Chapter 213: Inheritance

After spending several hours, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had finally recuperated to 30% or 40% of his original condition.

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This injury was one of the most severe injuries that he has ever suffered. Had he been slightly careless, his life would have been over.

“What a close shave.” Li Fuchen exhaled a breath that had some blood stench as he gradually opened his eyes.

Fu Chongshan’s ability was too formidable. Li Fuchen had already utilized all his skills and also had the support from Fan Qiansong, but he could only barely defeat Fu Chongshan.

It was hard to imagine if Fan Qiansong wasn’t here; how much further would he have been pushed? After all, he wasn’t able to escape even if he could. With Fan Qianyu still around, he couldn’t just abandon her.

“Li Fuchen. Are you awake?” Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu looked over.

Li Fuchen nodded, “Many thanks to the both of you.”

Fan Qiansong waved his hand and said, “I have yet to go through Fu Chongshan’s storage bag. Let’s see what did he has and share it!”

Li Fuchen replied, “There is no need for it. Fu Chongshan’s storage bag belongs to the two of you. Don’t reject my proposal if you still treat me as a friend.”

It didn’t matter what items were within Fu Chongshan’s bag, Li Fuchen didn’t have any thoughts about it.

“Sure. Then I shall thicken my face and accept it.” Fan Qiansong hesitated for a moment before nodding.

His injuries wasn’t going to recover so quickly with just pills of the mystic class low-tier. Li Fuchen clenched his teeth and retrieved a mystic class mid-tier recuperation pill from his storage bag.

Mystic class mid-tier recuperation pills cost 100 thousand contribution points per pill. If it was exchanged into gold coins, it would be twice the value. Before Li Fuchen began his journey, he redeemed two mystic class mid-tier recuperation pills. It was lucky that he also obtained a total of three mystic class mid-tier recuperation pills when he killed Liu Guangfeng from the Silver Cloth Sect and Xu Heishan from the Heaven Fiend Sect. If not, he would have felt the pinch.

Not only was he concerned about the cost of the pill but what would he use for the next time?

After all, in the outside world, it was difficult to find and purchase a mystic class mid-tier recuperation pill. Such highly graded pills would only appear during auctions.

The effects of a mystic class mid-tier pill was indeed worthy for its cost. In just 15 minutes, Li Fuchen’s condition was back at 80%. The boundless medicinal effects was like surging waves as it splashed on Li Fuchen’s wounds continuously. It nourished his blood, helping to enhance his body’s recovery speed by at least ten folds.

“Let’s go!” Li Fuchen stood up.

They had been delayed for too long. Great items weren’t going to wait for them.


Fan Qiansong was feeling rather pleasant, as the wealth contained within Fu Chongshan’s storage bag was much more luxurious that he imagined. After giving a portion to his sister, the rest of the portion was sufficient for him to struggle for lesser years.

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Half a day later, Li Fuchen and the two of them finally exited the tunnel maze and came across a lake.

The lake had this solitary wooden bridge that was around 500 meters in length.

The lake’s water that was surrounding the wooden bridge were deep green in color and would occasionally let out some bubbles.

Fan Qianyu threw a piece of metal into the lake. Visible to the human eye, before the metal could sink, it was already beginning to corrode and dissolve. The toxicity was at a degree that made one’s hair stand on the edge. It was constantly fuming with so much poisonous mist, that neither of them dared to touch it.

“There is a grave poison in the lake’s water. It is absolutely untouchable and probably uncrossable either.” 500 meters wasn’t considered a long distance. With their capability, they could easily skim across it. Most importantly, the tomb owner probably already considered this point and wouldn’t allow them to easily get across.

“Let’s try it!” Li Fuchen threw a piece of metal across to the other side of the shore.


The metal was seemingly crushed into shards and powder by an invisible force. The domineering power was even more vicious than the poisonous lake.

“Seems like the only way across is to use the bridge.” Li Fuchen frowned.

It might not be safe to walk on the solitary wooden bridge, but if you wanted to get across, the only way was to walk on the solitary wooden bridge.

Cloaking his entire body with a scarlet fire intent, Li Fuchen took the initiative to cross the wooden bridge first.

He was certain that the highly toxic poison in the lake and the vibrating force above the lake were both intents. Since they were intents, the only way to protect himself was to use his own intent. At least there might be some hope for survival.

Stepping onto the solitary wooden bridge, Li Fuchen ignited his scarlet fire intent.

“As expected.”

The poison qi and vibrating force were indeed intents. Luckily with the scarlet fire intent’s protection, Li Fuchen could still endure it.

Backing off the wooden bridge, Li Fuchen said to Fan Qianyu, “You have yet to comprehend a technique intent. Let’s go together.”

Fan Qiansong had already comprehended technique intent, but Fan Qianyu had yet to.

Li Fuchen assumed that his technique intent was much superior than Fan Qiansong’s technique intent and knew that he could protect Fan Qianyu.

Fan Qianyu nodded and followed closely behind Li Fuchen.

Expanding his scarlet fire intent, Li Fuchen surrounded Fan Qianyu with his protection.

Halfway through the wooden bridge, the scarlet fire intent began to vibrate vigorously, causing the scarlet fire intent to nearly dissipate.

Fortunately, the both of them had arrived on the other side of the shore safely.

“Brother, be careful.” Fan Qianyu said to Fan Qiansong.

Fan Qiansong nodded and used the Carefree technique intent to protect himself while walking across the wooden bridge.

Similar to Fan Qianyu, halfway through the bridge, Fan Qiansong felt his Carefree technique intent vibrating intensely. Luckily he was only required to protect himself. If he was like Li Fuchen who had to protect Fan Qianyu, he probably would have been unable to cross the bridge.

After a dozen breaths, Fan Qiansong arrived on the other side of the shore too.

“This tomb probably belonged to an absolute expert who was at least at the Battle Spirit Realm or above. Only such an expert could actually utilize martial dao intents to this level of unbelievable proficiency.” Fan Qiansong laughed wryly.

Li Fuchen asked, “Is the Battle Spirit Realm the next realm after the Reincarnation Realm?”

Fan Qiansong nodded, “That’s right. Do you know the Doulin Clan? Their clan’s Battle Spirit bone frame is said to be related to the Battle Spirit Realm. It is why that clan is so formidable and can stand as an elite force in the East Unicorn Continent.”

“Battle Spirit Realm? Doulin Clan?”

Li Fuchen realized that his knowledge was much too shallow.

Fan Qianyu said, “The East Unicorn Continent originally had tons of masters. But unknowingly, a high battle erupted in the East Unicorn Continent which involved nearly all the absolute masters. Shortly afterwards, all these absolute masters vanished. It was said that they were banished, but no one knows whether it is true or false. We too only got to know it after flipping through some ancient records.”

Fan Qiansong continued, “We are still far from reaching that realm. Let’s not bother about it first. There seems to be a grand hall ahead.”

There was indeed a grand hall ahead and the doors were already opened. There were people flashing around, seemingly chasing after something.

“Let’s go in and take a look.” Li Fuchen headed towards the grand hall.

Within the grand hall were tiny spirits that looked like light spots dancing across the sky. Su Muyu, Song Qinghe, and Wei Shanhe were all chasing after those light spots.

“Could these be inheritances?” Fan Qiansong raised his brows.

Inheritances were special, they were a kind of information. Before anyone obtained it, no one knew what kind of information it contained.

Inheritances were sorted into major and minor inheritances.

Minor inheritances were the various formidable martial arts and secret techniques. Major inheritances were the passing down of a life’s experience from an absolute master, which contained everything that the master comprehended.

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