Chapter 250: The Coming Danger  

“Are you able to come up with the idea for the Chinese businessmen to act and voluntarily pull out money from their pockets to help shoulder the responsibility with the government? No, you don’t have that sort of capability. That is why, no matter how jealous you are of her, you can only suffer by yourself! It’s because you are inferior to Ye Jian!”

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As a father, Ye Zifan was definitely a qualified father. He acted his role as a father and seriously taught his daughter how to consolidate at every step and the ways to attain the hearts of others.

But what was bad was Sun Dongqing’s attitude and how she treated others; it had more or less of an effect on Ye Ying.

If he were to start teaching her properly now, it was not too late.

However, the only unfortunate thing was, Ye Zifan only taught his daughter how to strategize, but not how to be a good person and act righteously!

After all, not everything in this world could be attained with cheap “strategies”.

Ye Ying did not make a sound as she listened to her father in silence.

It seems like she was listening in all earnest but in reality… there were teeth marks imprinted on her lower lips from her nibbling at it, some of the deeper marks even had blood oozing out.

For her to admit that she was inferior to Ye Jian, that was much harder than killing her.

It was during this uncomfortable feeling that Ye Ying fell asleep lethargically. She had some unusual dream during the night; it seemed like she was sitting in a classroom, and it also felt like she was at home. While being stupefied by all that, it seemed like she was on a train again.

Boarding the same train as Ye Jian, their roles had been switched, and she was the one being tormented by all the suffering now.

At around 1 a.m., the speed of the rumbling train started slowing down; this was to give way for another train to pass.

The middle-aged lady sleeping below Ye Jian had opened her eyes quite a while ago. She and her husband slept in shifts. Since she realized the train had stopped moving, her hands gently touched the small bag that was being covered by the pillow and was listening attentively for any signs of movement in her surroundings.

Ye Jian was also only half-asleep because even if you were lying down, it was almost impossible to sleep soundly on a train.

She woke up once the train started slowing down and so she started her climb down her bunk, when she was putting on her shoes, she paused and raised her head and spotted the middle-aged lady staring intently at her, then she laughed gently, “Aunty, there’s no need for you to be so nervous, the more nervous you are the more you’ll feel like something’s going to happen. Easing yourself a little wouldn’t be a bad thing for you right now.”

This is strange, even if a businessman was carrying a huge sum of money, there wouldn’t be a need for them to act so nervously, right?

All she wanted to do was to go to the restroom after putting on her shoes, but the middle-aged lady unexpectedly wore an expression that indicated that those who strike first would gain the upper hand.

After seeing the stance of the middle-aged lady, Ye Jian lost all of her drowsiness, so she climbed into the middle bunk and retrieved her toothbrush, toothpaste, and cup from her bag. Then, she retrieved her towel and climbed down to go to the washroom.

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The washroom was located at the front end of the train. She wobbled along the train and walked from the back end of the carriage all the way to the front end. After passing by bed #5, she slowed down her pace without a trace.

In the instant the railroad-lights flashed past, she took a quick glimpse at the strong-looking man that was sitting up straight who had bumped into her when they were boarding the train. In front of him were two other passengers who were also seated. Ye Jian pressed her delicate lips slightly harder than before, then walked by them looking naturally.  

After passing by a couple more carriages, she spotted a number of people who were also sitting up quietly. Ye Jian’s senses became slightly alert as an unpleasant feeling started resounding in her body that couldn’t be suppressed.

After Ye Jian finished brushing her teeth and washing her face, she was completely awake now. She maintained her composure while paying attention to the “passengers”, who were clearly sitting up a few minutes ago but were now lying down, from the corner of her eye. Swiftly, she hastened her footsteps back to her own bed bunk.

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