the fourth segment, Li Fuchen already felt the strain. This earlier parts of the fifth segment was definitely going to have double the Star Road qi field, as compared to the latter parts of the fourth segment.

“No matter what, I have to give it a try. If I don’t try, I will never know what is my limits are and how to surpass my limits.”

Taking in a deep breath, Li Fuchen took the first step with his right foot and stepped onto the fifth segment of the Star Road resolutely.


A frightening pressure descended, while Li Fuchen could feel his spirit will being distorted.

If the latter part of the fourth segment was a gale, then the fifth segment of the Star Road was a hurricane, a destruction class hurricane.

Enduring the hurricane, Li Fuchen advanced with heavy steps.

At this moment, he couldn’t even run.


Autumn Rain City… Li Fuchen’s courtyard.

“Weird. Where is Li Fuchen?”

Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu looked around and tried to find Li Fuchen’s figure, but ended up empty-handed.

Fan Qianyu said, “Ge, something must have happened to Li Fuchen. He wouldn’t leave without telling us.”

Fan Qiansong nodded, “A pity. The bi-annual Autumn Rain Tea Party is about to begin. This year’s host for the Autumn Rain Tea Party is going to be the Flourishing Sect’s gold class direct disciple, Qin Keshi. With her around, gold class direct disciples from various sects will definitely come to attend the tea party.”

Just in the nearby vicinity of the Autumn Rain City was Mt. Autumn Rain.

Mt. Autumn Rain was always raining throughout the year. Since an unknown time, gold class direct disciples from various sects hosted the first Autumn Rain Tea Party, which had been carried down since then. Every tea party was hosted by someone else and this year’s host was the Flourishing Sect’s gold class direct disciple, Qin Keshi.

Flourishing Sect was known to produce beauties and Qin Keshi was considered a rare beauty even in the Flourishing Sect.

If there were no surprises, this year’s Autumn Rain Tea Party might be the most lively tea party since the past decade. Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu wanted to join in the bustling excitement too.

Fan Qianyu proposed, “Ge. We can leave behind a letter. If Li Fuchen comes back later on and reads the letter, he will surely come finding us at Mt. Autumn Rain.”

Fan Qiansong’s eyes brightened up, “Why didn’t I think of that? You sure are clever.”

As they talked, Fan Qiansong left a letter in Li Fuchen’s bedroom.

Shortly after, the two of them left Autumn Rain City and headed towards Mt. Autumn Rain.

Along the way, the two of them saw numerous figures skimming towards the Mt. Autumn Rain’s direction.

“That looks like Ruan Qianqiu from the Silver Cloth Sect.” With his eyes landing on one of the figures, Fan Qiansong’s eyes shrank.

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Ruan Qianqiu was the Silver Cloth Sect’s famed gold class direct disciple. His cultivation was at the 7th level of Earth Realm and had an exceptional ability, who was much superior to Fu Chongshan by several folds.

Most importantly, Ruan Qianqiu was a young star that ranked 98 in the Stars Ranking.

The Stars Ranking was a prodigy ranking list that covered the entire East Unicorn Continent.

The Stars Ranking placement would be held once every three years, where all the elite prodigies of all the sects would participate.

There was a total of 108 individuals on the Stars Ranking. Those that could be ranked on the Stars Ranking could all be considered as young stars.

The last Stars Ranking placement was held last year, which meant next year was going to be the next Stars Ranking placement.

“The Stars Ranking isn’t a thing that anyone from any sect can obtain. Our Carefree Sect doesn’t have even one young star in the Stars Ranking.” Fan Qianyu frowned.

There were close to 100 sects in the East Unicorn Continent, which meant on average, every sect should have one disciple, making it into the Stars Ranking.

But those first-rate influential forces would generally have several disciples in the Stars Ranking. As such, elite prodigies from regular sects could seldom make it into the rankings.

Of course, this was mainly because of their age.

Some sects’ astounding prodigies were still very young and were temporarily unable to enter the rankings. But things would be different after three years.


The Autumn Rain Tea Party was about to begin, but Li Fuchen was still struggling in the Star Road Hidden Domain.

The fifth segment’s Star Road qi field was too violent and nasty. Li Fuchen was just halfway through the segment and felt his body weakening before his spirit will weakened.

“Even with the golden amulet, I can’t even reach the fifth stage. This is too humiliating.” Li Fuchen was extremely unwilling to yield.

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He was unwilling to disappoint the golden amulet.

No matter if it was intentional or unintentional, the golden amulet picked him.

To Li Fuchen, it was an encounter that changed his destiny.

He had to display his value to show the golden amulet that it was the correct decision to pick him.

Gritting his teeth, Li Fuchen continued to walk with determination.

60% of the road, 70%…

Li Fuchen could feel the struggle on every ounce of his flesh and every inch of his bone.

80%, 90%…

Li Fuchen felt extremely tired and he wanted to fall, but he knew he couldn’t do that.

Unknown to Li Fuchen, as he was walking down this road, his spirit will was gradually becoming stronger.

Else, he would have never made it here.

The spirit will was different from consciousness. It was a person’s source of willpower and the will to survive.

The consciousness could be strengthened using other methods, but the spirit will relied solely on the person themselves.

Take for example a normal person who used various methods to temper and strengthen themselves. But the toughness of their spirit will couldn’t be trained, they had to possess an exceptionally determined mind.

One’s spirit will was comprised of both the innate and also the acquired.

Those who had a higher grade bone frame would generally have a stronger spirit will and wouldn’t be easily affected by the outside world.

Li Fuchen’s spirit will belonged to the acquired. The year he lost his talents, caused his spirit will to be stronger than normal individuals; which was then complemented by the evolving soul spirit that came of the golden amulet, which gradually transformed his innate spirit will.

Due to the loss of his talents being a huge impact on him, it gave him this determination.

A determination that was obsessed with growing stronger, a determination that didn’t want to let down the golden amulet.

With this exceptional determination, Li Fuchen’s spirit will was able to continue growing tougher, allowing him to forcefully complete the fifth segment of the Star Road.

When Li Fuchen arrived at the fifth stage of the Star Road, it was as though, he was pulled out from the water and was dripping wet. His entire body looked as though it had been shaved off, but that qi presence which was sharper than sabers and swords was still around him.

‘I wonder how many individuals were able to leave their mark on the Monument of Names at the fifth stage.’ Changing a set of clean and dry clothes, Li Fuchen thought to himself.

How would he have known that it was unprecedented in history and that he was the first person to come to the fifth stage of the Star Road in a first attempt.

He was the only one.

Which could be considered having no predecessor and no successor.

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