Chapter 253: Robbery on the train (3)

People from Yannan City are known to bully the weak but fear the strong; shrewd they may be, but also quite timid. Ye Jian merely shot a cold remark, and the couple became too scared to even move.

The middle-aged lady choked on her breath and held onto her husband tightly as she sat beside him. Using an extremely soft voice, which was still audible to Ye Jian, she said, “Don’t call the cops, who knows, they may stop mugging once they’ve gotten enough.”

“Shut up and keep the money safe!” The middle-aged man wasn’t considering whether his wife’s words were correct, but reminded her not to say too much and keep the money safe.

In that instant, Ye Jian’s impression of them turned for the worse.

Ye Ying, whose bunk was closer to the front, was already obediently sitting by Ye Zifan’s side, her hands tightly grabbing onto her father’s shirt. While there wasn’t that much fear shown on her face, her eyes were in a state of panicked madness.

“Dad, don’t resist them, just give them the money.” With the thug holding the metal pole, she didn’t even care about the money and was more interested in staying alive.

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Ye Zifan gently patted his daughter’s hand. He definitely had to take some cash out, but to give all of it … that was not happening. “Keep quiet, you’re a student. They aren’t going to do anything to you. Dad will give them the money.”

It wasn’t just Ye Zifan who thought this way, the entire carriage of passengers thought the same. They definitely had to give some money, but who would wish to take all of it out? None of them!

Some of them tried to hide their money, but when the metal pole came knocking in the direction of their beds, they shrieked in fear. How could they calm themselves down and even think about how to hide their money?

When the knocking came to Ye Jian’s bed, the couple really got the fright of their lives. When the robbers went past them, they looked as though they had gone mad from fear.

However, Ye Jian could hear the middle-aged lady whisper, “Phew…”

What was there to “phew” about? “Phew” that they didn’t have their money stolen, is it?

“The uncle in the bunk below better start considering calling the cops with that phone of yours. Five minutes later, no one’s going to be able to keep your stuff for you, and when the train slows down later, these people are going to escape through the window. It’ll be too late if you want to call the cops by then.” Ye Jian reminded them softly.

The cold, harsh truth was already exposed directly to the couple, yet all she received was still the couple’s indifference to the situation.

The clear darkness was rife with a cold and solemn atmosphere. There wasn’t anything wrong with self-protection, but in a situation where one can clearly retaliate in the dark yet still choose to protect themselves, what a clear reflection of humanity’s selfishness!

Principal Chen sighed, waving towards Ye Jian, “No point saying anymore, everyone just wants to be safe.” His voice showing clear disappointment and helplessness, and after a slight pause, he asked Ye Jian, “Are you able to identify the mastermind?”

“After having a look, only one person isn’t here.” Ye Jian stopped looking at the couple in the bottom bunk. Keeping her voice down, she gently continued, “The man who bumped into me previously hasn’t shown himself.”

Ahead, once again there was someone who didn’t cooperate, and what he got in return were punches and kicks. What was heard was only the sound of cries of someone in pain, but none stood up to do anything.

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“Dammit, I can’t just be sitting around anymore!” The person in the bunk above Ye Jian suddenly exclaimed. He was a young worker, and he started climbing down from the upper bunk.

Principal Chen knew he would be powerless against them and hence intervened, “Young man, just wait a while longer. Let’s think of something together.” As long as someone couldn’t stand sitting around doing nothing and took the initiative to step forward to deliver justice, something could be done about it.

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