Chapter 256: Robbery on the Train (6)

“Big brother, please don’t do this! This money is saved for future emergencies, it’s money for my hubby at home. Please, big brothers, don’t do this; please leave a way for my family to survive.” The beaten up individual didn’t dare to retaliate, she was just pleading desperately; it was to the point that she was begging on her knees.

The atmosphere of the carriage became silent. Besides the crying sounds of the middle-aged woman begging desperately and the arrogant hollers of the robbing thugs, no one else made a sound.

If you were to mute the sounds from those two sides, you could say… The whole carriage would be as quiet as death.

“Please big brothers, I beg of you! My husband is the sole breadwinner of my family. I only managed to gather this amount by going everywhere. Please, big brothers…” The middle-aged woman who was kneeling on the ground kowtows.

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But no matter how hard she kowtowed, all of the money she had accumulated for emergencies was taken away from her by the thugs.

At the same time, the laughter of the robbery thugs sounded loud, “Not bad, five thousand dollars, that’s quite a large sum.” Someone counted the money while spitting, then he mocked, “We are young men without money, and we have been waiting for your money to save our lives. The life of your husband in exchange for the lives of tens of people, you are doing a magnanimous act and gaining good karma through this, ha ha ha.”

One side was a miserable cry, the other side was wanton laughter, two extremely opposite sounds made a number of people clench their fists secretly.

The miserable wails were too tragic, and everyone’s heart was trembling in their chests, but what was the point of that?! There was no one stood up! If they had helped her, their lives may end up in danger, and who else will stand up in their place!

The middle-aged woman realized that no one was going to come and help her, so she begged for help from the people close to her, “Please, brothers and sisters, I beg of you, please help me! That money really is for an emergency. It is to save my husband!”

Who dared to respond to her? No one!

Nobody dared to stand up for her. Even if someone had the courage to do so, they’ll be dragged back by their companions and warned in a hushed tone to not do it because the thugs possessed weapons in their hands… If you were to get pounded by one of those, you’ll definitely lose your life.

All the exits had been blocked, so getting outside and asking for help was out of the question!

Ye Ying was so frightened that she curled herself into a ball and only dared to glance at the scene out of the corner of her eyes. At that moment, the flashlight of the thugs swept towards her, making her heart jump. She realized that the middle-aged woman that was kowtowing just now was crawling towards them while kneeling.

“Dad, hurry up and lift up your leg, hurry…” She was afraid the middle-aged woman would ask for help while grasping onto Ye Zifan’s leg. Her face had turned pale as she reminded him, “We can’t involve ourselves, we definitely can’t!”

The thugs couldn’t be bothered to give the middle-aged woman a chance to get help. As soon as she blocked their way to get more money, one of them brandished their steel pipe and flailed it at her back.

When the metal pipe was about to land on her back, a slender figure suddenly staggered and tripped, and it coincidentally pushed the thug who was about to hit the middle-aged woman with the pipe away.

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“Mother f*cker, who the f*ck dares…”

The thug finally reacted and was about to hit the person who stumbled into him with the metal pipe, the thug who pushed Ye Jian his way started laughing out loud, “What are you doing, that’s just a student, now she’s afraid, and she’s giving us her money, what do you call this, something wise… something stance?”

“A wise man adapts himself to the circumstances.” Ye Jian stood up and was acting appropriate, she looked afraid but it also made others think that she was just forcing herself to act calmly, “The money, we’ll give it to you. Now, could you give this lady her money for emergencies back?”

Ye Ying, who was right beside them, was stunned the moment she heard Ye Jian’s voice.

After she regained her senses, an evil smile surfaced on her face … What an idiot, overestimating her capabilities, does she really think she’s unstoppable?

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