Chapter 101: The Untameable Little White-eyed Wolf

Instead, it was she who had obtained many benefits from Ning Meng Yao such as Ning Meng Yao teaching her embroidery and others. These were all the good things she had gotten from Ning Meng Yao. But if she said those things, in the eyes of others, she would be a white-eyed wolf.


“Yang Xiu Er, you should go down. We should speak everything clearly today, so won’t create another ruckus.” Ning Meng Yao impatiently spoke.


Towards Yang Xiu Er creating a ruckus, she was really annoyed. It was better to follow Qiao Tian Chang’s advice, make it clear in one go.


Yang Xiu Er shook her head continuously, “I won’t say. I don’t have anything good to say to you.”


The surrounding people who came to see the ruckus saw Yang Xiu Er like that and in their hearts, they understood. They felt that this girl, seeing that Yang Le Le was sent outside to do some things and not letting her go too, became jealous and spoke those unkind words out.


Ning Meng Yao coldly smiled, “That is not up to you.”


In a moment, Ning Meng Yao one by one spoke out the things that happened from the time she first arrived and met Yang Xiu Er until the things done by Yang Xiu Er and her mother. Aside from that time with Madam Luo, Ning Meng Yao was already generous enough to them.


“Yang Xiu Er, these things were things you did, right?” Ning Meng Yao faintly said toward Yang Xiu Er.


Yang Xiu Er violently shook her head, “Not me. Those are not what I said. You’re lying.”


Ning Meng Yao let out an ironic smile, “Is it really you or not, you know the answer. Qing Xiang, throw them out. Our small shrine cannot provide for such a big Buddha like you.”


“You…… Ning Meng Yao, you cannot do this to me.” Yang Xiu Er saw that Qing Xuang was ready to catch her and immediately grabbed the cart next to her tightly, not wanting to let go.


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Qing Shuang coldly stared at Yang Xiu Er. How could this kind of person suit to be young miss’ friend? She’s not even comparable to half of Yang Le Le.


Pinching Yang Xiu Er’s hands twice, Yang Xiu Er then screeched and let go of the carriage.


Qing Shuang immediately threw her out and walked back to Ning Meng Yao’s side.


“I only wanted to work outside with Yang Le Le, so what? How can you be so cruel?” Yang Xiu Er glared at Ning Meng Yao with hate in her eyes and her voice was hoarse. Her like that made the spectating crowd raised their sympathy.


Ning Meng Yao looked down at Yang Xiu Er, “You said that you wanted to go? Then you go yourself, why are you sticking to me?”


“I……I want to together with Yang Le Le.”

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“Together with her? Are you even qualified?”Ning Meng Yao stared at Yang Xiu Er and spoke word by word.


Her cold gaze made Yang Xiu Er could not help but shiver.


“My embroidery is not lacking compared to hers, why won’t you let me go?”


Ning Meng Yao stared at Yang Xiu Er from above and coldly said, “Why? I will tell you why. Yang Le Le knows how to repay gratitude while you…you’re just a white-eyed wolf. Why would I put myself in a difficult spot then?”


Like Yang Xiu Er this kind of person, if there was someone giving her money to sell Ning Meng Yao, she would sell without a doubt.




“Le Le, you go ahead.” Ning Meng Yao turned to Yang Le Le, who was worrying in the horse carriage, and said.


“But…Be careful.” Yang Le Le at first wanted to say that she will be staying but seeing Ning Meng Yao’s composed expression, her heart became at ease. Her staying or not won’t have much of an impact.


Yang Le Le sat on the horse carriage and left. Yang Xiu Er’s eyes were filled with anger and hatred. She had done to this extent and Ning Meng Yao still did not let her go.


She felt like wanting…..wanting to utterly shatter Ning Meng Yao.


Ning Meng Yao squatted so that she was seeing eye to eye with Yang Xiu Er. “You hate me? You want to destroy me? Do you believe me when I say that I can destroy your entire life right now?”


Yang Xiu Er’s body became ice cold. She stared at Ning Meng Yao with a disbelieving expression. How could she utter such words?


Coldly laughing, Ning Meng Yao glanced at Yang Xiu Er as she spoke coldly, “If you remain within bounds, I won’t do anything to you. But Yang Xiu Er, you feel that I am easy to bully, right?” If not, how come Yang Xiu Er came to give her trouble again and again?


Yang Xiu Er shook her head unconsciously.


Ning Meng Yao put her hand on Yang Xiu Er’s shoulder and lightly spoke, “You say, if I rip your arm apart, what will you become? Or if I give your mother a hundred liang to sell you to me, what will happen to you once I end your life?”


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