Chapter 210: Star Stone and Life Fountain Technique

“If I don’t kill you, would your Heaven Fiend Sect let me off?” Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist scoffed, he laughed as though he was looking at an idiot.

One’s true nature would be inevitably revealed at the instant before their death.

A true warrior didn’t merely need a formidable ability, but also a formidable heart.

It was obvious that Xu Heishan wasn’t a true warrior.

He was a weakling that used his status to abuse others.

“If you kill me, you would truly offend the Heaven Fiend Sect. I hope you don’t make this mistake.” Xu Heishan was severely injured. That weapon shard was extremely powerful and if he guessed it right, it should be an earth class weapon shard and it wasn’t any ordinary one either.

At the brink of death, Xu Heishan’s only way out was to threaten Li Fuchen.

“Even if you lay out everything, you still cannot escape death.” Li Fuchen walked towards Xu Heishan step by step.

“Li Fuchen, once you kill me. Neither the heavens or the earth can save you. My Heaven Fiend Sect will eradicate your entire clan!” Xu Heishan clenched his teeth, retreating step by step.

“With death right before you, and you still dare to threaten me.”

If Xu Heishan wasn’t injured, Li Fuchen would indeed be inferior by quite a bit. But now that Xu Heishan was injured, Li Fuchen had nothing to fear. Executing the Starfire Sword Style, he released a whole bunch of starfire.


Xu Heishan spun the metal rod in his hands and the spiked ball which was connected by a chain began its high speed rotations. Like a huge windmill, it blocked all the starfire.

Pfff! Pfff!

Due to his injuries, Xu Heishan’s defenses wasn’t as compact anymore, two of the starfires passed through his defenses.

In an instant, Xu Heishan’s abdomen and left shoulder each received a fist sized charred blood wound.

“Li Fuchen, please don’t kill me. I know that I am in the wrong. I swear I will never go against you ever again.”

Xu Heishan was petrified. He hadn’t lived long enough and he had a great future ahead. But once he was dead, he would have nothing.

Li Fuchen’s eyes were icy cold, each sword move was much more ruthless than the one before.

Pfff, pfff, pfff, pfff!

Fist sized charred wounds began to appear all over Xu Heishan’s body.

“Li Fuchen, I curse that you will die in a horrible way!” Finally when his life essence dissipated, Xu Heishan was desperate and let out a roar of resentment.

Returning the sword into its sheath, Li Fuchen gradually exhaled a breath.

The road towards the martial dao was filled with hardships and slaughter.

No one could have a smooth sailing journey towards the summit of the martial dao.

There would be plenty of such killings.

And it would only increase.

But Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid.

Reaching his hand out, he drew Xu Heishan’s storage back into his hands.

Pouring his qi in, he opened the storage bag. There were a few gold cards, plenty of pills, and a crystal stone which was emitting a starlight.

“This stone?”

Li Fuchen searched through his memories.

Soon enough, a name appeared.

Star stone. The key to enter the Star Road Hidden Domain.

It was rumored that the star stones fell from the heaven.

Every meteor shower that occured within the Hundred Battle region could possibly have one or several star stones falling from above.

Martial artists of the Hundred Battle region would occasionally pick up a star stone. As the star stone could only be used by Earth Realm martial artists below the age of 35, these people who found the star stone would put them up for auction. It would always be sold at a value of several hundreds of thousands gold coins or even millions, giving them an overnight mountain of wealth.

“This Xu Heishan is quite lucky to have obtained this star stone. A pity that he had luck but no fate. Everything was in vain.”

Li Fuchen had never entered the Star Road Hidden Domain before. He intended to explore it once this tomb exploration was completed.

Putting aside the storage bag, Li Fuchen shot his sights at the entrance of the room.

Without a doubt, this entrance was also set up with a defense intent. If Xu Heishan hadn’t put all of his concentration in breaking the defense intent, he wouldn’t have allowed Li Fuchen’s sneak attack to happen.

One hour later, Li Fuchen broke the defense intent and entered the room.

Just like the previous room Li Fuchen entered, this room had the same long table and in the center of it was a beast pelt scroll.

After opening it.

“Life Fountain Technique, 3 star secret technique. It can stimulate one’s life’s potential and instantly heal a portion of one’s injuries. Extremely domineering. Use it with caution.”

“It is actually a healing type secret technique?” Li Fuchen’s eyes had a flash of delight.

On the path of cultivation, it was inevitable to suffer some injuries. Minor wounds could be ignored, but some severe injuries would affect the condition of the martial artist. If one were to cultivate the Life Fountain Technique, the user could instantly heal a portion of his injuries. In certain aspects, its usefulness wasn’t inferior to a 4 or 5 star secret technique.

Of course, everything came with a price.

Everytime the Life Fountain Technique was activated, it would consume one’s life energy. Once the user’s life energy was depleted, one’s life span would also be at the end.

In short, the Life Fountain Technique used one’s life energy to recover one’s own injuries.

Even as it was, this 3 star secret technique was still invaluable.

If one was going to die, who cared about one’s life energy. As long as one remained alive, there would be countless possibilities.

“With this secret technique, it would be like having half an extra life.”

Li Fuchen cautiously kept the beast pelt scroll that was inscribed with the Life Fountain Technique.

What Li Fuchen didn’t know was that after he left, the dead Xu Heishan opened his eyes. Both his eyes were lifeless and had turned completely black while his pupils turned white, the opposite of human eyes.

Xu Heishan’s flesh squirmed, all the charred wounds began to fuse back together and after a short moment, it had completely recovered.

“Keke, it feels great to have a body. But this body is rather weak and needs some nourishment.”

Xu Heishan licked his lips with a tongue that was about half a foot long.


“Li Fuchen.”

When Li Fuchen arrived at this alley, he saw Fan Qianyu while she noticed him too.

“Still unable to break it?” Li Fuchen asked.

Fan Qianyu nodded, “This defense intent can only be worn down by my own martial arts intent. But my intents are too weak.”

“Let me assist you.” Li Fuchen drew his black gold sword and executed the Starfire Sword intent to assault the defense intent.

After some time, the defense intent was neutralized.

“Many thanks.” Fan Qianyu’s eyes brightened up. She had some feelings that this tomb didn’t belong to a Reincarnation Realm expert but should instead be the tomb of a Battle Spirit Realm martial artist.

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Items left in the tomb of a Battle Spirit Realm expert would definitely be great items.

“Go on in, I will wait here for you.” Li Fuchen said.

“Okay.” Fan Qianyu walked into the room.

After a moment, Fan Qianyu exited the room and waved the beast pelt scroll in her hands and said, “It’s a 3 star secret technique called Skin Nourishing Technique, it can help the practitioner maintain a youthful appearance.”

“Seems like this tomb owner knows much about health nourishment.” Li Fuchen laughed.

Primary Essence Technique, Life Fountain Technique, and Skin Nourishing Technique. All of them were related to health and life energy.

“What secret technique did you get?” Fan Qianyu asked.

Li Fuchen replied, “I got the mystic class mid-tier, Primary Essence Technique and a 3 star secret technique, Life Fountain Technique. The latter can instantly heal a portion of the injuries, but in exchange for some life energy. Once we get out, let’s all cultivate it together.”

The Life Fountain Technique might be invaluable, but there was no need to reason to take it all selfishly.

Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyi had an agreement that secret techniques would not be revealed to anyone else except the three of them them.

“Say, do you think the tomb might contain a 4 or 5 star secret technique?” Fan Qianyu asked.

Li Fuchen replied, “Perhaps! But this tomb is rather peculiar. It is best to remain cautious.”

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