Chapter 252: Robbery on the Train (2)

Ye Jian got up and listened to the surrounding commotion before speaking softly to the clearly alarmed yet unmoving middle-aged man, “Uncle, you have a ‘big brother’ phone, so hurry up and call the police!”


However, his silhouette only moved slightly. Ye Jian only saw him sneakily stuffing something into his pillowcase, after which he remained motionless, acting like he hadn’t heard anything.

He clearly didn’t want to involve himself and didn’t want the robbers to know that he had a phone with him!

Ye Jian went silent and smirked, did he think he could protect himself by acting this way? Did he think that just by shoveling the snow in front of his lawn, everything will be alright? How naïve!

The commotion was originally carried out in the dark, but when some of the passengers did not cooperate, the robbers started furiously banging the steel pipes on their beds. The frightening sounds resounded throughout the whole carriage.

It also woke up everyone in the carriage. Some young passengers who were sleeping deeply and didn’t really understand the situation swore, “Godd*mnit, who wants to die…” but turned quiet soon after.

The steel pipes occasionally gleamed with cold light in the darkness, so the young men without any weapons chose to remain silent.

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“Put your money on your beds, we’ll give you a beating if you disobey. Let’s see what’s harder, your skulls or the pipes in our hands.” The thugs, who initially wanted to rob the bunks one by one, decided to wake all the passengers while walking down the aisle and hitting their bunks before moving on.

The kids were the first one to start bawling, then came the screams from the ladies.

The sounds of thunder resounded outside. Lightning flashed by and the pale light illuminated the insides of the carriage for a few seconds. It revealed around couple dozen of men, tall and short, skinny and fat, standing on the aisle with an intimidating look, all the while holding onto a steel pipe.

Each and every one of them started shouting loudly. They used the steel pipes in their hands to point at the passengers sitting on their beds with fright and threatened them to hand over all their money and valuables.

The middle-aged woman sleeping below Ye Jian’s bunk turned so pale that there wasn’t any blood left in her face. It was as if she was covered in a layer of lime powder.

Suddenly, she stood up and threw the bag that was hidden underneath her pillow onto Ye Jian’s bed. She begged, “Sweet child, you’re a student. They surely wouldn’t trouble you too much. Do aunty a favor and keep it for me, aunty will retrieve it from you later.”

Her request made Ye Jian feel torn between laughing or crying. From the looks of it, if Ye Jian didn’t help her keep the bag properly and the bag were to get mugged by the robbers, then she’ll surely look at her for compensation!

There’s no way Ye Jian would fall for that.

She tossed the bag back to its owner, and softly replied, “They didn’t even let a kid’s belonging go, do you think a grown kid like me would be let off? And also, aunty, please keep your little calculative tricks of Yannan city away from me, I don’t want to lose the bag and have you on my back wanting compensation later on.”

An uncomfortable expression emerged upon the middle-aged lady’s face after her thoughts were revealed. She turned around to glance at her man who hadn’t spoken. That gaze of hers soon landed on Principal Chen.

Before she managed to speak, Principal Chen’s cold voice projected towards her, “We are facing a difficult crisis, and you are still thinking how to plot against others, it’s evident that you aren’t honest merchants!”

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Having failed twice in her schemes, the middle-aged lady cursed in Yannan city’s language, “Not saving those in peril, you’ll have a lifetime of misfortune waiting ahead for you!”

“Then, I’ll be waiting for you to go save the others now!” Hearing her cursing, coldness started appearing in Ye Jian’s gaze as she glared at the middle-aged lady. With a voice deeply tinged with frostiness, Ye Jian continued, “If you dare recede a single step, you’ll have misfortune at your every step for the rest of your life!”

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