Chapter 171: Du Wan’s Phonecall

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character looked at the approaching person, but he had completely no impression of him.

He was a complete stranger, causing Su Ke to hesitate.

The man stared straight at Su Ke before smiling and saying, “I am Pegasus Racing Track’s manager, Mo Hai Yang. It might be a bit presumptuous of me, but I just saw your competition and I couldn’t help myself. I can’t exactly tell you how many, but I can confirm that at your level, you can join any racing club within the country.”


Even though he looked like a middle-aged man, his figure was well-maintained, making him look astute and capable.

Su Ke could only cooperate as he reached out with his right hand and said, “Hello! Mo Hai Yang, I’m Su Ke!”

Mo Hai Yang returned Su Ke’s greeting as he glanced around at the other people before saying, “Come! This way please!”

He then pointed at the awning. Not only big companies use awnings to advertise; Pegasus Racing Track also uses it to advertise their services; which include registration, handling of off-track matters, and of course, a temporary place of rest.


Su Ke looked over at Li Fei Fei and Zhou Yu Hui and shrugged, “Let’s take a break!”

He pulled on Li Fei Fei’s small hand before brushing past Zuo Ming Ming, completely ignoring him. The defeat on Zuo Ming Ming’s face became stronger as he looked on.

Being ignored by Su Ke felt even worse than being mocked by him. Looking at Li Fei Fei’s back, he clenched his jaw. He confronted everything, but he had completely no ability to resist.

After going through this competition, Zuo Ming Ming could tell that Su Ke’s influence wouldn’t be small. That said, if they dared to race, and could race, which one wouldn’t be a young master with backing!?

He heaved a deep sigh at the thought. He had used up most of his energy, so he slumped forward and his head dropped. Like a rooster that had been defeated, he silently left the place.

After a long time passed, the pit girl finally appeared.

As seen on TV, she was wearing a bikini that wrapped around the neck, tightly winding tight around her chest, which was bouncing in accordance with her steps.

People say that when a woman appears in front of you wearing a lot of clothes, men would focus on the places that are exposed. If a woman is wearing very little, men would focus on the places that were covered up.

Su Ke was just like that as his gaze focused on her bare arms and legs; her skin was smooth and tender, and she had a slender waist like a willow. On her navel was a sparkling piece of jewel.

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Catwalking, while carrying a tray full of juice. Su Ke could feel that as she was walking, her peaks and butt were swaying to the rhythm of her steps. This caused her miniskirt to lift up slightly.

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“Hmph!” Li Ling Long looked at Su Ke, changing the chewing gum in her mouth. “Still treating it like a treasure. You just hugged me, and now you’re staring at another!”

“Wei!” Once Su Ke heard her, he knew she was mocking him.

However, before he could respond, Zhou Yu Hui, who was sitting next to him, immediately counterattacked.

Zhou Yu Hui, who always loved to mock people for entertainment, finally found her opponent.

“So what if he looks? Su Ke likes to watch; there are always people who love beauty, do you understand? A certain someone who dresses until it can’t be told she’s a woman would definitely feel safe, no one would want to look, ha!”

Since someone was helping him out, Su Ke would naturally just enjoy the show.

He glanced at Li Ling Long out of the corner of his eye.

This woman was wearing a t-shirt, which was very neutral and big and completely hid her figure. Even though it was a unique style, it completely erased her curves.


“Tch!” Li Ling Long glanced over, her arms crossed over her chest.

In a moment, her two large peaks were pushed forward by her arms, which were not inferior to the woman in that bikini just now.

“Eh!” Su Ke unconsciously saw Li Ling Long doing that and nearly vomited blood.

He didn’t expect this woman to take on such an attitude; it was completely different from her image just now.

When Mo Hai Yang felt that the atmosphere was awkward and he saw that the bikini girl had walked over with the juice, he hurriedly spoke.“He he, come, your thirsty, right? Let’s drink some juice first!”


The bikini girl bent down slightly before placing each glass down in front of everyone.

Su Ke momentarily saw the light, a white plane, which was very dazzling.

Two large hemispheres were in front of his eyes and within reach.

However, when he thought about Li Ling Long’s previous words, he couldn’t help but look away immediately.

As expected, Li Ling Long snorted again and said, “Su Ke, how long have you been playing with cars? I see that you’re still young, but your skills are not bad; your skills don’t match your age!” Mo Hai Yang’s office was on the viewing platform with a large window that overlooked the entire race track. Fortunately, he didn’t have anything just now.

When he saw the GTR, he couldn’t hold himself back and directly ran down.


“Not very long!” Su Ke then took a sip of the juice in order to cover up the awkwardness in his heart. After all, he had never touched a car before today. The last time he had driven, or touched a steering wheel for that matter, was the Golf.

“He he, so it’s like that. Here at Pegasus, we’re preparing to establish a racing team. Of course, we can only establish an F3 team now. We’ve been preparing for a long time and are always looking for a promising driver. I don’t know if you have any interest!”

Mo Hai Yang was always observing the expressions on these people.


Li Fei Fei and Zhou Yu Hui were looking at him, puzzled, not understanding what an F3 team represented. However, the girl on the other side suddenly looked grim as she stopped chewing on her gum.

“He he, sorry, but I’m still a student right now and getting into university is my goal!”

Even though Su Ke was not very clear on the meaning of Mo Hai Yang’s words, he still made his own decision.

“You don’t have to make a decision so quickly! Our team will not be so easily prepared anyway. What I can tell you now is that we get our cars and technology from a strong team from the UK, Carlin. The plan is to participate in the English F3 race the following year. Of course, our cars right now are still being tested. Don’t you want to experience a professional competition?”


Mo Hai Yang’s arms were resting on the table, his body leaning forward as he looked at Su Ke, his smile full of confidence. He then continued, “We have funding, technology, and an adequate amount of conviction. Think about it! Getting closer to the F1 racing track could be counted as a man’s ultimate battlefield!”

Su Ke could admit that Mo Hai Yang’s words were extremely persuasive.

When people heard it, it would get their blood boiling.

However, at this moment, the phone in his pocket started ringing.

Su Ke was momentarily alarmed as he hesitantly answered the phone, “Wei! Sister Du Wan!”

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