Chapter 214: Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter

There were ten light spots within the grand hall, these light spots seemed to have some spiritual power. As soon as Su Muyu and the two others approached, they would immediately evade and fly away.

Sensing that Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and his group arrived, Su Muyu and the two ignored them. Their only thought was to quickly catch the light spots and obtain an inheritance.

It wasn’t hard to imagine that those martial arts and secret techniques that could form into an inheritance, would definitely be formidable. It was estimated that these inheritances would be considered elite true arts in their sects. What’s more, with their current level of ability, they were still unable to obtain an elite level true art from the sect.

Which was why the inheritances that were here, was a huge opportunity to enhance themselves.

“I like that sparkling and translucent light spot.” Fan Qianyu joined in to chase after the light spots.

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“This white colored light spot seems good.” Fan Qiansong took a glance and locked onto his target.

No one knew what was within these light spots, they could only rely on their intuition.

Li Fuchen didn’t immediately joined the chase. He could feel that these light spots that were varying in color, were giving off slightly different auras

Li Fuchen didn’t know if the rest of them could feel the slight difference in auras, but he could roughly sense some traces of it.

Li Fuchen went ahead to sense all of the various light spots, to lightly experience it.

After a short moment, Li Fuchen casted his sights on a golden light spot.

This golden light spot was extremely arrogant, as though a sovereign king. The other light spots didn’t even dare to go near it.

Circulating the Wind Shadow Steps, Li Fuchen suddenly rose in the air and skimmed towards the golden light spot.

The golden light spot flashed and began to put a distance between it and Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen activated his Mystical Dragon Secret Technique to increase his speed. He turned into a shadow to chase after the golden light spot from behind.

It was obvious that each light spots’ difficulty were different.

Song Qinghe, Wei Shanhe, and Fan Qianyu had the same amount of difficulty in chasing their light spot, they were always one step away from catching it.

Fan Qiansong’s light spot was slightly more difficult. Next was Su Muyu, then finally Li Fuchen.

For certain certain degrees, one’s vision in choosing a light spot was dependant on one’s innate potential.

The higher one’s innate potential, the stronger one’s intuition towards these inheritance light spots.

Su Muyu was chasing after a green colored light spot, it was only a bit inferior to that golden light spot which was slightly more arrogant.

“Haha, I caught it!”

Song Qinghe was the first to catch hold of a light spot. As soon as he grasped the light spot in his hands, it immediately blended into his body. The next moment, his body went into a stasis as though the time around him stopped.

“Where can you run to!”

Wei Shanhe also caught hold of a light spot and went into a stasis.

Shortly after, Fan Qianyu caught hold of the translucent light that she had chosen.

In just a short period of time, only Fan Qiansong, Su Muyu, and Li Fuchen had yet to catch their light spots.

“It seems like an ordinary method will not work on this golden light spot.” Li Fuchen frowned.

Up until now, the closest he got to the golden light spot was a few meters. After observing the golden light spot, it was obvious that this light spot was highly competent.

Stopping his pursue, Li Fuchen landed on the ground.

“Since I cannot catch it, I shall attract it over.”

With an idea that flashed in his mind, Li Fuchen burst forth with his qi presence.

It wasn’t Li Fuchen’s intention to use his qi presence to shock the golden light spot. If he truly intended to do so, then he would undoubtedly be a jester. How would his qi presence be able to shock this golden light spot which was so arrogant. Even a Heaven Realm martial artist’s qi presence wouldn’t be able to achieve that feat.

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Li Fuchen wanted to use his spirit will to attract the golden light spot.

His spirit will was able to conquer anything and after being complimented by his current sword dao level, his spirit will contained the sharpness of a sword. There was also the power of the golden amulet contained within his spirit will, it might be weak, but it truly existed.

When Su Muyu saw what Li Fuchen did, her eyes flashed with a thought of realization.

But she continued to observe.

Perhaps it was due to Li Fuchen’s unbending spirit will or because of the power of his golden amulet. The golden light spot seemed to waver and seemingly wanted to approach but hesitated, it then began to hover above and around Li Fuchen.

