Chapter 25 – Flying Cloud Secondary School

“So blessed!”

Zhu Xiao Ruo said happily.

The faces of the rest were saying the same too, just that they did not express it like Zhu Xiao Ruo.

“Boss, this is yours.”

Lee Si Kai passed a bag of cooked instant noodles to Yang Tian. It has been a long time since Yang Tian last had normal food as well, he started eating after adding some seasonings.

All of them remembered Yang Tian’s caution and quickly consumed the noodles, cleaning out their entire packet within a short time, not even a morsel was left.

“Since you guys are done, it’s time to go.”

It was inevitable that they will encounter some unnecessary troubles when they were passing through Cloud Town.

Their purpose this time was to search for food, but this could actually be done in Cloud Town as the town should still possess quite a bit of food. Yang Tian’s real intention was to obtain something from F Cty.

An item that Yang Tian did not get in his previous life, which he will not let it go this time.

“Boss, there seems to be people inside those houses.”

While walking on the streets of the town, Hu Jun could clearly sense several gazes watching them from the houses on both sides.

“Ignore them, we will mind our own.”

Yang Tian did not want to interact with any of them and quickly got the Mutated Pig to walk faster. Hu Jun and the rest also sensed the increase in speed and did so as well.

Zhu Xiao Ruo’s speed has not increased, Yang Tian directly picked her up and placed her on the Mutated Pig’s back.

“We are still being targeted.”

Yang Tian lifted his head and looked at the sky, four Mantis Beetles was currently surrounding them.

Mantis Beetle, Rank 1 Creature. It possesses a pair of sharp sickles that they uses as their primary method to attack, which allows them to easily tear a human into pieces.

“Be careful of their sickles, it will not be good if you are touched by it.”

However, all Rank 1 insects have a fatal weakness, their joints were the most fragile. A Tang Saber would be enough to hack through.

Ji Ji Ji

The Mantis Beetles’ green eyes revealed a cruel light, looking at Yang Tian and his group as though they were looking at a fresh and delicious meal.

“Attack the joints of their front limbs, we will first cripple their sickles.”

After Yang Tian spoke, the Mantis Beetles started attacking. One went to harass him and Lee Si Kai.

Amongst the Rank 1 Creatures, the Mantis Beetle belonged to the stronger ones, especially since those sickles could easily slash apart the defenses of similarly ranked enemies.

“Hold your shield properly and focus on attracting its attention, I will look for an opportunity to strike.”


With his speed, Lee Si Kai would be able to harass and restrict the attacks from the Mantis Beetle, allowing Yang Tian to find an excellent opportunity to attack.


Yang Tian tried an attack but was disappointed. Fortunately, he managed to block the counterattack of the Mantis Beetle with his shield in time. However, the shield turned into scrap from the attack, turning into two pieces of metal.

“Boss, are you okay?”

“I am okay, do your best to make it angry.”

Lee Si Kai was also quick witted, he always managed to evade the dangerous sickles just before the attack could land.

After its attacks missed for several times, the Mantis Beetle shrieked angrily. It has forgotten about Yang Tian and focused all its attention on Lee Si Kai.

Only allowed on

A good chance.

Yang Tian threw the Scimitar that he had prepared long ago, piercing it into the eyes of the Mantis Beetle.


The Mantis Beetle was in pain, it tried to shake its head in an attempt to dislodge the Scimitar that had blinded its eye.


Yang Tian called Lee Si Kai, the two took a left and right respectively, and used their Tang Sabers to attack the joints of the front limbs of the Mantis Beetle.

The Mantis Beetle had no time to react to this change, it resulted in his proud sickles being detached away from it completely

After losing those sickles, the Mantis Beetle also lost its ability to fight. All they have to do now was to pierce their weapon into its brain, and its life would end.


Lee Si Kai jumped to the front of the Mantis Beetle and stabbed his Tang Saber through its brain.

Even until it died, the Mantis Beetle was in disbelief that it could be killed by these weak humans.

“Quickly help the others.”

Hu Jun and Mo Kai were also fighting against a Mantis Beetle together, while the Mutated Pig was fighting one alone but it showed no signs of losing.

What slightly surprised Yang Tian was that Xiao Mei Yi was able to fight a Mantis Beetle alone. Every time the Mantis Beetle’s attack was about to reach Xiao Mei Yi, she would always be able to evade it.

“Let’s go and deal with that one first.”

Yang Tian pointed at the Mantis Beetle that was fighting with Xiao Mei Yi. Her opponent might not be able to threaten her within a short period, but as time passes, Xiao Mei Yi will not be able to sustain her ability and will eventually be caught in a dangerous situation.

The Mantis Beetle was focusing entirely on Xiao Mei Yi and did not notice the approach of two other figure.

They used the same strategy as before, by removing the sickle of the Mantis Beetle before stabbing their weapon inside the head to destroy the head which would ultimately end the life of the Mantis Beetle.

“You have performed well.”

During her fight, Yang Tian observed that Xiao Mei Yi had better proficiency and control over her abilities than the rest.

The Mutated Pig had also dispatched its opponent and was currently assisting Hu Jun and Mo Kai. With the Mutated Pig joining them, they were also able to kill the Mantis Beetle shortly after.

“Take out the energy crystals in their heads.”

Four Energy Crystals, all Agility-Type that increases speed and critical power.

Yang Tian handed three energy crystals to Lee Si Kai and one to Hu Jun.

Up till now, they have only met Rank 1 creatures, Yang Tian was still able to handle them himself. When they start to encounter Rank 2 creatures, Yang Tian would not be able to continue like this.

The brains of these four Mantis Beetles also entered the stomach of the Mutated Pig and changes could be distinctively noted on the fur of the Mutated Pig.

Brown spots started to appear on its black skin, while its fangs were also growing larger.

“Boss, Xiao Ruo seemed to be injured during the fight just now.”

The Mutated Pig’s opponent was initially targeting Zhu Xiao Ruo, its sickle managed to create a large wound on her thigh.

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“Red Fruit, take out the Red Fruit.” Guan Qing Xue shouted.

“The wound is too big, the Red Fruit will not be as effective. Let us find a safe place first.”

Zhu Xiao Ruo’s thigh injury was fifty centimeters long and deep enough to see her bone, the effects of the Red Fruit would be limited.

“Boss, there is a school over there, let’s go there!”


Zhu Xiao Ruo’s face has turned pale, this was the first time she had such severe injuries. She might not have fainted, but her mind was currently blank.

Flying Cloud Secondary School

The school was also destroyed and was in a mess, the good thing was that no danger has been detected by Yang Tian, making this a temporary safe place to be.

“Boss, there are still students and teachers here.”

Hu Jun saw some people in uniform and office attire hiding within the hostels.

“Ignore them, we will just find an empty classroom.”

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