Chapter 260: Chaotic Showdown

If it were traveling at its normal speed, the train was around 15 minutes away from the next stop, but the sudden slow down naturally caught the attention of the robbers. Adding to the fact that, as Principal Chen estimated, someone was working with them from within, the thugs must have realized that the cops had arrived.

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When the thug leader finished roaring “You f*ckers dare call the cops!”, he clenched tighter onto the steel pipe in his hands with a fierce look in his eyes and whacked it straight towards Principal Chen’s head, “F*ckers, you intentionally stalled for time! Die!”

The thugs were all a frantic bunch, and after seeing that, all of them rushed forward with their pipes, with the intention of beating up the old man and the young student who dared to play a trick on them.

Ye Jian flung the silver wire she was holding onto at the right moment. The other end of the silver wire was like a lively snake, tightening itself onto the thug leader’s pipe. She pulled hard, and the metal pipe flew out of his hand and settled itself in Ye Jian’s in the blink of an eye.

“Principal Chen, here you go. See if it is handy.” All of them were squeezed towards the back, and the front of the carriage was a scene of chaos. How could Ye Zifan even have the chance to keep an eye on her? Now that the head of the snake was right in front of their faces, they must capture it.

Ye Jian’s revelation of her skills seemed to have shocked the thug leader in place. He glared at his hand that was still held in a position of holding a metal pipe, then he looked at Ye Jian, and the fat on his face started to twitch. It could be seen that he was boiling in rage now.

“No wonder, no wonder it seemed like you managed to pluck up some courage to throw a wrench in my plans! You had tricks up your sleeves! Brothers, whoever kills the senior and the brat will earn the rights to all the money that we just robbed from them.”

Although he was filled with rage, the thug leader was quite smart. He knew that murdering people was against the law, so he decided to not dirty his hands but instead order his underlings to do it for him.

Under the stimulation of money, these thugs, who weren’t older than 25 and were always daydreaming, were pumped up; all of them waved the steel pipes in their hands toward Ye Jian and Principal Chen.

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The travelers at the back were all straining their nerves. When they saw the thugs were attacking the senior and young student who had obviously just saved everyone in the carriage, the young man who was above Ye Jian’s bunk roared, “I’ll burn you to death, you f*cking assholes!”

While roaring, he splashed the hot water from his bottle towards the thugs. With him taking the lead, the other male travelers who had thermos flasks in their hand did the same and splashed the contents toward the thugs.

In the middle of the night, the thugs were only wearing singlets. When the boiling hot water was splashed towards them, their cries of pains were louder and more miserable than the shrieks of the travelers before. Now, they were all howling from the pain of scalded skin.

“All women and kids, go to the back! Fast!” Seeing things plunge into chaos, the courageous male travelers protected the old and the young and also the women by sending them toward the back, and some timid men ran with them, too. When they reached the attached corridor between carriage number 9 and carriage number 10, they discovered that the doors were locked by a padlock. Each and every one of them was smacking on the doors furiously.

Seeing dozens of people stampeding towards the back, the two thugs on guard duty were frightened and immediately threw away their metal pipes, pretending to act like one of the normal travelers.

As it was 3 o’clock in the morning, the travelers who were sound asleep in carriage number 10 didn’t even realize what was happening. Even when the travelers of carriage number 9 slammed the door with booming sounds, it didn’t wake them up.

The door of carriage number 9 wasn’t the only door that was padlocked. The door from carriage number 10 to carriage number 9 was also padlocked, and obviously, it was someone’s intentional doing, as their aim was to not startle the travelers in carriage number 10.

No idea which skillful and robust traveler did it, but one of them had climbed onto the luggage rack and then pushed all the luggage in front of them towards the aisle. The power of a person in danger is limitless, so is their wisdom, and this tactic was also a way to keep the thugs away from endangering the lives of the senile and the young.

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