Chapter 258: Robbery on the Train (8)

A group of dragons is without a leader, the same goes for people; as long as someone takes the lead, then everything will proceed much more smoothly.

First, a student like her shows up, then Principal Chen, and then the young man who stood up for justice … She could most likely count on the travelers who just helped her by standing up, then it wouldn’t be difficult for the rest of her plans to proceed.

On the other hand, to stop a snake, you must catch its head … However, they must achieve it while making sure it doesn’t endanger everyone else’s lives in the carriage.

Xia Jinyuan had told her before, never ever give the opposition an opportunity to counterattack! The best idea was to lure these thugs to the back and separate them from the other travelers, thereby not giving them a chance to counterattack with the hostages in their hands!

Money was used as the bait for the thugs. The more aromatic the bait, the higher the chance that they would get caught in the trap.

Ye Jian pulled open the bag, and she grabbed a stack of hundred dollar bills, “My uncle said that if you want the money, you can go to the back of the train and discuss with him. He’ll give you more.”

She showed them a few thousand dollars easily. After laying down the first round of baits, she had successfully enticed the urges and greed of these thugs. After placing forth the second round of baits, she’ll have to see if she could manage to get the real leader hiding amongst the crowd to be lured out into the open!

Principal Chen stood up, coughed gently, and started talking calmly, “We’ll discuss that after you lads come here, and stop scaring the other people in the carriage. I truly believe that even if you robbed everyone of their valuables, it’ll probably not even come close to what I have.”

“Whoever the boss is, I’ll have to trouble you to come and negotiate with me. Money isn’t a problem, but hurting others, that’s a disgrace. Little lass, return first, let the adults take care of this.” He gestured for Ye Jian to return to his side.

The leader of the thugs hadn’t expected to have such a good harvest when he planned this, and after hearing the announcement, he rubbed his hands. He didn’t gesture for his lackeys to block Ye Jian’s path, and he stood up while laughing evilly.

The travelers who were sleeping near his bunk seemed to have realized something, and the expressions on their faces changed drastically. Each and every one of them escaped to the side like rabbits and were afraid to return to their own beds.

He shrugged his shoulders while walking towards them, “Free money at your doorstep is good money, but boss, I’ll have to see how much you have. If you want to get rid of me with just a few thousand dollars, then you should stop fantasizing.”

He was consumed by greed, and all the people in the carriage were his lackeys, so the leader’s laughter was arrogant and ruthless.

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“I have money. It’s not much, but there are still tens of thousands for you guys. If you’re afraid of me pulling tricks or something, why don’t you get your men here and leave one or two to stand at the car doors, then wouldn’t that solve the situation?”

Compared to these thugs who were using steel pipes as weapons, Principal Chen who had been on a battlefield and had slaughtered many enemies with a single sniper rifle had a much more intimidating aura that managed to suppress everyone else’s.

The leader heard and the fat on his face shook. He sneered, “I would be afraid? Everyone here is my underling, if you dare try anything on us, I’ll have fun with her.” He pointed his finger at Ye Jian and continued, “Such a cute and lively looking girl, it must be a lot of fun to play with her body!”

His sentence caused a ripple in Ye Jian’s emotions. A dense bloodlust started bubbling in the depths of her jet black pupils. Play with her body? It seemed like someone had said that before, but what became of him?

Ke! She stabbed a pair of scissors into his heart with ferocity!

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Her pupils started to concentrate on the thug leader who was walking towards her, her left arm holding onto her right wrist.

If he dared to try anything, she would kill him ruthlessly!

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