Chapter 61: She Got Kidnapped [REUPLOAD]

Without hesitation, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. instinctively pushed Gu Qingmei down as he lowered his head.

The next second, the sound of shattering glass could be heard. However, that wasn’t the important part… The point was that the navigation system had finally started up!

“Navigation initiating. External pressure is too high… Warning, there’s a problem… Returning to normal operation!”

Hearing the last four words, Su Qiubai lifted his head; outside the window, the killer with the gun was gone.

He breathed a sigh of relief, but the next second… Where’s Gu Qingmei?! Darn it… She was right beside me earlier. Where is she now?

Sitting up blankly, Su Qiubai didn’t understand what had happened. He only felt as if someone had hit him on the head.

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What kind of game is this?

Soon enough… He remembered the warning he had heard from the navigation system earlier, the one that said there was a problem!

Is that the reason for Gu Qingmei’s disappearance?

The more Su Qiubai thought about it, the higher the chances seemed. He then happened to see an error message on the system interface. He hurriedly checked it out and was immediately dumbfounded.

The message was very clear. Due to the problem from earlier, the space-time channel had opened by itself… and transported Gu Qingmei somewhere else! Staring at the question mark, the old driver had a bad feeling!

Darn system, you made a mistake and sent someone to a place you don’t even know. Now all you’re giving me is a question mark?

Ask yourself!

His heart burst into flames as he became anxious… Such an innocent lady, and yet I’ve lost her. What should I do?

He didn’t bother about the killer that had apparently ran away. The most important thing now was to get Gu Qingmei back as soon as possible. Thankfully, he had learned from the error message that although Gu Qingmei had been transported to an unknown place, she would be safe under the protection of the system. And to rescue her, Su Qiubai must first pass the driver’s license test and obtain the D-license.

According to the system, he would receive a lot of new features with a D-license… Wow, new features!

So Su Qiubai had no other option. He could only upgrade his driver’s license as soon as possible in order rescue her despite the guilt he felt over leaving her there. But as soon as he looked up, he noticed the broken glass from the window and a bullet on his seat.

His eyes shone with a glimmer of determination, Su Qiubai muttered, “Gu Qingmei, before I die, I’ll avenge you and help you fulfill your last wish!”

If Gu Qingmei knew what Su Qiubai had said, she would definitely start swearing!

The heck… I’m not dead yet! Besides, it’s obvious that you’re the one who sent me away!


However, Gu Qingmei certainly wouldn’t know this; she didn’t even know where she was…

Just then, Cao Toufei came running over. He was quite a distance from the taxi earlier, and so hadn’t noticed the killer. The pistol must’ve been silenced anyway.

He originally thought that Su Qiubai and Gu Qingmei must’ve been done with their conversation, but as he came closer to the window…

What the heck! Where’s Gu Qingmei? Why is the window broken?


“Boss… You’re here alone? Where’s Gu Qingmei?”

Cao Toufei initially planned to pretend that he didn’t know about the meeting. However the site in front of him was too bizarre, so he didn’t hold back.

“She… was kidnapped. I’m not sure.”

After innocently explained to Cao Toufei, Su Qiubai nervously got off the car, and carefully looked around. He didn’t see the killer anywhere around. He should have left.

It seemed that the situation was just as he had guessed. The attempt was connected to the assassination that Gu Qingtian and his magnates had encountered before, all of which were a part of the conspiracy against the Drivers’ League.

But now that Gu Qingmei had disappeared, they would most probably give up.

However, for the sake of safety, Su Qiubai intended to not go to Xiao Xiao’s ward. He stuffed the sugar-roasted chestnuts and the other snacks from the trunk into Cao Toufei’s hands.

“You go up and put these in Xiao Xiao’s ward, tell her that I have to do something. I’ll be back when I’m done.”

Cao Toufei was still wondering how he had lost sight of Gu Qingmei when he was looking at them from the door? But now, there was a pile of food that had ended up in his arms.

Su Qiubai had already started up the taxi and was about to leave.

“Boss, where are you going? Have you agreed to join the game tomorrow?”

Unfortunately, Cao Toufei was ignored. He stood on the spot, staring at the taxi as it drove away.

After driving away from the hospital, Su Qiubai became firm. A flash of determination flaring in his eyes!

“These foreign devils are indeed too much. They’re actually arrogant and murderous. You guys want to stop the Drivers’ League from entering the international arena, right? Well, I won’t let it happen! Since you want to play… I’ll play with you!”

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The taxi quickly disappeared into the middle of the night.


Inside a luxurious villa, Carl sat on a sofa holding a glass of red wine. The news had just came in: The lady was also settled. The Drivers’ League was completely finished!

No one would be able to fight in the game tomorrow. No one could beat me!

With that thought, Carl couldn’t help but felt a little pity. After all, a beautiful lady like Gu Qingmei was a real temptation to any man. But in order for the organization’s plan to succeed, he could only restrain himself! He clearly understood the purpose of tomorrow’s game. In a sense, for his own organization… this was the first step in order to achieve his greatest goal ever!

And so, an uneventful night went past.

Early the next morning, it was already crowded outside of the Drivers’ League. There were even a lot of drivers and enthusiasts who had come all the way from other countries.

The rumors online was getting more and more intense. In particular, after Carl’s words during the press conference were broadcasted, a lot people who seldom left any comments, calmly expressed their anger in the comment section.

For example: Screw you, you stupid idiot…

As for why they wouldn’t personally race against Carl…

The heck. A big country like us, do I need to personally come to handle you jumping crown? You just wait… No country in the world had ever been able to compete with us in being hidden dragons and tigers!

We will never lack heroes!

Therefore, more and more people had come to support the race. On the competition day itself, more than half of the top ten trending searches were all about the game.

Cao Toufei had also long led his brothers to find a good spot.

“Brother Fei, is Boss joining the race?”

Someone questioned Cao Toufei at the top of his lungs.

“I don’t know either. I asked him yesterday but he ignored me. He drove away and turned off his phone.”

Cao Toufei twitched his lips. He still didn’t know whether or not Su Qiubai would participate today.

At another place behind the stands, a long-legged girl in cowboy jeans and high-heeled boots, was wearing her cap. A couple of girls stood next to her as they looked at the race tracks.

“Cheng Ya, the driver you mentioned… Is he really good?”

The one who asked was a chubby girl. Her family was one of the riches in Dong Hai.

“Yeah, I’m only here to watch the game but now I want to see the driver as well, seeing as Cheng Ya said he’s so good.” Another girl sneakily said.

Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter. didn’t speak. The corner of her lips rose. The reason why she came was because those friends of hers invited her to have some fun after just recovering from her illness. However, in her opinion, after witnessing Su Qiubai’s superior driving skill, she had lost all interest in any other competition.

Besides, there were more and more people entering the field. Some of the audience had even voluntarily put up banners, all of which had writings that were related with raising the pride of China. Some of them were even loudly blowing little trumpets and screaming!

Carl, who had already prepared himself, sneered when he saw the scene.

He was quite curious about whether or not the Drivers’ League would announce that the game was cancelled because they had no one to participate.

Ah, that’d be interesting!

He then got into his car and slowly drove out onto the track.

After seeing his car, the audience started booing while searching at the rest of the track. Our players will be coming out soon!

Cao Toufei, the Street Racers Gang’s brothers, the nonchalant Gu Chengya and the local audience all stood up at that moment

There were over 10,000 audience on site, but everyone was suddenly quiet.

Even Carl, who had intended to spout some ridicule, was stunned, his words were stuck in his throat. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to speak, but that he was shocked!

Before his unbelieving eyes, a black Ferrari slowly drove out from another track!

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