Chapter 211: Blood Battle

The tomb was massive and to be able to meet Fan Qianyu was out of pure luck. For the next two hours, the both of them didn’t meet anyone else and neither did they find any rooms.

As they went deeper into the tombs they had completely lost their sense of direction.

They could only follow their instinct.

After another two hours, the duo finally met someone.

A pity that it was someone they didn’t want to meet the most.

This looked like the centrum of the tomb, it branched out to various tunnels and took up a huge space of around a hundred meters in diameter. In one of the connecting tunnels, Fu Chongshan and Li Wuxue walked out slowly.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, I have got to admit. You have quite the bad luck. You have been constantly bumping into me. It seems even the heavens wants you dead.” Li Wuxue sneered as he took out a small blood flag that had blood color waves oscillating.

Li Fuchen replied, “It is still uncertain who will emerge victorious. Perhaps the ones dead will be the both of you.”

“You dare to boast?! Even if you have numerous artifacts you will not be able to escape death today.” Fu Chongshan glared at Li Fuchen like a dead man.

In his eyes, Li Fuchen was already a dead person.

If Fan Qiansong was here, there might be some random odds. But if it was just Li Fuchen, nothing was going to happen.

“Fu Chongshan, I shall leave Li Fuchen to you. Leave Fan Qianyu to me.” Li Wuxue was rather smart. He did have a plethora of precious artifacts but his base ability wasn’t competent enough so he couldn’t bring out the full potential of those artifacts. He wasn’t certain if he could deal with Li Fuchen, but knew he was sufficient to deal with Fan Qianyu.

“Don’t worry. I only need ten blades.” Fu Chongshan replied confidently.

In fact, if Li Fuchen didn’t have any artifacts, he would just need three blades to eliminate Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen sent a hidden message to Fan Qianyu, “You should leave first.”

He didn’t wish for Fan Qianyu to be in danger and he should carry his own burdens. After all, Fan Qianyi wasn’t Fan Qiansong, there was a rather big discrepancy in abilities. If something were to happen, how would he justify it to Fan Qiansong.

Fan Qianyi shook her head, “A life and death battle is just a tempering opportunity for me. Besides, I have some artifacts too and might be able to deal with Li Wuxue.”

She was at the fourth level of the Earth Realm, while Li Wuxue was at the third level of the Earth Realm. If she fled without a fight, what was she cultivating all this time for?

“Then be careful.”

Li Fuchen didn’t try to convince her anymore because Fu Chongshan and Li Wuxue were about to make their move. If he was to continue convincing, it would only disrupt their pace.

“En.” Fan Qiangyu nodded as a pair of crescent moon knives appeared in her hands.

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Li Wuxue took the initiative to advance towards Fan Qianyu. In his hands was a blood colored flag that was shaking, a boundless blood qi surged towards Fan Qianyu like a waterfall.

This blood colored flag was apparently a special weapon that could help increase a martial artist’s ability by a large margin. It increased Li Wuxue’s ability much more than any other weapon. This blood colored flag was obviously of a high-tier, it was at least of a mystic class high-tier rank.


Fan Qianyu’s arms danced around with the crescent moon knives. Her entire surroundings werefilled with dancing light blades which sliced at the blood qi.

“I advise you to surrender yourself and I shall leave you a complete corpse, if not you might not even have a complete corpse left later.” Not even looking a Li Wuxue and Fan Qianyu, Fu Chongshan spoke coldy to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen asked in reply, “Do you think that is possible?”

As he spoke, Li Fuchen suddenly activated the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique. The True Inferno qi was transmuted into a magma like Mystical Dragon qi.

“Die!” Fu Chongshan cleaved at Li Fuchen.

This cleave was extremely fast and ruthless, as if it could cleave apart the void.


The fine shards on the ground flew all around as Fu Chongshan’s sabre missed its target.

“Eh!?” Fu Chongshan could feel that Li Fuchen’s speed was obviously much faster than when he fought against Xu Heishan back in the Dense Fog City.

“Light body technique intent and leg arts intent.” Fu Chongshan frowned.

With two intents stacked together, his speed and agility didn’t just increase by a small margin, but it was at least by two fold.

