Chapter 17 – Dark Crimson Fire Wolf

The Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s skills were: Flamethrower, Dark Teleport.

Flamethrower: Shoots a jet of flames that can reach up to 150°C.

Dark Teleport: Transform the body into a shadow and instantly teleport to anywhere within a 3-meter radius once.

Flamethrower was an original skill of the Crimson Fire Wolf, while Dark Teleport was an additional skill that came with the Dark Element that was added to it.

Beasts that were tamed using Dark Taming would obtain the Dark Element and learn a Dark Element Skill. The Dark Element Skill that the Crimson Fire Wolf learned was Dark Teleport.

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“Dark Teleport, a pretty good skill.”

Dark Teleport was one of the better Dark Element Skills. As the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf continues to rank up, the range of its Dark Teleport would also increase significantly.

The cost for Yang Tian to cast Dark Taming once was extremely high, his Rank 1 Mental Power was currently wholly depleted.

However, it was worth the price of taming a Crimson Fire Wolf. Their safety during the Wolf Wave had significantly increased with the protection of the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

Just by getting the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to stand at a high point of the estate, Yang Tian would be able to create a deterrence. As long as they do not encounter other Elite Monsters or the Wolf King, the manor should be considered safe.

Also, the manor was located at the edge of the Wolf Wave, under normal circumstances, they would not encounter the Wolf King.

It was also considered lucky that he could encounter a Crimson Fire Wolf as most Beast Waves would only have Common Monsters, a was rare for an Elite Monster to appear.

“What happened to it?”

Lee Si Kai approached Yang Tian and asked with surprise. Not only him, Hu Jun and the rest were also showing curious expressions. The Crimson Fire wolf had protected Yang Tian against its companions.

“I am similar to the two of you, just that my ability is different. Now that we have time, I can explain to all of you.”

“As you have witnessed, the current situation that you saw now was also happening outside. Therefore, it will be best if you can give up on the idea that people will be coming to rescue you as soon as possible.”

They were all very unwilling to believe the truth, but the appearance of the Wolf Wave had already caused them to suspect that the situation was likely the same outside as well.

“The Post-Apocalyptic Era had just begun, all the animals of Earth had experienced a mutation, just like those mutated wolves that you have seen. Not only that, but there will also be a large number of otherworld creatures invading Earth. Those huge insects that you saw were just one of such creatures.”

“Then won’t humanity be destroyed during the Post-Apocalyptic Era?”

“That may not be true. Look at the two of them, a portion of the population would awaken abilities like them during the Apocalypse. Over the next three days, more and more people will awaken their abilities like them and become the hope for humanity’s survival.”

Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai were only one of many, they have awakened their abilities on the second day of the Apocalypse.

“However, there is no need for two of you to be worried as well. On the third day of the Post-Apocalyptic Era, Blood Rain will fall for three minutes. Those that come in contact with the Blood Rain will also awaken abilities. However, that is on the premise that you are able to endure the infusion process of the Blood Rain. Or else, instead of failing to awaken an ability, you will turn into the so-called… Zombies.”

The Blood Rain Infusion could awaken the abilities within the human body, but not every human was able to endure the process.

“We also… have hope?”

Xiao Mei Yi and Mo Kai could not help but display excitement at the prospect. They were envious about the special powers that Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai possessed, and the reason they chose to stay behind to fight was also that they wanted to obtain power by absorbing the energy crystals.

It was because they knew that if they were unable to overcome the attacks, even if they could hide inside the small house, what awaits them would only be death. However, it would be different if they obtained power, if they failed to defend against the attacks, they still have the chance of escaping.

“Since your bodies have been enhanced by the energy crystals, your ability to endure the process will also be much greater. The odds that the two of you will awaken an ability has also increased.”

They have after all fought together, Yang Tian’s attitude towards them have also gotten much better, he was okay with sharing some information regarding the Post-Apocalyptic Era with them.

The manor was now guarded by the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, and no other mutated wolves came to invade the place. They just need to wait till daybreak and the Wolf Wave would disappear.

There were several types of Beast Wave, the birth of a Beast King would cause one, this Wolf Wave was likely caused by the birth of a Wolf King. Most Beast Waves during the early period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era were due to the birth of a Beast King and rarely due to the other reasons. Only during the late period of the Post-Apocalyptic Era, would the appearance of Beast Waves meant different things.

Yang Tian rested for a while to recover some strength. He tossed the bodies of the mutated wolves that they have slain to the Exploding Fruit Tree, the wolf carcasses would not be of much use to them after the energy crystals were extracted. Also, wolf meat is slightly corrosive and would cause problems to their bodies if consumed.

The Exploding Fruit Tree have paid quite a high price during the attacks, these carcasses should be enough for it to recover at least one Exploding Fruit.

The Exploding Fruit Tree also gladly accepted it, its thorny vines entered the carcasses and completely drain them dry within a few moments.

“There are four more hours till daybreak, you guys go get some rest first, I will stand guard with the mutated pig for one and a half hour. After that, Hu Jun and Xiao Meiyi will come and take over the shift. Finally, the remaining two will replace them.”

Yang Tian quickly arranged the shift for the remaining time, the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was here now, but it was better to be safe than get caught by surprises. The Post-Apocalyptic Era does not tolerate any carelessness, or else, the price for being careless will be your life.

None of them entered the small house. Instead, they rest on the empty space outside the building. Their nerves were still taut from the battle, they did not dare to be careless.

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Yang Tian noticed that they did not enter sleep entirely, but continued to maintain a half-awake state. He could not help but note that they have the potential to be groomed.

One and a half hour later, Xiao Mei Yi and Hu Jun came to take over the shift. Yang Tian went to their previous resting spot to rest while the mutated pig immediately rests on the place it was standing and did not move.

Morning came, and the Wolf Wave has finally ended. The Dark Crimson Fire Wolf returned to Yang Tian’s side, it still possessed the memories before it was tamed, but the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf would no longer submit to the Wolf King.

The Crimson Fire Wolf might not possess the potential to evolve into a Commander-Tier in the past, but after receiving Dark Taming, it had undoubtedly obtained the potential to develop into a Commander-Tier.

Every Beast Tamer have their own taming methods, and Dark Taming is one of Yang Tian’s method, it is also a very unique one. Dark Taming is extremely tyrannic, as long as Yang Tian’s Mental Power is stronger than the creature he wants to tame, he will be able to tame it immediately. Also, Dark Taming will also bestow the tamed creature with an additional Dark Element Attribute.

When an ordinary Beast Tamer tames a creature, the tamed creature’s strength would be the same as it was before it was tamed. Before an ordinary Beast Tamer wants to tame a creature, they must first defeat the creature before they can start taming it. This was also why Beast Tamers were not very popular during the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

Since you could defeat your Tamed Beast, then it meant that you were stronger than the creature. Therefore, even after taming it, your overall power would not increase by much. That was why many Beast Tamers would form teams with other Metahumans or pay an extremely high price to engage the help of others to defeat the creatures they wanted to tame. Only with that method, would an ordinary Beast Tamer become stronger.

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