Chapter 29 – Carnivore

“Not bad, you can follow me.”

Yang Tian suddenly spoke and surprisingly, he accepted Xu Dafu’s request.

“Thank… thank you, Boss.”

Xu Dafu replied excitedly, he had never obtained the approval of others in his sixteen years of life, everyone would always look on him with disdain and disgust.

Until the moment he ‘attack’ those high and mighty Metahumans, when he saw their pleading gazes towards him, did he finally found the meaning to survive.

“Boss, this fence sitter is useless.”

Hu Jun immediately said. He and the rest felt disgusted the moment they saw Xu Dafu.

“I am not a fence sitter, I…”

Xu Dafu was at a loss about what to say next. He was attracted by the food but even more so, he wanted to vent his frustrations by using this chance to express the displeasure in his heart.

“If I say he can, then he can. It is not for you to decide.”

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Yang Tian looked at Hu Jun with a cold gaze, causing the latter to cleverly shut his mouth.

“You can eat the food.”

There were only bones and soup left within the pot, Xu Dafu immediately approached and cleaned all the bones within the pot before he drank the soup in big gulps.

Zhu Xiao Ruo and Xiao Mei Yi were still beside the pot, they looked at Xu Dafu with revulsion before moving away from him, as though they had to avoid a disgusting thing.

“There are still some sausages here.”

Yang Tian tossed some sausages to Xu Dafu causing the latter to start tearing up from feeling moved.

His mother had passed away during childbirth, his paternal grandparents passed away when he was two and his father died in a car accident when he was five. He was adopted by his maternal grandparents until the age of seven before they passed away for some other reason.

He only managed to survive until now thanks to his father’s inheritance, but no matter whoever else it was, anyone who saw him would always look at him with eyes filled by disgust. There were even occasions when he had thought of committing suicide after being bullied by his classmates but every time when his leg went past the edge of the roof, he would retract it.

Rather than a swift death, he chose to live a sorry life. However, to live his life the way he did until now, it was inevitable that a deep psychological trauma has been developed inside of him.

When he saw Hu Jun kicking the crotch of a Metahuman and earned the praise of Yang Tian, he could not help himself but to imitate it as well. One of the reasons was because he had enough of the bullying and insults he experienced over the years, so he wanted to come out and vent it.

“Yang Tian, are you really bringing him along?”

Guan Qing Xue did not know why, but she too felt a sense of disgust the moment she saw Xu Dafu so she hoped to convince Yang Tian to give up on Xu Dafu.

“Of course, why not?”

Yang Tian naturally understood what they were feeling, but he would certainly not discard a hidden talent like Xu Dafu.

Carnivore. They possess an aura of disgust that can cause all creatures to feel disgust towards them. Even if he threw Xu Dafu inside the mouth of an insect, the insect would spit him out from disgust.

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Carnivores were, without a doubt, a very powerful profession. They can increase their powers simply by regularly eating meat. It was also tough to discover a Carnivore, during the early period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era, most Carnivores were treated as ordinary humans.

However, when a Carnivore successfully develops, they will then turn into terrifying individuals. Yang Tian remembered that a Carnivore Alliance was once established within the Celestial Empire in his previous life, every Metahuman within the alliance were Carnivores. Due to the aura of disgust that they were emitting, they were always pushed away by humans. This led them to have no goodwill towards any human being, even to the point that they would start large scale massacres whenever disputes happened.

However, these Carnivores were quickly sanctioned and the Carnivore Alliance turned into an empty shell with only a few remnants left of it.

Even with that, the might of a Carnivore still instilled fear in people. They possessed a quick growth during the early phase and to kill a Rank 2 Carnivore, a peak fighting power equivalent to a Rank 3 would be needed to destroy one.

“Dafu, do not overeat. I will bring you somewhere to eat some good stuff later.”

“There is more good stuff? Thank you, Boss.”

Xu Dafu felt extremely touched, this was the first time for him to receive the concern from someone. When other people looked at him, their eyes would always be filled with disgust yet he did not see that from Yang Tian.

Xu Dafu’s hands started to shake, he did not know why Yang Tian was treating him so kindly, but he would forever remember the kindness that he was showed today.

When the other students saw Xu Dafu obtaining benefits, some of them could not endure any longer and started imitating Xu Dafu’s method. However, none of them attracted the attention of Yang Tian; in fact, he did not even look at them.

“Boss, why do you… value me?”

Xu Dafu saw many people coming out, yet Yang Tian chose him, this caused him to place Yang Tian in an even higher position in his heart.

Carnivores have a dark side, but their hearts were similarly fragile. Once treated kindly by someone, they will repay the kindness multiple times in return.

“They could not be compared to you. Remember, you are more powerful than all of them.”

“I understand Boss.”

Xu Dafu solemnly nodded his head, on the brink of tears.

Yang Tian nodded his head in satisfaction; the usual Yang Tian would not have acted like this, but to obtain the loyalty of a Carnivore, Yang Tian was willing to express how much he valued him.

“Time to go.”

It was time to leave after having their fill because they still needed to travel quite a distance to reach F City.

The food was under Mo Kai’s care this time, he has the best stamina amongst their group and could carry it for an extended period.

A short while after Yang Tian and his group left, terrible cries could be heard coming from Flying Cloud Secondary; they were without a doubt from the people who imitated Xu Dafu’s actions. Even if those people were not discarded, they would also be taken as the lowest hierarchy within the school.

The Metahumans of Flying Cloud Secondary had initially assumed that Yang Tian would take over the school. They had not thought that he would leave after staying for a short period which also gave them the chance to teach the group of traitors within their ranks.

Kicking the crotch? They would make them suffer pain several times more than that.

Xu Dafu had joined the group, but Hu Jun and the rest still felt very disgusted towards Xu Dafu and were not displaying any friendliness towards him. Xu Dafu was used to such treatment and looks, he chose to ignore them.

“Boss, we might not be able to reach F City by today.”

The sky was already turning dark but they need to cross a mountain road to reach F City. They have wasted too much time in Flying Cloud Secondary, it had resulted in them being unable to reach F City within a day.

“We can only rest first.”

Night time was several times more dangerous than day time, they were only Rank 1 Metahumans and would not be able to defend themselves against high-rank creatures if they were to encounter one. They managed to win a Rank 2 Qigong Master by targeting his weakness, but it would be different if their opponent were an Otherworld Creature or Mutated Beast. Moreover, Yang Tian has used up all the Exploding Fruits he had, it would be unimaginable if they encounter a Rank 2 creature.

“Let’s rest here!”

The highway that they were on was slightly damaged due to the Apocalypse. Yang Tian and his group decided to rest off the left side of the road

Hu Jun and the rest placed their bags on the floor and sat on the ground straight away. Even for Metahumans like them, it was still taxing for their bodies to walk such a long distance. Let alone Xu Dafu, he might be a Carnivore, but his current constitution was no different from an ordinary human until he starts to eat real meat.

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