Chapter 30 – Devour

Zhu Xiao Ruo also very tired as she laid on the ground. For a Seductress like her to manage walking such a long period was considered not bad.

The night wind contained a faint chill, and they were all wearing short sleeves. Hu Jun, Lee Si Kai, and Mo Kai were still okay as they have stronger physiques and did not show any signs of feeling cold. However, Guan Qing Xue and the other girls were finding it hard to endure the cold winds.

“Hu Jun, go get some firewood and light a fire!” Zhu Xiao Ruo could not endure anymore and said,


Yang Tian immediately stopped him. Producing fire within the Post-Apocalyptic Era was not allowed, or it could attract certain unique creatures. These creatures would head towards any source of light, and lighting a fire would just draw those creatures towards them immediately.

“But it is so cold…”

“Even if it is cold, you have to endure it.”

If Yang Tian were still a Legendary Beast Tamer, he would not be afraid of such creatures. Unfortunately, he was only a Rank 1 Beast Tamer now.

Guan Qing Xue was also finding it hard, but Yang Tian had gotten her to stay beside the Mutated Pig, at least doing that will reduce some of the chills.

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The food at night was also not as sumptuous as it was in the day. After eating some hardtacks, they started taking turns to guard the night shifts.

Yang Tian and the Mutated Pig guarded for four hours, Mo Kai and Lee Si Kai guarded for three hours while Xiao Mei Yi and Hu Jun guarded another three hours.

As Zhu Xiao Ruo and Guan Qing Xue’s profession were quite unique, Yang Tian did not ask them to guard during the night and it was the same for Xu Dafu as well.

Four hours quickly went by; when it was Mo Kai and Lee Si Kai taking the shift, Hu Jun did not rest but went to Xu Dafu’s side. Xu Dafu was sound asleep and did not know that Hu Jun had approached him.

When Hu Jun saw the pig-like sleeping method of Xu Dafu, the disgust in his eyes intensifies.

“I cannot endure it anymore, you guys help me look out for Boss.”

After speaking to Lee Si Kai and Mo Kai, Hu Jun lifted up the pig-like Xu Dafu.


“Shut up.”

Xu Dafu wanted to scream out loud, but Hu Jun pressed his hand tightly against the former’s mouth to prevent him from shouting.

Seeing Hu Jun’s vicious glare Xu Dafu understood what was about to happen, he had experienced too many of such incidents.

Xu Dafu was dragged to a secluded location by Hu Jun before the latter kicked his stomach.

Hu Jun’s kicking power was not weak, it instantly caused Xu Dafu to hold his stomach with a flushed face.

“Dammit, I do not know why Boss would want someone like you.”

After he spoke, Hu Jun kicked Xu Dafu a few more times, targeting areas that would not be easily seen. Hu Jun also kept in mind to attack carefully, else it would be hard for him to explain if Yang Tian pursues the matter.

“How bloody refreshing.”

After hitting Xu Dafu, Hu Jun returned to the group, leaving Xu Dafu alone on the ground.

Xu Dafu slowly stood up and patted off the dust on his body before he slowly walked back to the group.

The moonlight shined on Xu Dafu’s face, showing the hidden wrath within Xu Dafu’s heart which was slowly accumulating.

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When Xu Dafu returned to the group, what welcomed him was the eyes of disgust from Mo Kai and Lee Si Kai.

Everything that happened at night was all noticed by Yang Tian. However, he did not step out to stop it. Yang Tian might be able to stop the beating and obtain Xu Dafu’s gratitude, but it would also cause Hu Jun and the rest to develop some apprehension towards Xu Dafu. The power of a Carnivore is derived from the hatred deep within their hearts, if Hu Jun and the rest stop treating Xu Dafu with revulsion, it might cause Xu Dafu’s power to become significantly weakened.

The night went by but no Otherworld Creatures or Mutated Beasts attacked.

The moment the sun rises, they also continued their journey. They occasionally encountered some discarded vehicles and there were also some signs of battles on the road.

“Boss, this highway seems to be dangerous.” Xu Dafu said with some fear.

“Get lost if you are afraid! Boss doesn’t need a coward.” Hu Jun used the opportunity to mock Xu Dafu.

“You have talked the entire way, it is time to shut up.”

Yang Tian said with impatience; Hu Jun has been mocking Xu Dafu throughout the journey, sometimes he would also pull in Lee Si Kai and Mo Kai to do the same.

“Boss, I will not be afraid.”

Xu Dafu tightened his fists, his heart was currently filled with hatred. He hates not obtaining the blessing of heaven.

If I also have powers like all of you, I will absolutely not let you guys off.

With Yang Tian’s warning, Hu Jun no longer dared to mock Xu Dafu at every opportunity, but he would still occasionally throw a couple of words every once in a while.

F City was now covered in destruction, cities with higher human population densities would attract more Otherworld Creatures, and the creatures would be also much stronger. On the contrary, the situations in towns and villages were much better.

When Yang Tian and the rest entered the boundary of F City, they were attacked by Red Carapace Beetles and Acid Bugs.

Seven Red Carapace Beetles and five Acid Bugs.

A total of twelve which also meant that there were twelve insect brains. This amount should be enough for the Mutated Pig to rank up.

Hu Jun and group attacked the Red Carapace Beetles while Yang Tian and Xiao Mei Yi handled the five Acid Bugs.

The battle quickly ended. Having accumulated quite an amount of fighting experience from before, none of them received any fatal injuries this time.

“Boss, my leg has come into contact with the acid of that insect just now.”

Xu Dafu’s leg was corroded by the acid and a large rotting wound has appeared on his thigh. Xu Dafu looked at Yang Tian in panic, the latter was his only hope now. The rest of them could not wait for him to die and so he did not have any expectations from them as well.

“Boss, we do not have many restorative items left.”

It was evident that Hu Jun did not want to give any to Xu Dafu, which was why he reminded Yang Tian.

“There is no need to give him.”

“I knew it, why to waste it on trash like him…”

Hu Jun assumed that Yang Tian had agreed with his thoughts and continued to be opinionated. However, when he sensed the cold eyes of Yang Tian falling on him, he cleverly shut his mouth.

The Mutated Pig was currently feasting on the brains of a Red Carapace Beetle but Yang Tian got it to pry open the shell of the insect, revealing the succulent meat underneath it.

“Eat these and your injury will heal.”

The recovery ability of a Carnivore is exceptionally terrifying, any meat that enters their mouth will turn into precious recovery tonics.

“I will listen to anything you say, Boss.”

It was the first time that Xu Dafu ate bug meat but as he believes that Yang Tian will not harm him, he immediately dove his head into the meat.

“Noms Noms”

The eating speed of Xu Dafu got increasingly faster and the meat of the entire Red Carapace Beetle quickly disappeared into his stomach. A Red Carapace Beetle was about the size of a cow, even after consuming the entire beetle, Xu Dafu was still displaying a dissatisfied expression.


Yang Tian got the Mutated Pig to open another Red Carapace Beetle. After getting Yang Tian’s order to eat Xu Dafu continued, his speed this time was even faster than before.

“Boss, let me do it myself this time.”

Having felt that his strength had significantly increased after he devoured two Red Carapace Beetle, Xu Dafu confidently requested to open the Red Carapace Beetle on his own just as Yang Tian wanted to order the Mutated Pig to open another one.

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