Chapter 254: Robbery on the Train (4)

“If this continues, everyone on this carriage will be screwed!” The young man got off his bed after hearing what was said. He gritted his teeth as he spoke in a hushed tone, “If nobody fights back, then we’re playing right up to those bastards.”

Listening to his words, the middle-aged lady on the bottom bunk rolled her eyes and said softly, “If you have the capability, you should go out there and deliver justice! Go chase away those bastards off the train!”

Not to say that she was spouting out windy words, but based on her action of treating others like fools, it was enough to turn Ye Jian’s gaze cold like a bottomless cold pool of water where only a few specks of light could pass.

A voice that Ye Jian was familiar with suddenly emerged from the front, “What you are guys still hiding for, our lives are more important. If these thugs were to become vicious, could normal citizens like us win? They locked both the front and rear carriage doors, who can come in now? Call the police? It’s useless, we’re in an area surrounded by mountains. How long would we have to wait for the police to arrive? They’ll be long gone by then.”

From the sound of it, it seemed like he was acting for the good of others, convincing the passengers to obediently hand over the money which they had hidden because their lives were worth much more. However, it made Ye Jian’s pupils constrict.

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“The sooner we hand over the money, the faster we can send these thugs away. It’s more important to save ourselves. If we’re still alive, this amount of money could still be earned back, isn’t it?” The man continued and placed his money on the bed and continued, “It’s not worth it to lose your life over some money.”

“It’s his voice. He’s trying to convince people to give up their money.” After recognizing who the voice belonged to, a slight smile emerged on Ye Jian’s face, “He’s right, but not right at the same time. We’re still quite a distance away from the next station. Based on the speed of the train right now, it’ll take more or less 30 minutes to get there.”

“That also means, the thugs only have around 20 minutes to rob everyone of their valuables.”

Ye Jian turned to the young man who wanted to defend against this injustice. She laughed and quietly spoke, “Brother, what you need to do is very simple. This uncle here has a ‘big brother’ phone hidden underneath his pillow. You only have to successfully borrow it, and then call the cops. The only way this will get resolved is with the help of the policemen.”

She stressed the word “borrow”, telling the young man that he shouldn’t act kindly. Instead, he should act a little more intimidating.

They were huddled up together. Even if Ye Jian was speaking quietly, the middle-aged lady could naturally hear her every single word. Furious, her whole body started trembling as she gritted her teeth and spoke quietly, “Don’t you dare! Okay, if you guys really dare to snatch it, then that means you’re with them.”

“Old Liu, keep the ‘big brother’ phone safe! This d*rned lass has a black heart!” There were still 30 minutes until they reached the next stop. If the people in the front were not cooperative, then it would be good for them!

Because if that was the case, the thugs definitely could not rob the rest of the train! After all, if the cops arrive and alarm these thugs who only wanted money with disregard to their own lives, wouldn’t all the passengers’ lives end up on the line?

Ye Jian quickly thought through her response and appeared to have guessed what the middle-aged lady was thinking. She let out a shallow laugh which was filled with coldness and mockery, “You want to keep the money and wish for the thugs to leave by their own volition? Aunty, don’t build castles in the air.”

“Calling the police after everyone gets robbed, that’ll truly cause the heaviest loss. We won’t even retrieve one cent that way!” Her words managed to hit the couple where it hurts the most. Principal Chen didn’t even stop her, giving her the freedom to unnerve the couple all by herself.

Hearing so, the middle-aged man spoke in a low voice, “Help me block their sight, I’m calling the cops.” Placing the phone in the hands of others, he wouldn’t be so assured!

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The commotion in the front was getting bigger and bigger. The thugs knew that their time was running out. They used their metal pipes to point at the passengers. The words they used to threaten also became more vicious and violent as they could be.

Not only were the kids frightened to a point where they started wailing, but even a few timid ladies started sobbing.

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