Chapter 174: This Son-In-Law is Not Simple

The mature air that Su Ke2Su KeMain Character painstakingly cultivated was nearly destroyed by that sentence.

He gave a strained smile in response, completely unable to deal with the situation.

It was reasonable to say that Du Wan should not have said as much to her family.

However, if it was urgent, this lass would do anything.

There was no room to advance or retreat, as he was afraid of spoiling the act.

“What are you guys talking about?”

At this moment, salvation. Du Wan was pulling on her mother’s arm as she returned from the toilet. Seeing Su Ke’s awkward expression, she felt uneasy as she sat down.


Su Ke was slightly unnatural as he got closer to Du Wan’s ear, murmuring a few words.

He then saw Du Wan’s face change, becoming so red it looked like steam was about to come out. With a “Pa!”, she slammed her hands against the table.

“Dad, how can you talk such nonsense!?”

“Hei hei, aren’t I asking now?” It was only then did Du Zhong He’s face change as he scratched his cheek and say, “Your mother and I are anxious to hold a grandchild! Our neighbour’s daughter got married at 21 and they got to hold a grandson in the same year. You’re already 22, and not even anxious!”


“You’ve been going out with Su Ke for a year, so it’s about time to consider marriage!”

Du Wan helplessly looked at her father before pouting and turning her head.

At this time, Du Wan’s mother took up her responsibility. As they say, when a mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, her face would always be smiling.

She looked at Su Ke and said, “Xiao Su, how old are you this year?”

Su Ke felt bitter. He had only come out today as an emergency, so how did he come to the marriage step? He was only 18, but he had no choice and could only continue acting.

“Auntie, I’m the same age as Wan-er, 22!”

“En! I hope your parents are doing well! What do they do?”

“Both of them are fine. My family has a small business; we sell good!”

Su Ke inwardly thought that the small shop at home was counted under this.

Even though he didn’t feel like Du Wan’s parents would favour the rich and disdain the poor, but since Du Wan had given him the identity of a young elite, he couldn’t compromise that.


Du Wan heard Su Ke’s words and nodded her head slightly, looking satisfied.

After all, who would want their daughter to suffer?

Naturally, the standards for their marriage partner was more important.

“How about you? What are you doing now?”

“I’m learning how to supervise right now and helping out at home!”

When Su Ke spoke, the waiter had started to serve the dishes, so he quickly changed the subject, “Uncle, Auntie, please eat!”

“That’s right! Dad, Mum, please eat. Always asking questions, have you investigated enough?” Du Wan was acting quite considerate, like a young married woman.

She then looked at Su Ke, “Don’t be in a daze as well, hurry up and eat!”

Su Ke was about to move his chopsticks when he felt his phone starting to vibrate.

“Sorry! Uncle, Auntie, I need to take a call!”

Up until now, Su Ke was always very polite.

Du Zhong He waved his hand to show that he didn’t mind.


“Wei! Chief Wu!”

The person who called was indeed Wu Yi Ren.

“Ha ha! Brother Su, do you have free time this afternoon? Let’s go have a meal!”

A voice sounded from the phone, sounding very straightforward.

Even her parents could hear the voice very clearly and their gazes on Su Ke brightened.

Regardless of what kind of chief this person was, he would still have some ability if he was at this position. He actually wanted to treat Su Ke to dinner.

Looks like this son-in-law’s advancement is not bad.

“Sorry, Chief Wu! I’ve already eaten, but we can talk later tonight!”

Su Ke naturally knew what Wu Yi Ren wanted to talk about, but in his current situation, it wasn’t good to talk too much.


He directly hung up the phone as Wu Yi Ren’s voice sounded through, enthusiastically inviting Su Ke. Seeing that he rejected Chief Wu’s invitation to eat with them, she couldn’t help nodding.

Du Wan’s mother picked up a piece of meat and put it onto Su Ke’s plate while exclaiming, “Come! Xiao Su, you eat too!”

Du Wan saw that Su Ke got along well with her parents; there actually wasn’t a generation gap. The words he said were very surprising. When her father mentioned fishing, Su Ke would give his opinions about the rods. When her mother mentioned cooking, Su Ke could reveal an exclusive secret recipe for making meat coated in rice flour.

One meal had taken over 40 minutes. Du Zhong He, who was in high spirits, directly patted Su Ke’s shoulder as he said, “Xiao Su, you have to work hard! It’s already been a year; you should get married already. My family’s lass, besides being occasionally bad-tempered, who else can compare to her!?”

“Dad, you haven’t been drinking, so why are you acting like you have? How am I bad-tempered!?” Du Wan had exerted a lot of effort to maintain her “good girl” image.

Who knew that her dad wouldn’t give her face. She was so angry, her teeth began to ache.

Du Zhong He looked displeased as he pretended to scold her, “When men are talking, girls shouldn’t interfere!”

Following that, he turned towards Su Ke, “Xiao Su, you also shouldn’t indulge this lass too much! Have you been mistreated?”

“Eh, I’m okay! I’ve been okay!” Su Ke could feel Du Wan’s oppressive gaze.

How could he still dare go against that? He could only awkwardly smile.


“Xiao Su, next month is our family’s old Du’s birthday. Come back to Tian Jin with Xiao Wan! Auntie will help you make something nice; don’t you like to eat meat coated in rice flour!? Auntie will make it for you special, okay!?”

Du Wan’s mother seemed like she had just thought of it and directly invited Su Ke.

“Okay! I thank you, Auntie; I’ll make sure to go!”

He couldn’t disappoint his elders’ efforts.

“Su Ke, do you still have something to do? If you do, then you can leave first!”

Du Wan couldn’t take it anymore. Just this one meal and Su Ke had gone from a favoured son-in-law to their own flesh and blood. If this continued, she was afraid her parents would just force her to get a certificate. The best method now was to get Su Ke to leave.

“Eh!” Su Ke was stunned. Seeing Du Wan staring at him, he could only nod his head, acting like he had just remembered something. “That’s right! If you didn’t mention it, I would’ve forgotten!”

“So Xiao Su still has something to do today… You can leave right now, you don’t have to care about us!”

Du Zhong He waved his hand energetically, pardoning Su Ke from the table.

Su Ke had already settled the bill. As he walked out of the restaurant, he heaved a sigh of relief. As expected, acting as a son-in-law was not something an ordinary person could do.

During the meal, his mind was racing so fast, it nearly crashed.

Only at this moment did he realize that the system had a new task.


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