“It is actually effective?”

Su Muyu couldn’t help but admit Li Fuchen’s brilliance. Not only did he have an absolute innate potential, his way of thinking was unique too.

Su Muyu wasn’t embarrassed to imitate, she too landed on the ground and burst forth with her qi presence.

“Since they are all doing it, I shall follow along.” Fan Qiansong’s intuition told him that it wasn’t wrong to follow what Li Fuchen and Su Muyu were doing.

Right now, the three of them were bursting out with their own qi presences and using their spirit will shockwaves to attract their desired light spot.

Five minutes later, an interesting phenomenon happened. The three light spots began to circle around the three of them. They were behaving like mischievous children, teasing while probing the three of them, but they were unwilling to submit.

“Burst!” Su Muyu yelled out and her qi presence grew even more intense, giving off a wave motion that was filled with the energy of life and death.


The green light spot acted like a swallow homing back to its nest. It suddenly entered Su Muyu’s body and which caused Su Muyu to close her eyes.

After a moment, Fan Qiansong followed up closely, attracting the light spot into his body just as he wanted.

Only Li Fuchen and the golden light spot were still in a tangle.

“What are you hesitating for?” Li Fuchen looked at the golden light spot.

The golden light spot gradually came closer.

“Within my body is an existence that far surpasses you. If you don’t become a part of strength now, when are you going to?!” Li Fuchen shouted while the sword like sharpness became intense within his spirit will, even the golden amulet was vibrating with energy.

Right at this moment, the golden light spot didn’t hesitate anymore as it entered Li Fuchen’s body.


His mind was surging with a boundless radiance. A large amount of information gushed in like a huge tidal wave, squeezing into Li Fuchen’s mind.

The information was in a disarray which made Li Fuchen suffer a splitting headache.

Soon enough, the information automatically rearranged itself and was congealed into paragraphs of words.

“Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter. 6 star secret technique. Uses the bone marrow as a tool to condense tool patterns. Once tool patterns are formed, Sword Essence will be formed. There is no need to use a sword or sabre, the practitioner’s body is the sword itself.”

“The black iron Sword Essence can be condensed with the black iron sword pattern. The bronze Sword Essence can be condensed with the bronze sword pattern…”

As the information was completely relayed, Li Fuchen was shocked.

It was actually a 6 star secret technique.

Within the entire East Unicorn Continent, 6 star secret techniques were nearly lost after various generations. The Azure Water Sect relied on the 5 star secret technique, the Sect Origin Swords to define the sect. What kind of feats could a 6 star secret technique achieve?

What’s more, it was already a 6 star secret technique even though it was an incomplete chapter. If it was complete, what grade of a secret technique would it be? 7 star, 8 star, or even the legendary—9 star secret technique?

“To use bone marrow as a tool to condense tool patterns. Could it be to temper the entire bone structure into a weapon?”

The contents of the information astonished Li Fuchen.

The grade of a weapon wasn’t just determined by the material but also the grade of the tool pattern.

Take for example Li Fuchen’s black gold sword. The material weighed a mere seven or eight kilograms, but after adding on a tool pattern, it became about 50 kg. It was equivalent to altering the material characteristics of the black gold material. It wasn’t hard to imagine, what kind of transformations would happen to Li Fuchen once his bone marrow was tempered into black iron Sword Essence, or even bronze Sword Essence.

Once he truly reached that point, his bones’ hardness would have reached a horrifyingly tough level that was even superior to demonic beasts’ bones.

Hardness was just the most fundamental function of the Sword Essence. It wasn’t merely hard, but it could also be used as an attacking force.

“I didn’t expect to obtain a much more formidable 6 star secret techniqueIncomplete chapter of Sword Essence, before I could even obtain the Sect Origin Swords.    

He was determined that he wasn’t going to pass this secret technique down to anyone, he wouldn’t even reveal this Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter to the sect.

“Although I have obtained this Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter, it doesn’t mean that the Sect Origin Swords is useless. Perhaps with one true art from within and outside of the sect, they could compliment each other.” Yet another idea flashed in Li Fuchen’s mind.

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