Chapter 28 – Xu Dafu


A huge explosion struck the back of the Rank 2 Qigong Master.


He had not expected that Yang Tian would attack him from behind, vomiting blood as the explosion caused him to roll towards a corner.


Yang Tian ordered the charging Mutated Pig to stop before he turned and addressed the Rank 2 Qigong Master currently on the floor:

“Now, we can talk about the conditions.”


The Rank 2 Qigong Master replied with great difficulty.

“What is your name?”

“Zheng Yong”

Due to the explosion, the battle on the other side of the classroom had also stopped. Eight Metahumans were fighting against Hu Jun and his party of four people in total, it was a disadvantageous fight of two versus one that led to many injuries on their bodies.

“Boss, why are you…”

Hu Jun was the first to arrive beside Yang Tian, but what Yang Tian gave him was a slap. It was the same for Mo Kai, Lee Si Kai and Xiao Mei Yi who came later.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa”

“This is the last time. If all of you continue to disobey my order, then I will not be polite as well.”

Yang Tian had ordered them to attack the student group and not the Metahumans, yet they targeted the Metahumans and nearly spoiled his plan.

“Yang Tian, just let it go!”

Guan Qing Xue and Zhu Xiao Ruo came down from the Mutated Pig’s back. Seeing that Yang Tian had struck Hu Jun and the rest, she spoke out to persuade him.

“This is the last time, I hope all of you can remember this.”

Guan Qing Xue did not dare to speak anymore when she saw the cold gaze of Yang Tian.

Hu Jun and the other three lowered their heads in silence, they understood Yang Tian’s order clearly, but they were unable to attack the students. That was why they attacked the Metahumans and tried to muddle their way with the order, but they did not expect that it would cause Yang Tian to be that furious.

“Where is your food?”

“They are all there, but I hope you can leave some behind for us.”

Zheng Yong pleaded, but Yang Tian could not be bothered about his request.

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“Take out all your food.”


Hu Jun was the first to act, the group of students did not dare to disobey Hu Jun and passed all their food to him. Hu Jun placed the food collected in front of Yang Tian.

“That’s all?”

“The harvest this time is considered not bad, we had eaten all the food we found every time.”

“Tie them up first.”

A total of fifteen Metahumans were tied up, there were some who tried to resist in between, but had their body stabbed by the fangs of the Mutated Pig. Whether they could survive or not will have to depend on their luck.

“Boss, I know what I should do now.”

Hu Jun suddenly spoke. His next action caused Yang Tian’s face to darken.

“Ah… ahhh ahhh”

Hu Jun kicked the crotch of one of the Metahumans. The Metahumans who had witnessed the incident earlier on had prepared themselves long ago by avoiding, but this one did not know what had happened. Hu Jun gave all of them a lesson.

“You… you.”

“What? Do you believe I will do the same to you?”

The Metahuman shut his mouth immediately after the threat, this was a pain that men would forever want to avoid and one that they cannot endure.

“Not bad.”

The warning has been given, he believed that they would remember it.

Hearing Yang Tian complimenting Hu Jun, Mo Kai and Lee Si Kai were starting to consider if they should give a kick as well. When the Metahumans sensed the gazes of Mo Kai and Lee Si Kai, they immediately closed their legs.

Of the fifteen Metahumans, there were ten Beastman, four Elemental Mages and Zheng Yong, the Rank 2 Qigong Master. However, the only one who could really pose a threat was Zheng Yong, the rest of the Metahumans did not have enough power to do so.

Being Beastman as well, Mo Kai and Lee Si Kai could have easily defeated any one of them.

“Boss, there are so many food. Can we enjoy a good meal?”

Zhu Xiao Ruo looked at the food with shining eyes.

“Indeed, we could enjoy a full meal.”

The Otherworld Creatures coming to Earth would slowly become stronger. The first few days were considered a chance for humanity to breathe, in the days to come, the Otherworld Creatures that would descend onto Earth would only become more and more terrifying. Currently, they could still find food, but the food situation will just get worse as time goes on.

At that time, most of humanity would rely on eating the meat of Otherworld Creatures. If they get careless, they might be poisoned due to the meat.

Moreover, they were also unable to carry all this food with them. Rather than letting these people have it, they should just stuff themselves and enjoy a good meal.

“Hu Jun, start a fire.”


After Hu Jun started a fire, they stole a large pot from somewhere.

Except for compressed food, most of the food was thrown inside the big pot.

The student and teachers of Flying Cloud Secondary were all frightened by the massive size of the Mutated Pig, they could only watch Yang Tian and the rest eat the food which belonged to them.

Beef, mutton, fish…

One must admit, when these items were mixed and cooked together, it was really fragrant.

“It is so delicious, give me another piece of mutton.”

Zhu Xiao Ruo went all out to eat. Before the Apocalypse, she might worry about getting fat from eating too much, but now she could no longer bother about it. Being able to eat was already a good thing.

With Lee Si Kai and Mo Kai both being Beastmen and thus having much greater appetites, at least half the food in the pot was eaten by the two of them.

“F***, how come you guys can eat so much.”

Hu Jun could not help but complained, he was already crazily stuffing himself yet he was still unable to match the speed of Lee Si Kai or Mo Kai.

A pot full of meat was left with only some soup and bones now.

When Hu Jun heard the Metahumans swallowing their saliva, he specially took a piece of mutton and teased them with it.

Even the Metahumans were finding it hard to endure let alone the hungry students, but they could only remain at their corner without making a sound.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Hu Jun spoke in an unfriendly tone when he saw a student who had walked out from the group.

“I am starving. Can I join you?”

The student was short and fat, looking like a typical loser. In school, he was also well known for being a coward.

“Oh? Do you think you are qualified to join us? What special talent do you have?”

Hu Jun asked in disdain; he hated fence sitters like him, even Mo Kai and Lee Si Kai were looking over with contempt in their eyes.

“I do not have any talent, but I am very obedient.”

After he finished speaking, he kicked the crotch of a Metahuman.

“Ah… ahhh”

“Fat Pig Xu, what are you doing. Do you bloody want to die?”

“Ah… ahhh”

The Metahuman who said “Fat Pig Xu” also had his crotch attacked.

After attacking the people, “Fat Pig Xu” did not feel any sense of remorse but displayed an expression of enjoyment instead.

“Following all of you would only cause me to starve to death. I have enough of your bullying, and my name is Xu Dafu!”

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After shouting his name, Xu Dafu once again kicked the crotch of the Metahuman who called him names and blood started to flow out of that lower body.

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Crotch stepping is not a healthy sport, please do not practice it.
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