Chapter 63: The Test Begins

In a flash, Carl felt slightly blur, then he snorted and laughed before planning to step on the brakes!

Eh… Where are the brakes?

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Having this thought, he leaned back and found himself in a puddle of muddy water. When he looked up again, he spotted a naked man not far away with a spear in his hand; his face was painted with bright colours and he was staring at Carl, motionless.

What is this?

Carl was instantly stunned…

At the competition venue, the atmosphere was also strangely quiet because Carl’s car actually didn’t drive to the finish line; instead, it actually stopped next to Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel..

Su Qiubai, on the other hand, didn’t care much about the game. He was feeling odd because he had obviously started the test, but nothing happened.

If Carl heard him say that, he would definitely scold Su Qiubai.

Darn it… Why is it that you’re taking the test but I’m the one affected by it?

After waiting for a long time but to no avail, Su Qiubai had no choice but to drive to the finish line. The audience let out cheers as they watched the Ferrari enter the tunnel. Everyone was slightly confused throughout the whole game, but… Who cares, as long as we are winning!

Nobody was aware that Carl was gone until George ran into the arena! However, George thought that Carl must’ve fled due to being worried about his punishment. What George didn’t know was… at that moment, Carl was crying his eyes out as his clothes were being stripped off his body.

Su Qiubai returned the Ferrari to the Drivers’ League and left right away in his taxi. Until that moment, no one knew who the driver participating in the race was except those few people.

Along the way, Su Qiubai had a bad feeling about the examination system.

I’m sure that something must’ve happened when I started the test, but… what is it?

The answer was finally revealed when he had almost arrived at the hospital. In fact, he received a call from the Drivers’ League asking if he had seen Carl. Su Qiubai was dumbstruck by the question; even the caller was also confused. He couldn’t understand why George had asked them this question.

Your driver disappeared and you’re asking us if we saw him?

Instinctively, Su Qiubai said no but after hanging up the phone, he immediately stepped on the brakes.

Carl’s gone!

He quickly checked the system for any error message. From Gu Qingmei’s disappearance, he knew that the system would record any error. After opening it, he was speechless.

There was indeed a latest message updated.

Due to the instability of the space-time channel when the test system was turned on last time: Carl?

It was the question mark again! But this kind of person… Who cares, just let him be gone.

However, just as Su Qiubai exited the system, the button of the test system flashed red.

“The error had been fixed. The test has officially started! The first task: in the given time, find five people who have wrongly come into this space-time zone.”

That was all.

Su Qiubai was astounded. He initially thought that the test would be complicated but it turned out to be almost the same as his usual tasks!

He instantly relaxed a lot because five red dots instantly appeared on the navigation interface. So all he had to do was to go to the five locations and send the people back, then the test would be completed!

Next, he spotted the lit up timer.

Ten days. He must complete his tasks within ten days!

The old driver gasped. Then, the taxi started roaring forward!

What he didn’t expect was that… the mission was freaking tough!


Just when Su Qiubai’s test officially started, a man in a robe embroidered with a dragon pattern suddenly appeared in a small restaurant by the riverside. His appearance definitely attracted several side glances as he took a seat.


The man in embroidered robe with the dragon designs looked around and shouted at the waiter.

A waiter, who was nibbling some melon seeds, thought that he was an actor and didn’t understand where he had come from. Don’t you have to return your props after filming?

With that thought, he walked over to the man.

“This is the menu. Just pick what you want to eat.” Putting the menu on the table, the waiter took out a pen and got ready to jot down the order.

“Give me a full feast!”

The man took a look at the menu and ordered directly.

The other customers in the restaurant looked at each other. Is he crazy? Full feast?

“Are you kidding me?” The waiter was taken aback for a moment before replying with a question.

“Full feast. I’m in a good mood today; quickly inform the imperial kitchen to prepare the dishes.” The man impatiently glared at the waiter as he spoke in a somewhat angry tone.

Only then did the waiter understand what the person had just ordered. He couldn’t help but rolled his eyes.

