Chapter 27 – Rank 2 Qigong Master

Very soon, the group of Metahumans walked towards Yang Tian and gang.

“Boss, they are coming here.”

Lee Si Kai silently gripped the Tang Saber and prepared himself for battle.


The wooden door of the classroom was kicked open, and seven Metahumans walked in.

All of them were Rank 1 Metahumans.

“So you are the ones who are causing trouble in our school?”

The one leading was a bald student, he spoke in an unfriendly tone.

“You are causing me a bad mood.”

Yang Tian coldly replied.


Before the Bald Student could complete his sentence, a Scimitar flew towards him. Fortunately, the Metahuman beside him managed to push him down in time, helping him to avoid the danger.

“Dang Clang”

The Scimitar fell onto the ground after hitting the wall.

“Damn you, act now.”

The Bald Student shouted, but Yang Tian and the rest acted even faster than them. Before he could react, Mo Kai’s bear paw had already struck towards his head.

This time, no one was able to save him, he could only try his best to move his body to avoid the attack from landing on his head.


His shoulder took the blow for his head, but this strike possessed the focused power of Mo Kai so the Bald Student flew backward from the shock and hit the wall. Both his shoulders were dislocated due to the impact.

The situation of the other Metahumans was similar to the Bald Student as well, they were attacked by Yang Tian’s party before they could react and turned into captives in just a few minutes.

“Just fight if you want, why bother screaming blindly.”

Hu Jun looked at him with a face full of disdain, dealing with them was much easier than dealing with insects or mutated beasts. They were all a bunch of weaklings, he wondered how they managed to find so much food.

“Don’t be cocky, there are only so few of you, do you know how many people we have in this school? Just wait and get ready to suffer.”

“Oh? So what?”

Yang Tian walked to the front, to the Bald Student, his tone still as icy as before.

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Earlier, the Bald Student still dared to look at Yang Tian directly. However, now that he has become a captive, he felt great fear when he looked at Yang Tian’s eyes.

“Ah… ahhhh ahhhh”

The Bald Student screamed as Yang Tian used his size forty-three shoe to kick the crotch of the Bald Student, causing his white pants to tinge red.

“You, get over here. Get the person in charge to come here.”

Yang Tian pointed at a Metahuman. Seeing the terrible state of the Bald Student, the Metahuman felt relief and instantly left the place using his quickest speed.

When the remaining five Metahumans saw the pain on the Bald Student, they closed their legs tightly, not daring to relax them.

“F***, Boss is truly vicious.”

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Hu Jun softly mumbled to Mo Kai.

“Si Kai, do you want to try kicking as well?”

Seeing that Mo Kai was ignoring him, he went to Lee Si Kai’s side instead. Especially when considering the powerful legs of Lee Si Kai, Hu Jun could not help but develop evil thoughts.

“Get lost.”

“Che, you guys are so boring.”

Hu Jun waved his hand in boredom.

After five minutes, nine more Metahumans arrived, this was likely all the Metahumans in this place. Including the six previously, there was a total of fifteen Metahumans. It was considered not bad for a school to produce fifteen Metahumans.

The Metahuman that led them this time was also the only Rank 2 Metahuman amongst them. Just from the energy he was emitting, one would be able to sense that he was different from the rest of them.

“They are the ones that held Li Rui captive.”

The one who spoke was the Metahuman that Yang Tian ordered to act as a messenger. Now that he has more backup, the person’s tone has become much less servile.

“Friend, I hope you can release my classmates. I do not plan to make things difficult for you.”

Unfortunately, what replied him was the cold glare of Yang Tian. Since Yang Tian was not talking, Hu Jun and the rest also remained silent.

“Friend, you…”

“Rank 2 Qigong Master, not a bad ability.”

The body of a Qigong Master was different from other Metahumans. When they awakened their ability, their circulatory system would also experience a transformation and become unique.

Qigong Masters can absorb energy crystals with the aid of their circulatory system. Moreover, the amount of energy crystals they require is much lesser than other Metahumans. This was also why this person was able to reach Rank 2 when it has only been three days since the Apocalypse.

“How did you know?”

This was not much of a secret, but it was still shocking to hear it from Yang Tian as they have never met before.

“Your subordinates exposed you.”

The body of a Qigong Master is different from ordinary people, a person would be able to discover the difference quickly if they observe in detail.

“Let’s cut the chatter, I think we should solve the problem that is in front of us. Release my classmates, and I will treat it as though nothing has happened between us.”

“Oh? How are you qualified to discuss terms with me?”

“I will let you see if I am qualified or not.”

The close combat abilities of a Qigong Master was also powerful, at least, it was impossible for Hu Jun and the rest to fight against a Rank 2 Qigong Master.

“Kill the other students, I want to see if his ability is stronger or if our hands are quicker.”

The moment when Yang Tian gave the order, the Mutated Pig had appeared in their vision. Yang Tian had gotten the Mutated Pig to hide earlier on, only until now, did it appeared in front of everyone.


Yang Tian gave an order to the Mutated Pig, it growled before charging towards the group of students.

The school’s Metahumans were all gathered together, and no one possessed the ability to stop the charging of the Mutated Pig.

“What are you guys still standing there for?”

It was because Hu Jun and the rest were really startled by Yang Tian’s order. However, they chose to target the students who were Metahumans instead of ordinary students.

“Wait… wait!”

It was apparent that the Rank 2 Qigong Master was frightened by the appearance of the Mutated Pig, if a mutated beast of such size were to hit the group of students, there would surely be casualties. This was something he did not wants to see.

“Who do you think you are?”

Yang Tian said in disdain. However, there was no delay in his actions as he circled behind the Rank 2 Qigong Master and charged towards the group of students with the Mutated Pig.

Yang Tian was far from a good person, towards his enemies, he would never display kindness towards his enemies. These group of students is your soft spot? Then I will viciously strike you at your weak spot.


The speed of the Rank 2 Qigong Master was still faster than Yang Tian, but he needs to stop in front of the Mutated Pig to prevent heavy casualties.

“If you don’t tell it to stop, then don’t blame me for killing it.”

The Rank 2 Qigong Master spoke when he reached Yang Tian’s side and pointed at the Mutated Pig, but Yang Tian could not be bothered with his threat.

“Oh? You can always try.”

“After I get rid of it, just wait and see how I am going to teach you a lesson.”

The Rank 2 Qigong Master instantly shot past Yang Tian, but he did not notice the faint curl of Yang Tian’s lips.

I was waiting for you to do that.

When the Rank 2 Qigong Master was focusing all his attention on the Mutated Pig, he had failed to notice that he had also exposed his unguarded back at Yang Tian.

Yang Tian held an Exploding Fruit in his hand.

In a frontal attack, a Rank 1 Exploding Fruit would not be able to deal much damage to a Rank 2 Qigong Master, but the situation was different now.

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Never trust your back to Yang Tian if you pissed him off.
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