Chapter 170: Li Ling Long’s Troubles

Li Fei Fei was too happy. She rushed crazily forward and jumped at him, hanging onto Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s body. Su Ke shook for a bit before managing to stabilize his body.

The posture of these two looked very intimate. Li Fei Fei’s arms were around Su Ke’s neck while her thighs were wrapped around his body, like a koala.

Su Ke had naturally opened up his arms and directly grabbed onto her two-round bottoms to prop up her body.

“Su Ke, you’re really awesome!” Li Fei Fei said into his ear.

“Eh! Don’t praise me, I’ll get conceited!”


Su Ke could feel the two lumps of very elastic meat pressed against his chest.

When he spoke, he would unconsciously push her up, his fingers sinking into her butt, which was even more elastic, like a wave.

“En!” Only then did Li Fei Fei feel two hands on her butt and involuntary clench her legs even more around Su Ke’s waist, pushing her body up as she sought to escape from his evil hands.

Who knew that Li Fei Fei’s move would cause Su Ke to feel like he was electrified, making him suddenly feel numb. The feeling of flesh rubbing against his chest was like a little flame that was burning wildly. Unconsciously, he could feel his little brother standing up.

Su Ke was feeling rather awkward and nervous, his face was completely flushed, but he also didn’t dare to put Li Fei Fei down, afraid that she would brush against his sensitive spot.


Suddenly, a voice sounded, “Wei! Haven’t you guys been affectionate enough?”

Su Ke turned his head slightly to the voice and realized that the speaker wasn’t Zhou Yu Hui, but the ever-proud like a peacock, Li Ling Long.

“What is it? Are you interested?” Su Ke grew increasingly annoyed with the girl.

Maybe it was because of her disdainful look, or maybe it was because she had lent the car to Zuo Ming Ming.

In short, he was unhappy, so when he spoke, he wasn’t very nice.

“Hmph!” Li Ling Long raised her eyebrow and laughed softly, looking very disdainful, “I’m not so “good” as you. Can’t you even control your third leg in broad daylight!?”

After saying so, Li Ling Long ran her hand through one of her braids, her gaze in a certain direction.

“F*ck!” When Su Ke heard her emphasis and mention his “third leg”, how could he not understand what she was referring to?

Unconsciously, he wanted to cover up.


However, at this time, Li Fei Fei relaxed her arms and directly jumped off Su Ke’s body.

She then looked at Li Ling Long with a bad expression as she hostilely asked, “What do you want?”

“Nothing! Just thought your man’s driving skills were not bad (1)! I wanted to borrow him for a few days to play!”

When Li Ling Long said that, her face didn’t change nor did her heart skip a beat, as if she didn’t say anything inappropriate.

When she heard this, Li Fei Fei’s anger nearly erupted as Su Ke heard her say, “Play? I’m afraid that’s impossible. If he got your stomach to become big, then that’ll be disastrous!”

“Pfft!” Su Ke had a head full of black lines and a face full of awkwardness.

Li Ling Long was also very shocked by Li Fei Fei’s words, causing her to frown slightly. However, girls from Yan Jing usually had their own personality as she immediately retorted, “I don’t need you to worry. If my stomach becomes big, we’ll just get a certificate. It only costs 15 dollars, it’s very convenient!”


Just as Li Fei Fei was about to fight back, she heard the roar of another engine slowly getting louder. She turned around to look and saw the blue R8 that Zuo Ming Ming was driving finally arrive. Zuo Ming Ming’s face was completely ashen.

After he stepped out of the car, he tore off his helmet; strands of hair that were soaked in sweat were sticking to his forehead, cutting a very sorry figure.

Just as he took a step forward, he staggered and fell to the floor.

It was only then that Zuo Ming Ming realized that his legs were trembling uncontrollably.


“Zuo Ming Ming!” Li Fei Fei unconsciously wanted to help him.

However, his two companions had already walked forward to slowly help him walk.

“Fei Fei, I’ve let you seen a joke!”

Zuo Ming Ming then forcefully squeezed out a smile, his face full of embarrassment.

Originally, he was a high-spirited rich second generation, but now he looked like a wet dog.

He then glanced at Su Ke and his face became a garish display.

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“Sister Ling Long, I’m sorry, I’ve embarrassed you!”

After saying so, Zuo Ming Ming returned the keys.

“En!” Li Ling Long made no comment as she received the keys, not even sparing him a glance, as if Zuo Ming Ming’s miserable condition had completely no relation to her.

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Rather, she turned to face Su Ke again and exclaimed, “Su Ke, give me your number!”

“En?” Su Ke was stunned. He didn’t expect this Li Ling Long to directly ask for his number.

He rubbed his nose and exclaimed, “We’re not very familiar!”


“I came by today to get to know you! Zuo Ming Ming said that you were very good at playing with yachts and flying planes. Okay, I’ve now decided to bring you into my social circle, and at the same time, do me a favor!”

Li Ling Long was actually not very familiar with Zuo Ming Ming.

It was only because Zuo Ming Ming had directly begged for her help on the club’s forum that she needed to look for a skilled helper, so she agreed.

“Do you a favor? You’re really blind!”

Li Fei Fei realized that this girl with a head full of braids had completely changed her attitude towards Su Ke only after he won the race. Su Ke felt peculiar once he realized that.

Her women’s intuition was telling her that she should strangle any unwanted developments before they could grow.

Li Ling Long ignored Li Fei Fei’s words and just directly spoke to Su Ke, “So? I see that your skills aren’t too bad, but do you have any interest in joining our club? It can’t be that you’re scared, right? Hearing you brag so much about everything, do you dare to participate in the F1 race?”

However, Su Ke didn’t seem to care, causing the arrogant Li Ling Long to use reverse psychology on him.

He then immediately heard a new task notification.

“Task: Settle Li Ling Long’s Troubles. Reward: 1000 RMB.”

However, a 1000 RMB reward, to the current Su Ke, was completely worthless.

It was so worthless that he was more curious about Li Ling Long’s trouble.


However, instead of refusing, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’ll be happy to accompany you!”

Once Su Ke finished, Li Ling Long fished out a phone from her pocket and inputted his handphone number into it.

At this time, he saw a middle-aged man slowly walking over while saying, “Ai ya! Young man, you’re really a hero! Your level of skill is unbelievable!”

Upon further inspection, the man was wearing a white shirt, black slacks, his hair was combed neatly back, and his face was full of smiles.

Even though he was at a distance away, he held out a hand towards Su Ke.


  1. This is a pun. The words “not bad” in the raws is “挺溜”, which is pronounced “ting liu”, where the “ting” word can also mean erect.
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