Chapter 255: Robbery on the Train (5)

Hearing the cries, the middle-aged man stuffed his phone from his trembling hands into Principal Chen’s hands, “Elder brother, please take over.”

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The train was still rumbling on the tracks. The Yu An police station had dispatched a couple dozen police vehicles in this rainy night. All of the officers were equipped with sidearms and was headed towards the direction of the train station.

They had received a phone call that a group of armed thugs with numbers of more than ten were robbing the people clean of their belongings on the carriage number 9 of the 6438th train.

The policemen did not alarm the staff members on the train because the caller clearly stated that there were no attending crew members in carriage number 9. As such, the police couldn’t be sure that no one was working with the thugs from the inside, so it was not recommended to alert the crew members on the train.

That was why they only notified the train conductor to slow down the speed of the train once the police had arrived and were in position.

Principal Chen, who was calling the police while being covered up, leaned his body slightly and glanced at the thugs who were robbing each and every bunk. He quickly gestured at Ye Jian with his hand.

“Not happening, I’m the most suitable person to go.” Ye Jian looked at his gesture clearly and immediately shook her head in refusal, “You’re an adult, I’m just a kid, it’s best for me to go. Besides, I have my own weapon, self-defence is totally up my alley. Also, I have my own considerations, my uncle…”

She had already revealed quite a number of her trump cards this time, so she had to act adequately bold.

Ye Zifan was clearly aiming to get her. Recently, whenever she returned to the new recruits’ camp from school, there were always someone following her from the shadows…, if it weren’t for the fact that there were new recruits on watch duty, they would probably followed her into the camp.

It was necessary for her to create some trouble and cause Ye Zifan to feel like she wasn’t someone to be afraid of. Because, the current her doesn’t even have enough power to destroy Ye Zifan in one blow! On the contrary, Ye Zifan could pull tricks on her whenever he wanted to.

After Ye Zifan was mentioned, Principal Chen could immediately understand what Ye Jian was contemplating in her mind.

Besides, the little lass was capable of defending herself, that itself was without a doubt. He then passed his hand-carry briefcase to Ye Jian, “You have your reasons. You’ll need this.”

The middle-aged couple spectated this scene. The expression on their faces were ever-changing, one moment it was hesitation, and then soft-hearted.

“Girl, you… please be careful.” The middle-aged lady who was only concerned with herself realized that a little girl like Ye Jian was going forward to stall for time. Not only was she feeling panicking, she was also starting to feel uneasy.

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Ye Jian was quite surprised, and she mocked the middle-aged lady in a playful tone, “Aunty, I’m unused to the way you’re acting right now. I’m taking the initiative to hand over the money to stall them for time, sacrificing myself to help everyone else, … Aunty should be feeling happy instead.”

The middle-aged lady had the selfish side of her, but a person that was smart and calculative as her definitely knew what choices would benefit her the most.

Ye Jian’s playful words revealed her self-interest, and caused her to feel more unnerved. But her lips did not forget to add, “Then you… stall them longer!”

The young man noticed that Ye Jian was really going forward, his voice became louder out of worry, “You be careful.”

“Don’t worry, wasn’t it said just now? They’re here for money, not for our lives. Here, there’s a big boss watching over them. Hitting people is just to have an intimidating effect, if they really caused any loss of life, they wouldn’t be able to bear that responsibility.”

Precisely because she had grasped that point, she dared to stand up against them.

The amount of threat a student can generate to this bunch of presumptuous thugs, was nevertheless small.

Before she had walked out, someone else in the carriage was slapped, “Mother f*cker, where did you hide your money! You’re not being honest, yeah? I’ll f*cking kill you!”

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