Chapter 172: Summoning up the Strength to Meet the In-Laws

From the phone, he could hear Du Wan’s flustered roar, “Su Ke2Su KeMain Character, where are you now!? I don’t care where you are, you’d better be at Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns before 11!”

Su Ke heard the urgency in her voice, causing him to be at a loss.

He was wondering what had happened to the demoness, Du Wan.

Why was she looking for him so urgently?

He looked at the time and saw that it was already 10, causing him to frown.

Li Fei Fei overheard the woman shouting into the phone and saw the peculiar expression on Su Ke’s face, so she asked, “What is it, Su Ke? Did something happen?”

Su Ke shrugged as he responded, “I also don’t know; a friend is urgently looking for me!”

Li Ling Long, who looked like she wanted the world to descend into chaos, looked at Su Ke adversely as she exclaimed, “It seems like another woman is knocking on your door!”

When Su Ke heard what she said, he was furious as he said, “Wei, you need to be clear! Are you looking for my help?”

Clearly, this woman was asking for his help, but now it seemed like she wouldn’t be comfortable unless he was suffering.

“What is it? Not letting others speak the truth?” Li Ling Long glanced away, very naturally gathering up her raids, looking very pleased with herself.

Su Ke facepalmed in response. He helplessly realized that Li Ling Long’s first appearance was so eye-catching, but it has now transformed into a sham.

Don’t tell him that she wanted to make him even more gloomy!?

Li Fei Fei was rather considerate as she spoke, “Su Ke, why don’t we go back?”

Even though Su Ke didn’t say which friend and what they needed help with, she suppressed her suspicions and presented him with an exceedingly imposing atmosphere.

“Eh! Then how about this! The gold card for our Pegasus Racing Club can be counted as a first time meeting gift. You can use it to come over to play anytime. There’s also a few F1 tracks you can experience!”

When Mo Hai Yang saw the situation, he knew that this wasn’t a suitable time, so he smiled before nodding and turning around to leave.

Su Ke pinched the gold card and was almost unable to restrain his smile.

He didn’t expect to receive so many cards this year; a bank card, member card, and a few others here and there.

Li Ling Long saw Su Ke and the other two girls stand up and go to the car, so she quickly yelled out, “Hey, why are you leaving? I’m not done with you!”

“If you have something to say, call me!” Su Ke didn’t feel very good about Li Ling Long, so he turned around and made a gesture to call him before he directly left without looking back.

Unexpectedly, Zhou Yu Hui was also quite loyal.

She knew that Su Ke had something going on, so she lent him the car to use.

Su Ke didn’t argue as he sent them back to school.

All along, even Su Ke had neglected the fact that he didn’t have a license.

Fortunately, on the road to Fang Fei Yi Ren, he didn’t bump into any traffic police.

Only allowed on

Fang Fei Yi Ren had only stopped operations for a single day.

After all, Wu Yi Ren had given Luo Fei Yan a call and made his attitude clear.

Su Ke then walked inside and carefully ran towards Lin Xiao Bai while saying, “Sister Xiao Bai, what happened? Sister Du Wan called me back so urgently!”

Lin Xiao Bai was surprised by Su Ke’s arrival as she exclaimed, “I also don’t know!”

She then pensively continued, “I saw that Sister Du Wan’s face wasn’t very good when she came, you need to be careful!”

Su Ke pulled his neck back, feeling a sense of coldness.

He was inwardly thinking that it can’t be that this woman is in a bad mood and wanted to use him to vent!

As he thought about it, he let out a deep breath and only then did he start to head upstairs.

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Luo Fei Yan heard voices and headed down the stairs to find Su Ke, so she exclaimed, “Little brother Su, you’re here! Your Sister Du Wan has missed you to death!”

“Eh!” Su Ke shook his head. “Sister Yan, don’t scare me! Does she miss me to death, or does she want me to die!? (1)

“Su Ke, get up here!”

Right after he heard that, Du Wan’s face suddenly appeared next to Luo Fei Yan, causing him to tremble unconsciously and nearly fall down the stairs.

Su Ke was stunned, his eyes blank, unable to digest the news.

“What? You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend?”

He then pointed at his chest as he continued, “You also want to bring me to see your parents?”

Du Wan sat on the sofa, her face expressionless as she nodded at him. “En!”

“Sister, I’m only 18! Aren’t I too young?” Su Ke’s brain was about to crash.

With his looks, he reckoned that people would be able to guess that he was a student.

Why had he suddenly reached the “discussing marriage” step?

Isn’t this world a bit too crazy!?

“Do I have to change my image? If I mess up, will I die miserably?”

Su Ke tried to appeal to Luo Fei Yan, but realized that she was enjoying this a lot.

Du Wan’s mood was extremely sour as she pouted and yelled, “Of course, it’s because you’re young! That’s why I found you. If it was another person and they clung onto me, what could I do? However, here’s something that you’re wrong about. If you mess up, it won’t be so simple as dying miserably; I’ll give you a fate worse than death! (2)”

“Ai yah! Little brother Su, just help Du Wan settle things with her parents! She’s also being forced. If not, it’d be unknown when she could get back her freedom!”

Luo Fei Yan then reclined slightly and patted his shoulder before softly continuing, “You need to have confidence! Besides, you might get an unexpected reward!”

Su Ke looked like a bitter gourd, helplessly struggling as he exclaimed, “Sister Yan! Don’t you think that the me right now, no matter what, looks like a minor!? If so, I’ll have to bear the burden of other people’s expectations! I feel like Sister Du Wan’s parents want a mature and steadfast man!”

Luo Fei Yan just directly took over as she said, “Haiz! Just give yourself over to me. No matter what, your Sister Yan is still a great talent of a beauty parlour, who has even gone overseas to study! It’s all a mere trifle!”

This time, Su Ke was at his wits’ end.

He quickly blinked a few times before helplessly nodding his head.

“Let’s try it!”

Su Ke looked at his appearance in the mirror and saw that he was wearing a white tucked in shirt with faint stripes, a black leather belt with a gold buckle, western-style pants, and spotless black leather shoes.

He looked like a completely different person. The aura of a student had disappeared by almost half. His hair had been styled slightly by Luo Fei Yan, looking neat and tidy.

At this moment, Luo Fei Yan also added a pair of glasses onto his face.

Luo Fei Yan then clapped her hands, looking quite satisfied with her work.

At the side, Du Wan was also very surprised.

Originally, a wimpy kid had become an elite businessman.

Suddenly, she grabbed a box out of her bag and opened it.

To Su Ke’s surprise, it was watch.

“Wear this. If everything goes well this time, I’ll gift this watch to you!”

“Too perfect!” Luo Fei Yan saw that when Su Ke wore these clothes, his temperament had become calm and steady; his delicate cheeks brought about a sense of refinement.

His smile also carried a sense of confidence.

Su Ke lifted his wrist to glance at the time before smiling at Du Wan and saying, “Du-er! It’s almost time, you can’t let father and mother wait for us!”

His simple and kind smile was brimming with charisma.


  1. The pun here is that “miss me to death” is “想死我” (Xiang Si Wo), while  “want me to die” is “想我死” (Xiang Wo Si)
  2. Literal translation from the raws is: “Even if you beg for life, you won’t be able to get. If you beg for death, you won’t get that too!” Sounded awkward, so I put the best English equivalent.
  3. “-er” is a suffix to call a person more intimately, almost like the Japanese “-chan”.
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