Chapter 259: Robbery on the train (9)

Her aggression couldn’t be hidden from Principal Chen who had the instincts of a sniper. Seeing this, he gently patted Ye Jian’s shoulder, signaling her to head to the back of the carriage. “Let the guests behind come forward.”

This child had always felt extremely troubled at times, like just now … Just one sentence spoken could trigger her violent tendencies, she still needs more practice.

With much practice, she could better control her emotions, only then would he and Uncle Gen be comfortable with her going to the battlefield.

If a lonely girl with no one to rely on were to not train hard, how would she continue to survive?

This was a thought held by both Uncle Gen and Principal Chen. They hoped that should there be a day when they were no longer around, Ye Jian could still lead an interesting life by herself – a life that’s the result of her hard work and not reliance on others.

The two elders were always nurturing Ye Jian’s independence, and as for the time she had brought so much trouble upon Xia Jinyuan, because she truly led an interesting life then, she now had the misconception that a life without love would be more perfect.

One old and one young, how could the gang leader not look down upon them? He walked to the back of the carriage to block Ye Jian and Principal Chen, “Old man, don’t play tricks with me. Take out the money, and don’t interfere so much about what happens after.”

Time was running out. The gang leader, his chubby face squeezing the killer-like look in his eyes, grabbed a metal pole from one of his gang members, pointed it at Principal Chen and barked, “Give me your money! Now!”

Then, he said to his other gang members, “Only three minutes left, get your asses moving!”

This was going to be a raid!

Upon hearing this, the youngster sleeping in the bunk above Ye Jian gritted his teeth and grabbed a flask with boiling water, and yelled, “What are y’all doing lying around, waiting for them to steal from you?!”


Following which, he uncapped the flask and did an action as though he was going to splash the water over them.

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With one person stepping up to lead, a butterfly effect was established, and a few other guests who were thinking about taking a step forward to resist reacted instantly and quickly took out their flasks, or fruit knives, basically anything that allowed them to put up some resistance against the thugs.

With one person stepping up, a second followed suit. There wasn’t a lack of males in the train carriage, especially those who hadn’t been stolen from, all stood up to resist without hesitation.

The train was already starting to slow down, and the bandit who was in charge of monitoring the situation around yelled, “Boss, the train is slowing down, but we haven’t reached the stop!”

The other guests hadn’t realized what was going on and neither did the gang leader. At the front, there was a gentle knock on the glass of the carriage door, and a piece of paper with something written on it was plastered on the glass.

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Upon seeing this, the bandit defending the front panicked, turned, and ran back, “Boss, there’s a situation, let’s go, let’s go!!”

Immediately after the one in the front finished his words, the bandit who was originally standing behind Ye Jian and was currently guarding the carriage door, rushed forward with an expression of distress, “Boss, let’s go! The train is stopping, the train is stopping!!”

At this instant, the Yu An city police, who were carrying guns, were already stationed beside the train tracks at the ready, only waiting for the train to stop completely before they were to encircle train carriage number 9.

The entire carriage of passengers knew that the police were ahead and weren’t too afraid of the bandits’ confrontation anymore.

Within a minute, the entire carriage formed a resistance, and the bandits no longer held the upper hand.

Upon realizing that he’d been outnumbered, the gang leader stared daggers and grunted, “God d*mmit, the old dude actually called the cops!”

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