Chapter 26 – Sacred Heal

There was basically no one in the teaching building so Yang Tian randomly picked one classroom.

“Yang Tian, what should we do!” Guan Qing Xue asked anxiously.

“Qing Xue, use your ability to stitch the wound, then use the Red Fruit after that and it will suffice.”

“My… ability, but I do not know how.”

Guan Qing Xue was surprised, she had never tried using her ability ever since she got it, let alone using it to save someone.

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“Place both hands on the injury.”

Having no clue on how to use her ability, Guan Qing Xue followed Yang Tian’s instructions and placed her hands on Zhu Xiao Ruo’s thigh.

“Imagine that you are surrounded by light.”

Guan Qing Xue closed her eyes, after a while, her body started to emit a faint glow, and Zhu Xiao Ruo’s injury begun to heal at the rate that could be captured by the eye.

“How… magical.”

Hu Jun’s heart was stabbed by Yang Tian before and was feeling magical after he was healed by eating a mutated carrot. However, the shock they got was even stronger now that they have seen such a large wound healing right in front of them.

The glow disappeared and Guan Qing Xue opened her eyes, using Sacred Heal had consumed quite a bit of Guan Qing Xue’s stamina, her forehead was now covered in fine sweat as well.

“How is it?”

“Not bad, the injury has closed. She just needs to eat a Red Fruit to supplement, and she will be fine.”

Yang Tian checked Zhu Xiao Ruo’s thigh and after seeing that there were no problems, he took a Red Fruit and passed it to her.

“Thank you.”

After eating the Red Fruit, color returned to Zhu Xiao Ruo’s face.

“Boss, what is our teacher’s ability? It is so mysterious.”

Hu Jun could not help asking Yang Tian; after the Blood Rain Infusion, the abilities of Hu Jun and the rest could all be easily expressed externally which was why everyone knew how each of their skills worked. However, they did not know about Zhu Xiao Ruo and Guan Qing Xue’s abilities.

“Your teacher’s ability is called Radiant Angel, a type of healer. She does not possess much fighting ability, but her ability is very handy, just like what you saw just now.”

“As for Zhu Xiao Ruo, her ability is called Seductress. During the earlier ranks, she would not be much of a difference from an ordinary person. However, from Rank 3 onwards, their powerful side will start to emerge. You guys will know about it in the future, but all of you still have to be cautious about Zhu Xiao Ruo. The passive skill of Zhu Xiao Ruo is the seduction the opposite gender, it will sometimes cause you guys to do something out of character.”

“Zhu Xiao Ruo’s ability was somewhat unique; with their weak Mental Power, Hu Jun and the rest might be affected unknowingly. Moreover, Zhu Xiao Ruo did not possess any fight abilities, it is very likely that unnecessary things will happen due to that.”

“No wonder I saw Mo Kai has been acting strangely over the past couple of days, can it be…”

Hu Jun glanced at Mo Kai before he looked over at Zhu Xiao Ruo, his meaning obvious.

“Just go and die one side.”

Mo Kai scolded out. He only mentioned to Hu Jun that Zhu Xiao Ruo has turned beautiful, he did not know that this fellow would drag him into the conversation.

“Xiao Ruo, what do you want to do about your pants?”

Zhu Xiao Ruo’s pants were stained in blood and not suited to keep on wearing it.

“This is a school, who can go grab some pants from the female hostel?”

Yang Tian shifted his gaze to Hu Jun, Lee Si Kai, and Mo Kai. The female hostels should be tightly locked, sending them to get some pants should be no problem.

“Boss, I will go.”

Hu Jun immediately volunteered when he heard Yang Tian’s words, one could easily guess what he was thinking.

“Mo Kai, go with him.”


The metal door leading into the female hostel was locked, there were no signs of it being damaged. The initial analysis was that the hostel is safe and the school was not invaded by Otherworld Creatures or Mutated Beasts.

Mo Kai’s strength should be enough to break open the metal door. What Yang Tian was curious about was, why did nothing come to attack the school when there were insects and mutated creatures roaming around within Cloud Town?


The metal door was broken with a swipe of Mo Kai’s palms, screams could also be heard coming from the higher floors of the hostel.

“Boss, there were signs of casualties within the school!” Lee Si Kai instantly discovered the something strange about the school, there were bodies of insect laying around but no bodies of humans.

“This school is big, some Metahumans should have awakened here.”

After a while, Hu Jun and Mo Kai brought back a pair of jeans, but their expressions were rather ugly.

“Boss, this school also have a group of Metahumans, there are currently out searching for food.”

While Hu Jun and Mo Kai went to take the jeans, the student inside the room told them the school’s situation out of fear thinking that her words would be enough to scare away the both of them.

“There is a Rank 2 Metahuman amongst that group.”

To be able to protect the school from being invaded, other than the school producing a large group of Metahumans, it was something impossible. The only other possible reason for the school to be protected was the existence of one or two Rank 2 Metahumans.

“Then we…”

“No need to worry, a Rank 2 Metahuman might not be enough to win us.”

Yang Tian’s confidence came from the Mutated Pig, he could clearly sense that the Mutated Pig would be evolving soon. He might be able to help the Mutated Pig complete its evolution before they head to F City.

“Boss, those girls said that those Metahumans have already gone out for some time and should be returning soon.”

“No problem, let’s rest here for a while and restore our stamina first.”

While they rest, Zhu Xiao Ruo also changed her pants.

During that period, Hu Jun tried to sneak a peek at her and got struck by the Seductress’s passive skill, causing him to nearly charge at her to pin her down. Fortunately, Yang Tian discovered it early and told Mo Kai to give Hu Jun a slap, only then did Hu Jun wake up.

“Can’t you be a bit more gentle?”

“Isn’t it all because you are seeking your own death?”

Mo Kai had already carefully applied his strength, but it still created a clear paw print on Hu Jun’s face.

“All of you should be careful next time, you will not always be this lucky.”

Yang Tian did not point out who his words were meant for, but they seemed to understand who he was referring to.

Zhu Xiao Ruo slightly blushed, Hu Jun’s actions earlier on has indeed frightened her, but she also developed a faint feeling of expectation as well.

“Boss, it is an accident this time. There will not be a next.”

“Rest assured, with me around, I will absolutely not allow anything to happen to you.”

Mo Kai patted Hu Jun’s shoulders with his bear paw and said with an expression of care and concern.

“Get lost.”

“Boss, it looks like they have returned.”

Lee Si Kai looked at the window and saw a group of students walking in from the school gates, from the large amount of food that they were carrying, they should be the school’s Metahumans that had gone out to look for food.

When they returned to the school, all the students hiding within the hostels came out and amongst them were also teachers in their office attire.

No one knew what they were talking about, but it was noted that after they communicated, their gazes have shifted to the classroom where Yang Tian and his group was located at.

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