Chapter 257: Robbery on the Train (7)

Ye Zifan, who had used the money to prevent disaster, was wearing a more solemn expression than before.

A few days ago, he had visited Liao Youde’s home; at that time, his son Liao Jian had heard them discussing Ye Jian secretly and chipped in about something that he saw.

When he said Ye Ying had arranged for him to pull some tricks on Ye Jian in the city, he didn’t expect her to find him out… But the thing that scared him the most was when he saw Ye Jian climb to the seventh floor empty-handed and then climb down in the blink of an eye.

Then, he informed the event where he had ordered two lackeys to stalk Ye Jian, but the next day, the two lackeys were saved by the villagers, saying that they were tied against the trees for the whole night!

Ye Jian had a good relationship with the troops, could it be… Ye Zifan could faintly grasp the most likely possibility, and his gaze was much colder than when he surrendered his money to the thugs.

If that lass had really trained her techniques while she was in the troops, considering her smartness and capabilities, and her proficiency at martial arts… Then Ying Ying’s plan to exceed her would become considerably harder. In that case, Ying Ying’s wish to marry into the Gao family would turn out into something that’s borderline impossible!

Ye Ying was so excited that her hands were clenched into fists. The more that d*mned lass spoke, the higher the chance of something bad happening to her! The only thing she was waiting for right now is for someone to come and handle her!

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While Ye Jian was helping the middle-aged woman up, she glanced at Ye Zifan stealthily.

With the help of the sweeping flashlight, she managed to get a glimpse of Ye Zifan’s cold and solemn face. Ye Jian’s lips curved at the corners. She realized that it was like what she had expected, Ye Zifan was, indeed, keeping an eye on her.

She recalled the events of the day that happened in school. Looking back, she realized that she had been too radical, and she should’ve restrained herself a little more.

With a cold smile hanging on her lips, Ye Jian negotiated with the thugs, “We just gave you our money. Now, shouldn’t you guys give the aunty’s money back to her?”

Ye Ying almost laughed out loud from hearing her words. Even when there are thugs robbing people of their money, she still dares to stand up for others? Is she trying to show off that she has the ability to take care of this? Ye Jian, Ye Jian, this negotiation… is outright impossible, and you’re just digging your own grave.

Intelligence, is this the so-called intelligence? This is called recklessness without a plan!

They always say that the more you speak, the more mistakes you make, and that saying isn’t false. After Ye Zifan heard her, a hint of mockery flashed past his eyes, Little lass Jian is intelligent, but compared to Ying Ying… She’s still lacking. For these kinds of situations, Ying Ying would definitely never stubbornly stand out!

This must be the thugs’ first time meeting with a youngling who wasn’t afraid of their ferocity. After being stunned briefly, each and every one of them bellowed with laughter, and after laughing, they started spewing out threats, “Little maiden, are you trying to bargain with us? Hurry up and f*ck off, or else… Things would get ugly!”

Someone stood up and gave hope to most of the crowd, but by the time they managed to discern who it was, their hopes were extinguished. It was similar to a falling star that had flown across the sky, flickering out of existence in an instant.

When Ye Jian was helping the middle-aged lady who was crying to sit down, a businessman-like person walked out from a location somewhere near the middle and said, “You guys shouldn’t make things difficult for a student. If you want the money, go get it yourselves!”

With that said, multiple people took out their money and placed it on their beds, all of them wanting Ye Jian to hurry up and return to her own bed.

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There’s always good if there’s evil, at least these people dared to stand up and speak for her. This situation caused Ye Jian’s jet black pupils to brighten slightly. Her tone was as soft as a mosquito’s buzz when she spoke to the middle-aged woman, “Aunty, all things will work out in the end. Don’t worry too much about it.”

Purely relying on the power of two people, she and Principal Chen would definitely be unable to intimidate this gang of thugs. They had to first unite the people in the carriages, only then could they shape the outcome of this robbery into something that would be more desirable for their side.

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