Chapter 62: Absent-minded Driver [REUPLOAD]

The sound of applause thundered throughout the entire field!

But no one knew who the driver was.

“Brother Fei, is that Boss?”

The Street Racers Gang all craned their necks to have a closer look. However, the watchers stands were too far away from the tracks below, and the driver had a helmet on, there was no way to see what he looked like.

Besides the Street Racers Gang, almost everyone else was also guessing the driver’s identity who was representing the Drivers’ League. A’Peng, who had previously announced that he would participate in the race, was injured. And there wasn’t any news of who was going to represent the Drivers’ League in his stead after that.

At a remote corner on the watchers stand, several foreigners stood up together when they saw the Ferrari.

“That’s impossible, how could they still have a participant?”

The one who spoke was a middle-aged plump man with a particularly cold look. His name was George, Carl’s boss. He couldn’t hide the surprise on his face.

“Maybe they simply pulled someone in…” The other man said, a little uncertain.

George fell silent, a very disturbing feeling at the back of his head. Initially, they had everything under control, but who knew that this would happen.

“Tell Carl, he must win the game, if he loses… He doesn’t have to come back anymore!”

After giving out the order, George sat back down. Rapidly blinking his eyes, no one knew what he was thinking about.

The race soon started.

Carl sneered after receiving George’s order.

Although he didn’t know who would dare to stand up for the Drivers’ League, it didn’t matter in the end because nobody could beat him!

The two cars slowly reached the starting line, and as the light turned green, both cars slammed down on the accelerator at the same time.

Carl’s car shot out, but the Ferrari didn’t move.

Just as the audience began speculating a car malfunction, it slowly started to move. It was the first time Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. had ever driven this kind of car, so he needed time to get familiar with it. So in the end, the audience watched as the car slowly stumbled forward like a drunken man. After a while, it actually stopped.

Oh no… The Drivers’ League must’ve completely given up, that’s why they got someone like this!

The audience all shared the same thought, everyone’s face turned sour with disappointment and anger.

Only George on the other side of the stands couldn’t help but smile. If such a guy could actually beat Carl, he would eat the car!

“Brother Fei, this person couldn’t be Boss, right? His skills are terrible, unlike Boss.”

The brothers of the Street Racers Gang were also stunned. Cao Toufei wanted to say a few words, but nothing came out of his mouth as he helplessly stared at the car.

Perhaps the calmest person in the field was Su Qiubai. He was like a beginner, trying to explore and learn according to the car’s operating system’s prompts. As he lifted his head again, he had a glint of excitement in his eyes.

Hey grandson… Let Grandpa teach you how to drive!

With that thought, the Ferrari shot forward like a streak of black lightning before everyone’s eyes, disappearing at the end of the track.

After a moment of silence, the audience cheered. The speed of Ferrari was indeed unusual! Suddenly hope rekindled in everyone’s hearts.

Carl already knew about Su Qiubai’s situation at the starting point through the headset of his helmet. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

However, George’s voice suddenly sounded. “He’s coming!”

As he heard those words, Carl could already spot the other car from his rear mirror. Taking a deep breath, he immediately sped up and prepared to deal with whatever was coming next. However, he only felt a slight buffer from the airflow, and when he looked up again, the Ferrari was already in front of him.

Carl’s mouth was agape; he couldn’t react. He felt as if someone had just gunned him down while he was preparing to fistfight with them.

Before he could further comprehend the situation, the Ferrari had disappeared.

The scene where the two cars met was clearly captured by the on-site cameras. The information was instantly transmitted back to the display screen at starting point, the online live broadcast and the foreign broadcast platform. Everybody bore witness to the same scene.

The audience at the starting point didn’t think too much about it. Who cares how it overtook Carl’s car, as long as it was in the lead. In fact, it now has an obvious advantage!

The online comment section was about to explode.

“Who’s this person? Carl must be dumbfounded!”

“I don’t know who he is but he’s too pro!”

“How can anyone drive this fast? I’m going to buy a car like that tomorrow.”

“The commenter above me, you’re so funny. Come, I give you a Like…”


At that moment in Bei Du, in an ordinary ward, the pale faced Gu Qingtian was also staring at the TV screen. His eyes flickered when the Ferrari surpassed Carl.

Others might not notice due to the super-fast speed, but he knew what had actually happened when the two cars had met.

Carl had basically blocked all possibilities to overtake him, so according to common sense, the Ferrari should slow down after catching up. But it didn’t!

Just as the two cars were about to hit each other, the Ferrari suddenly started drifting on two wheels. And with a strange movement, it surpassed Carl from the side!

Is this the pro racer my sister mentioned? This man was indeed… not simple!


With that thought, Gu Qingtian chuckled. After all, the pro racer Su Qiubai was representing the Drivers’ League.

Fortunately, he didn’t know that Gu Qingmei had disappeared into another dimension because of Su Qiubai. If he knew, he’d surely pick a fight with him!

On the other side of the globe, in the United States, a lot of people were watching the race as well. Those people who initially had confidence in their country’s racer, fell silent.

They were all shocked by the overtaking scene. Only a few people could do such a thing!

At that moment, the Drivers’ League’s name was planted into many people’s mind.


Back to Su Qiubai, the race was a two-lap match. After surpassing Carl, he figured that the game was no longer meaningful.

Nobody can catch up with me, even rockets can’t!

Therefore, Su Qiubai relaxed and began to slowly study the navigation system’s upgrades. The most obvious change was the eye-catching red button! And the system test notice below it!

Su Qiubai felt nervous and hesitant. That system test … What is it anyway?

Out of fear and worry about the unknown, he was very cautious. However, if he didn’t do the test, he had no way of upgrading his driver’s license. And in that case… Gu Qingmei would never be able to come back! Therefore, Su Qiubai was stuck desperately struggling in dilemma. Should I do it?


As he pondered, the Ferrari slowed down.

The audience felt strange and tense to see such a scene.

Darn it, you’re only a few hundred meters away from the end line, why are you slowing down?!

Is there a malfunction?

However, not knowing what the other people were thinking, Su Qiubai actually stopped the car.

That’s right, only a few hundred meters away from the finish line, that unknown gentleman stopped the car!

After a brief silence, the cameras captured what the person was doing: he actually took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket. But as he tried to smoke, he realized that he was wearing a helmet and kept it back inside!

The heck… Everyone felt like they were suffocating!

Mister, who says you can smoke? Don’t you know that the game isn’t over yet? Were you really going to smoke if you hadn’t been wearing a helmet?

No one knew how nervous Su Qiubai was. He liked to smoke to calm himself down when he was frustrated, especially now that cold sweats were rolling out.

Carl thought that he had no chance to win at all, but after hearing from George through his headset that Su Qiubai had stopped; he immediately got excited!

Sure enough, turning the last corner, he spotted the Ferrari parked by the roadside.

At the same time Su Qiubai had also made up his mind to take the test. He just had to press the button.

As for the race, this guy had forgotten all about it!

Carl had already started counting down.

In just three seconds, he would surpass Su Qiubai and reach the finish line.

Three, two, one…

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