Chapter 249: Earnest Advice

Principal Chen had accumulated a vast amount of knowledge. Whenever the man spoke about someplace, he was able to chip into the conversation. In no time, the man, who had intended to brag about the different places he had traveled to, quietened down.

Ye Jian, on the other hand, slightly pursed her lips into a smile.

Normally, Principal Chen wouldn’t act like that. From the looks of it, he must have noticed the middle-aged couple’s cautious behavior from before, which was why he was probably behaving in such a manner.

It was probably because the man couldn’t find an ounce of superiority no matter wherever on the world he looked, he took out his brick-sized “big brother” mobile phone. In this day and age, the people who could afford a “big brother” phone were rich with high status in the society.

Above Ye Jian’s bunk, there was a young man who was traveling for work. He took a peek out of his bunk and mocked, “That thing’s ugly, and here I thought it was gonna be something eye-catching.”

His words caused Ye Jian, who was already smiling sneakily, to let out a soft chuckle. The people from Yannan city were well-known provincially, no, well-known nationally for their sharp wit.

Not only did they possess a sharp wit, but they also had the tendency to look down on others regardless of whether they were abroad or at home. Their inexplicable sense of superiority always puzzled others.

Using a ‘big brother’ phone to gain a sense of superiority was indeed something a person from Yannan city would do.

Ye Jian did not involve herself. She rested on her pillow and slowly fell asleep while listening to the rumbling train.

Every time she fell asleep, she, being a light sleeper, would wake up whenever the train grinds to a halt.

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Ye Ying, who was three rows apart from her, did not get much sleep either. She was going to the provincial city during this week-long National holiday for seven days of English reinforcement classes. She would be accompanied by her teacher at all times, and she must converse in English even if she was having a meal or going to sleep.

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Even though it was late into the night, her tossing and turning without an ounce of sleep awoke Ye Zifan who was a light sleeper as well.

After he heard Ye Ying toss and turn again, Ye Zifan grumbled towards his daughter in the rumbling train, “Ying Ying, you need to slowly learn how to hold your temper and how to conceal your radiance. You must know how to enrich yourself in the dark and accumulate strength, then surprise everyone when the moment is right.”

“Dad has already told you many times, but it doesn’t seem to get into you.” She just bumped into Ye Jian once, and without speaking more than a few sentences, she had already lost her calm just like that…

Ye Zifan remembered Ye Jian’s composure during the day. She wore an indifferent expression and was smiling when speaking to him. She managed to accomplish a calm and composed front on both her expressions and language as if she had forgotten everything that had happened in the past…

He had to admit that this Ye Jian was indeed more remarkable than his own daughter, Ye Ying. No matter how much he doesn’t want to, he just had to!

He was completely confused how his cowardly and opinionless niece, who was begging for her life in the hands of their family when everything revolved around Ying Ying, would turn to a ferocious character today that even her uncle — himself — had to avoid facing her head on.

However, her ferocity wasn’t the type that possessed aggressiveness. She was the type who would immediately retaliate then and there if anyone were to offend her, letting them know that she wasn’t an orphan to be messed with.

That characteristic of hers could be seen clearly from how Sun Dongqing had suffered multiple times in her hands.

At least her ferocity did not possess any aggressiveness, otherwise, the event that happened on the day school reopened would have caused Ying Ying to be unable to continue studying in the school.

“Ye Ying, you must admit that the current her is more remarkable than you, and you must recognize that her brilliance is something that the current you can never compete with. Winning prizes abroad, convincing Chinese businessmen to set up a charity named “Outstanding Scholars’ Scholarship”, Ying Ying, ask yourself truthfully, if you had attended the competition in her place, would you have the same amount of achievements as her today?”

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