With both the Wind Shadow Steps circulating and Shadowless Legs executed, the current Li Fuchen had no difference to a phantom.

Whether it was on the ground, walls, or ceiling, it was just like flat ground to Li Fuchen he was without any hindrance or delay.

As the Wind Shadow intent and Shadowless Leg intent were combined, Li Fuchen had completely ignored the existence of any weight.

Due to Fu Chongshan’s overwhelming strength, Li Fuchen had to forsake the True Inferno Technique. There was no chance to win if he was to go head on. Hence, why not take some risk and circulate the Wind Shadow Steps instead, to increase his speed and nimble maneuvers. 

He believed that in a short period of time, he wouldn’t be hit by his opponent’s sabre.

“I am not Xu Heishan. If you think I do not have methods to deal with the current you, then you are so wrong.”

Fu Chongshan’s body didn’t move an inch. He increased the sensitivity of his ears and eyes, using them to the limits in order to sense Li Fuchen’s movement trajectories.

“Right here!”

Fu Chongshan cleaved towards the void.

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In that void, a figure appeared, but very quickly flew backwards in mid air to evade the cleave.

Swish, swosh, swish, swosh…

Fu Chongshan consecutively cleaved at nothing for more than ten blades. Every blade was aimed right at the Li Fuchen’s movement trajectory, but Li Fuchen had an insane reaction. Which could always detect Fu Chongshan’s sabre trajectory in advance.

“Ten blades has passed.” Li Fuchen’s voice could be heard in all directions.

“Humph!” Fu Chongshan snorted and didn’t look satisfied.

“Heaven’s Net Stance!”

Fu Chongshan used his killer move. With the execution of the sabre move, the void was filled with sabre lights like a dense net which locked down the omnidirectional Li Fuchen.

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s senses were utilized to the extremity. His body shifted horizontally, twisted, and folded. Within an instant, his body would at least execute about eight maneuvers.

Pitter, patter!

The sabre net sliced up the entire surface of the ground, but Li Fuchen remained damage free.

“Impossible?” Fu Chongshan was shocked.

He had never seen anyone who could completely dodge his Heaven’s Net Stance. Even if there was someone who could, it shouldn’t be Li Fuchen, but a expert who was at Su Muyu’s class.

Li Fuchen’s eyes were bright. Fu Chongshan’s Heaven’s Net Stance seemed to be flawless, but in actual fact, the sabre lights came one after another and wasn’t launched in unison. Had it been executed in an entire single motion, he would truly have had no way to dodge it.

“Right now!” Li Fuchen’s eyes were bursting with murderous intent. His hand was suddenly equipped with a crossbow and it was loaded with a Devil Break Arrow. Pouring his qi into the crossbow, a twang could be heard as the Devil Break Arrow shot out.

“This is bad.” Fu Chongshan’s hairs were raised.

There were pros and cons when executing a killer move. He needed time to store the strength required and also required time for qi to return. Before his qi returned, his movement speed would inevitably be slightly slower.


Knowing that he had no time to use his sabre to block, Fu Chongshan thickened the qi protection on his body. Now that it was at least one foot thick, it was like a stockpiled qi wall, trying to block the approaching Devil Break Arrow.


The Devil Break Arrow was made to penetrate qi protections. A single arrow was enough to pierce through Fu Chongshan’s qi protection and penetrate deep into Fu Chongshan’s body, causing fresh blood to spurt all around.

“Li Fuchen, I want you dead!” Fu Chongshan wailed miserably and once again shrouded Li Fuchen with countless sabre lights.

“That was quite a good result.” Li Fuchen swiftly began to evade with lightning speed.

The reason why Li Fuchen didn’t make use of the earth class weapon shard was that he hadn’t completely grasped the abilities of the weapon shard. But the Devil Break Arrow was different, as long as he found the flaw of his enemy, a single arrow would definitely pierce through their qi protection nine out of ten times.


Suddenly, a sabre light flew across. Its speed was just like the speeding light.

Li Fuchen tried his best to evade but was ultimately still scratched by the sabre light, causing his left chest to bleed.

Casting his sights on Fu Chongshan again, Fu Chongshan’s qi presence had now reached another new peak.

It was apparent that Li Fuchen’s enemy had activated a secret technique.

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