Chapter 770 – Eh, Qing Qing

After an hour.

Huan Qing Yan absorbed three Stamina Pearls, two Mind Pearls, two Speed Pearls, three Strength Pearls, one Spirit Strength Pearl… a total of eleven pearls.

She has five Beauty Pearls, eight Stamina Pearls, six Strength Pearls remaining with her.

The Beauty Pearl could not be directly absorbed, it has to be grounded into powder and delicately applied to the face.

Of the pearl varieties, Strength and Stamina were common while Mind, Speed and Spirit Strength were on the low side.

A pity that a person could only absorb up to three of the same type; after that, the increase in effects would become nonexistent.

Therefore for those that she had left, she planned to auction them or give it away as presents in the future.

Dorna had also absorbed over a dozen pearls, his entire bearing felt sharper and better. He also had more Strength and Stamina ones and less of the others.

Attribute Pearls could only increase a person’s attributes but not their spirit energy.

However, the increase should not be belittled. One could say that in a situation where two individuals were of the same cultivation realm, the one with higher attributes would determine the outcome of the battle!  

Huan Qing Yan has a Goose-Egg Star Talent, however, there is still room for improvement. Attributes have no upper limit, an increase in the attributes would mean that they become more powerful.

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“Okay. Bally, let us go find the Oyster King. I might not have ranked up, but I felt more powerful than before.”

Dorna was also feeling excited, he too felt that his power has increased by quite an amount as compared to before he had absorbed the pearls.


No matter where Huan Qing Yan wants to go, he was willing to accompany her.

As long as she was happy.

After swimming for nearly an hour, the two returned to the Oyster Region and the area was covered in chaos.

No one was there as well.

The small oysters have all disappeared while the coral reefs have been toppled or destroyed.

Occasionally, there would be a frightened centipede climbing out of some cracks and crevices, disappearing the next instant while dragging its long body.

“Foolish Girl. The Oyster King seems to be gone.”

Huan Qing Yan spoke in a formal tone, “Bally, can you stop calling me Foolish Girl? I am called Huan Qing Yan!”

The words Foolish Girl represented a black history that she would feel embarrassed about whenever she recalled it.

“Sure. Then you should also stop calling me Bally. I have a name as well.” Dorna replied with the same tone.

Huan Qing Yan “……”

Both parties were unwilling to give in and so it ended without resolution.

“The Oyster King is up front, here is two Swift Water Talisman. You should also change a fresh Fish Swim Bladder, these will help you escape quickly when there is a need.”

Dorna agreed,

With the ancient bowl’s help, they were able to track the aura of the Oyster King; it was not able to escape.

Huan Qing Yan released Floody. When a cute girl suddenly appeared, Dorna was startled.

“Her name is Floody, a Flood Dragon soul that has power equivalent to a Mystic Spirit Master, we are all friends! Floody, this is Bally, a Gnome.” Huan Qing Yan made some simple introductions.

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Floody had always been an open and warm person, “Hi Little Dwarf, my name is Floody…”

Only then did Dorna understood where Huan Qing Yan’s confidence of taking down the Oyster King came from, so she has a powerful helper.

Other than being slightly peeved about being called a Little Dwarf, his confidence greatly increased and he replied, “Hello.”

The trio proceeded forward.

After swimming for a while, they saw the huge Oyster King quietly laying in an area not far from them. It was breathing seawater, in and out, as it opened and closed its shell, they could see countless shiny stuff within it. It looked like it has gotten quite a number of good stuff.

However, they were not the only group of people within the area.

Several groups were also hiding and observing!

Shang Qiu Meng Qian’s proud eyes shined, he said with joy as he looked at Huan Qing Yan, “Eh, Qing Qing. You returned to look for me!”

Huan Qing Yan rolled her eyes, bro, do you really think so?

Bai Li Zi Xi had also brought along two handsome followers along while lying in an ambush by the side…

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