Chapter 173: Another Child!

“Ai! What father and mother, such impudence!”

Du Wan’s eyes widened in surprise.

She saw that Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s gaze had also changed.

However, Su Ke’s words had forced her back to her original character.

“Eh!” Su Ke spread open his arms and helplessly said, “Elder sister, I’ve got to warm up! If I mess up later, then don’t come to me for vengeance!”

After changing his clothes, Su Ke submitted to his fate. Wasn’t it just acting!?

After he moved to humiliate Zuo Ming Ming, his body trembled as he exuded a domineering aura. The feeling wasn’t bad. However, the scenario had changed and he was now dancing for the elderly, so the difficulty had increased.

“Leave you guys! A young married couple can’t be late!”

After Luo Fei Yan finished speaking, she frowned and had a new thought as she continued, “Should I have given Su Ke a car!? No matter what, he’s a young elite. If he doesn’t have a car, it doesn’t look good! That’s right! Su Ke, can you drive?”

“I drove over today!” When Su Ke finished speaking, he saw that the faces of the two women seemed like they had seen a ghost. They simultaneously said, “Drove your bicycle?”

After all, after such a long time, everyone knew what Su Ke’s family situation was like.

If not, he wouldn’t have come over to work.

“Originally, I went out with some friends. However, after hearing Sister Du Wan’s command, I was scared I’d delay for too long, so I just borrowed my friend’s car!”

Su Ke’s explanation managed to add some points to his effective reaction time to commands.

Du Wan followed Su Ke down the stairs and walked to the red GTR before asking, “Ai! Su Ke, is this the car you borrowed?”

Her gaze was stunned as she watched Su Ke open the door of the car; it looked inconceivable.

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A red GTR was parked on the road. It gave off a strong and eye-catching feeling with its streamlined body, a trapezoidal front, and four exhaust pipes at the back, two on each side.

The back of the car was slightly raised. Undoubtedly, the origins of this car was not simple.

Even though Du Wan didn’t have an understanding of sports cars, she could tell that this car wasn’t ordinary. Her gaze towards Su Ke also held some shock. She didn’t expect this brat to be able to borrow such a car. However, this was also good; when they met her parents, she would have more face.

Once Du Wan and Su Ke were in the car, she decided to catch him up with some of the basic details so that he would be able to pick up things faster, “Recently, my parents were so insistent on setting me up on blind dates that I almost wanted to die!”

“They were disturbing me everyday! I’ve been telling them for over a year that I already have a boyfriend! Originally, when I said that, they roared with laughter and walked away. Who knew that they would insist on a meeting? They were going back to Tian Jin tomorrow!”

As Du Wan was speaking, her eyebrows unconsciously furrowed.

Su Ke adjusted his glasses before he asked, “Then, what kind of identity did you prepare for me?”

“You decide! I’m already bothered enough as it is, so how would I have time to think about it!?” Du Wan turned to look out the window after she spoke before glancing at Su Ke.

Su Ke, who was focused on driving, was very well-matched with the white shirt and pristine western-style pants.

After Luo Fei Yan put some makeup on his delicate cheeks, he looked steadier.

His short neat hair gave a refreshing and capable look. The temperament of a mature man appeared in front of her.

Du Wan didn’t sense her heartbeat quickening. Her cheeks went red as she clenched her hands together unconsciously.

Su Ke drove according to the address Du Wan gave and finally found a restaurant.

Once the hostess saw the red sports car approach the restaurant, she was stunned.

Such a flamboyant car was something all women were attracted to, especially when Su Ke parked and got out. He looked young and talented with a majestic appearance and an elegant disposition. One look and she knew that he was the cream of the crop.


From a distance, the girl had called out to Su Ke.

If she didn’t have to stay at her workplace, she might have pounced over.

Su Ke glanced up and smiled slightly.

Under the sunlight, his silhouette was very good-looking and his dazzling smile carried a sense of magic. Only when he saw the girl who called out to him did he unexpectedly blush.

The women that can be hostesses can’t be lacking in the looks department, especially for businesses that are flourishing.

Seeing that Su Ke looked like a young master, naturally they would want to attract his attention so that they could develop romantically and become Cinderella.

However, once she saw Su Ke get out, she noticed that he went to the other side and opened the door. The hostess’ face immediately darkened once she saw a woman get out.

Su Ke had a face full of smiles as he walked. After Luo Fei Yan dressed him up, the inexperience was mostly covered up as he pulled open the door and made an “after you” gesture.

Du Wan was about 1.62 metres, which was just perfect when she stood next to Su Ke.

She grabbed Su Ke’s arm, her body couldn’t help sticking close to him as she said, “Be compatible with me, understand?”

“Eh!” Su Ke immediately nodded when he heard that. His arm was in her embrace and he could clearly feel like it had dropped into a canyon; it was extremely elastic and soft.

Every step rubbed against them and he started to feel numb very quickly.

Du Wan was wearing a chiffon dress with thin straps and a simple design.

However, when paired with her baby face and large chest, most of the women would feel inferior.

Su Ke pulled Du Wan’s hand and directly entered the restaurant.

As expected, as Du Wan had said, her parents were looking very serious as they sat and waited for the two of them to appear.

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“Uncle, Auntie, nice to meet you! I’m Su Ke!”

“Good! Good! You too!” Du Wan’s mother looked like a wise person.

Even though she was middle-aged, she still had a head full of hair that appeared very elegant. She looked at Su Ke with undisguised happiness and was nodding hurriedly.

On the other hand, once Du Wan’s father saw Su Ke enter, he silently sized him up, causing Su Ke to feel alarmed.

He repeatedly told himself to relax.

Right after they sat down, Du Wan’s mother pulled Du Wan to the bathroom, leaving the males to look at each other.

Su Ke tried to curry favour by passing over the menu with two hands and exclaiming, “Uncle, why don’t we order first!?”

“En!” Du Wan’s father took the menu and seemed to ponder over what to order as he casually asked, “Su Ke, I heard that you and Xiao Wan (1) have already been together for over a year?”

“En, about a year! However, because I’ve been busy at work recently, I haven’t had the time to pay a visit to you and her mother, please forgive me!”

Su Ke then squeezed out an apologetic smile as he stood up and filled all the cups with tea. “Uncle, please drink!”

“It’s nothing? It’s good that you youngsters are so devoted to work!”

At this moment, Du Wan’s father put down the menu as he looked up at Su Ke and said, “I heard from Xiao Wan that she’s already pregnant with your child!”

Su Ke had just lifted the teacup to take a sip, but when he heard that, he nearly spat out the tea with a ‘Pu!’

His face immediately became similar to a bitter gourd.

^ This is what a bitter gourd looks like. Just imagine Su Ke’s face becoming like this.


  1. For those of you who don’t know, the word “Xiao” means “Little”, and is used as an affectionate nickname for Du Wan. I used to translate that as “Little”, but it just sounds super weird over here, so I’ll leave it as “Xiao” for subsequent chapters.
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