Full feast? We can do it but you must also be able to finish everything!

“We don’t have……”

The waiter had concluded that the man was either there to cause trouble or that he was crazy, so without any hesitation, the waiter rejected the order.

The man frowned, lifting his head to look at the waiter.

“Who are you? Where’s Wu Gonggong? Let him come to see me… You’re just a eunuch but you actually have a beard! I assume that you’re not cleansed! And yet you dare to serve me, are you asking to be punished?”

[TLN: Gonggong is a eunuch in the old days]

The waiter was originally thinking of how to get rid of the guy. However, he actually heard the man call him a eunuch!

He even said that I didn’t cleanse myself… What nonsense is this! Why not you cleanse yourself too!

“Oh, the emperor, you’re not done with your film? The Qing dynasty is already dead. Who are you trying to fool?”

The waiter coldly snorted. Then, he forced himself to calm down as he would surely be in trouble if he started a quarrel.

“What are you talking about! The Qing Dynasty is dead? Impossible! I just came back from morning assembly!”

Caught in a moment of surprise, he man was shocked. He immediately stood up from the chair. Both of his hands grabbed hold of the waiter’s clothes, causing him to be unable to move at all. All of a sudden, there was a commotion in the restaurant. The man, whom the customers felt something was wrong with, had actually started to fight!

However, no one dared to stop the fight. The man in embroidered robe with the dragon designs was obviously crazy. The first thing he said as soon as he entered the restaurant was that he wanted to eat a full feast, and then he actually started a fight after hearing that the Qing Dynasty was dead. It was too dangerous to interrupt the fight.

The waiter was the most nervous one. He tried to break free from the man’s hands, but his grip was too strong. The waiter couldn’t escape and he was also almost out of breath.

The boss of the shop was finally alerted; he quickly rushed towards the commotion.

When he saw the situation, he tried to help the waiter but he was pushed away.

“This idiot actually dared to say that the Qing Dynasty is dead! I want to kill his whole family tree!”

The man in robe was really furious; his eyes were wide open.

The boss was stock-still. Looking at the man’s dragon pattern embroidered robe and listening to what he had just said, the boss instantly understood that the man was crazy!

While fishing out his mobile phone to call the police, the boss thought of ways to save the red-faced waiter. It will be a serious matter if he suffocates and dies!

“Your Majesty, please calm down. This slave is stupid, Your Majesty shouldn’t be angry… If I may, may I know what Your Majesty’s name is?”

The boss carefully approached the man while pretending to be talking to a king. He felt like an idiot but he had no choice! The first step to communicating with a mad man was to get into his world.

“My name is Aixinjueluo Hong Li!”

[TLN: Aixinjueluo Hong Li, known as the Emperor Qianlong was the sixth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, and the fourth Qing emperor to rule over China proper. His name is also Hong Li.]

It seemed that the boss was quite understandable, so the man was slightly relieved, but he still had no intention to release the waiter.

The boss and other customers were confused. Who is Aixinjueluo Hong Li?!

But right away, someone searched it up on their phone.

“Qian Long! He’s Qian Long!”

Everyone knew that the boss was planning to communicate with the madman, so they immediately shouted to the boss after finding out the man’s identity.

The boss wiped the sweat off his forehead upon hearing that. He had watched shows on TV about the Kangxi Dynasty, the Yongzheng Dynasty, but he hadn’t watched anything about the Qianlong Dynasty!

What should I do?

He hesitated before taking another step forward.

“Your Majesty, do you want me to find a concubine for you? Just put this person down first, then we can kill him and his whole family tree later!”

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The waiter was confused with the boss’ words. But he didn’t have the mood to care about that. He just wanted to get rid of the crazy man first.

Upon hearing his words, Emperor Qianlong relaxed and let go of the waiter.

It was at this time that the boss and several others rushed forward and tried to subdue him. However, all of them were kicked away in seconds.

“You dare to trick me!” Emperor Qianlong shouted loudly in total displeasure!

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