Chapter 251: Robbery on the Train (1)

The train crew duty rooms in the front and back carriages were… empty without a person. She had wanted to tell the train crew to keep an eye on them, but she couldn’t find any of them!

This time, Ye Jian did not disturb Principal Chen’s sleep. She, instead, laid down quietly in her bed and did not fall asleep again.

At 2 a.m., the train stopped again to let another train pass. Ye Jian, who was on her nerves, was listening attentively to her surroundings for anything abnormal.

After around 15 minutes had passed, the train started moving slowly after a brief moment of quietness. By the time it was 2.30 a.m., everyone in the carriages had fallen asleep, even the passengers on the hard seats were sound asleep.

Not long after, Ye Jian heard the doors between the train carriages close. “Ka-chik,” Ye Jian who was resting her eyes opened them quietly. Her left hand was already subconsciously caressing the silver wire on her right arm.

“Stay still for now, little lass.” Principal Chen’s voice reverberated from the neighboring bunk, “Let’s observe the situation first.”

Ordering that, he lifted his hand and pointed at the middle-aged couple in the lower bunk. He made a hand gesture in the dimly lit car to tell her not to alarm the other passengers. It was obvious that even Principal Chen could feel something wasn’t right.

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Ye Jian nodded gently. Ye Jian then remained in her former position and waited to see what events would unfurl.

It was currently the time everyone would be in deep slumber. The highly-alert middle-aged lady could not fight her drowsiness and Ye Jian could hear her snoring in her sleep. The lady had exerted herself physically, so it was normal for her to be sound asleep now.

Some movement could be heard. Ye Jian could barely hear someone being woken up then making an unhappy grumble. Half a second later, his grumbling voice turned into one of shock, and he yelled, “What are you guys up to!”

His volume was loud, but it was mostly drowned out by the sound of the rumbling train, so he only managed to alarm some of his close neighbors.

The people sleeping near the back of the carriage did not react one bit. They were totally oblivious to the events happening at the front of the carriage. All of them were still fast asleep.

“Robbery.” Principal Chen sighed gently. Whenever it was the holiday season, there will always be something happening in the trains, “Little lass, don’t move without a reason later. We have to capture the snake by the head, so let’s wait until we find out who their leader is.”

Ignoring this incident was impossible because Principal Chen had a lump sum on him. It was the funds to purchase new books in the Provincial City’s school.

The passengers in the first bunk were all alarmed, but when the thugs flashed their steel pipes in the dark, no matter how angry they were, they could only be robbed of their money obediently.

“F*ck, there’s only so little stuff! Give me your f*cking pants!!” Someone only gave the thugs a few dollars which completely angered the thug receiving the money. He threw a slap at the person while roaring in rage, “If I find out you still have some f*cking cash left on you, I’m gonna f*cking beat you to death!”

“You, you … you guys are criminals!” Seeing someone being hit, an old person couldn’t stand it anymore, so he stood up and spoke. The thugs responded with a slap at his face, and then spoke fiercely, “You d*rn old fart, if you say one more word, we’ll f*cking kill your grandson!”

The old man was bringing along a three-year-old boy, after being threatened by that, it was the same as being taken as a hostage.

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Ye Jian’s hands slowly clenched tightly together. Hitting the old, threatening the life of a child… they were really outlaws!

When the slap hit the old man, it also shocked the passengers who were already awake. Simultaneously, seeing the metal pipes, those who had wanted to berate retreated rapidly due to their fear of those weapons.

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