Chapter 16 – Dark Taming

When Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai saw Yang Tian’s actions, they also imitated him and stabbed their sabers into the eyes of the other two mutated wolves.

“Extract the energy crystals.”

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Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai extracted the energy crystals from the heads of the wolves. Hu Jun looked at the heads of the fourteen shriveled wolf corpses.

“Want to take a look?”

Hu Jun softly asked Lee Si Kai as he pointed at the fourteen desiccated corpses.

“Don’t think about it. The energy crystals are long gone.”

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The energy crystals were also absorbed when the Exploding Fruit Tree drained the bodies.

Hearing Yang Tian’s words, Hu Jun can’t help but feel disappointed.

“You guys should use the time to quickly absorb! The Wolf Wave hasn’t ended yet.”

Hu Jun and Lee SI Kai absorbed the crystals. Yang Tian currently possessed two energy crystals, one from the mutated wolf that could improve strength and speed. The other was from the Red Carapace Beetle that could improve defense and strength.

Yang Tian did not plan to use it on himself, he had already absorbed one mutated wolf’s energy crystal, it would affect his future development if he used more.

Yang Tian prepares to give the two energy crystals to the remaining students.

“You guys,, come here.” Yang Tian called them to him.

“I have two energy crystals here. All of you should have witnessed its effects, one of you can enter the small house while the other two can absorb the crystal and continue fighting.”

“I will go in. I will go in.”

One of the female students shouted. Yang Tian did not deny her request and let her enter the small house.

“I am Xiao Mei Yi.”

“I am Mo Kai”

Yang Tian explained the effects of the crystals in his hands to them. Xiao Mei Yi chose the mutated wolf’s energy crystal while Mo Kai selected the Red Carapace Beetle’s energy crystal.

To copied Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai, placing the energy crystal inside their mouths. Very quickly, their eyes revealed joy and happiness.

What a powerful feeling.

“How do you feel?”

“Very well, I never had such a feeling before.”

As they have yet to awaken an ability, the attributes they absorbed would not display any inclination to one side. This would also affect the type of ability they would awaken in the future.

“Hold your weapons properly, all of you might die anything in the next fight.”

Yang Tian’s words were not exaggerated, the commotion caused by the Exploding Fruit Tree was too loud, plus the Wolf Wave was still ongoing. It was impossible that no mutated wolves were attracted to the manor, the only problem was the number that was drawn.


A crimson-colored mutated wolf led thirty mutated wolves and surrounded the manor.

Yang Tian looked at the crimson-colored mutated wolf.

Rank 1 Crimson Fire Wolf, Elite Monster.

Mutated beasts were also separated into different classifications. An ordinary mutated wolf was classified as a Common-Tier Monster, while the Crimson Fire Wolf was an Elite-Tier Monster. The Wolf King that could command the wolf pack was classified as a Commander-Tier Monster.

Even though they are both Rank 1, an Elite Monster is several times stronger than a Common Monster.

One Elite Monster accompanied by thirty Common Monsters against a Rank 1 Mutated Pig, two slightly enhanced humans, a Rank 1 Cheetah Warrior, a Rank 1 Flame Warrior and Yang Tian with Rank 1 Mental Power. No matter how it looks, the scale of victory was heavily leaning towards the mutated wolves.

Panic could be seen within the eyes of Lee Si Kai and Hu Jun, let alone Xiao Mei Yi and Mo Kai. However, Lee Si Kai was able to feel a sense of security when he saw the calm eyes of Yang Tian, he did not seem nervous at the large scale appearance of the mutated wolves.

Maybe he has some tricks up his sleeves?

Yang Tian stared at the Crimson Fire Wolf causing the latter to feel a sense of threat. It could sense danger coming from this human.

The Crimson Fire Wolf took a few steps back, its instincts were telling it that the human in front of it was extremely dangerous.


The Crimson Fire Wolf howled, the surrounding wolves all started to approach Yang Tian upon hearing the howls of the Crimson Fire Wolf.

Hu Jun and the rest have also formed a circle, looking at the approaching wolves with raised guards. The situation was obviously hopeless, yet they still put up a resistance. Sometimes, the desire to survive was just that strong.

The wolves got closer and closer, Yang Tian and the rest have already entered their attack range. Yang Tian secretly issued a command to the mutated pig.


The wolves pounced at Yang Tian and group at the same time, but Yang Tian had also taken action as well.

He jumped on top of the snout of the mutated pig, and the mutated pig used all the strength it could muster to toss Yang Tian towards the Crimson Fire Wolf.

As a Legendary Beast Tamer in his previous life, he might only be an ordinary human currently, but that did not mean that he did lack means.

“You shall become my first Tamed Beast, feel honored! You might be able to witness my ascent!”

“The trembling of the mind, the call of the body, the demon hiding within your heart. Time to awaken…”

Five black halos appeared on Yang Tian, as he got close to the Crimson Fire Wolf, the five black halos flew towards it.

At the same time, the Crimson Fire Wolf felt that it has lost its ability to move, it could only watch as the black halos wrapped around its body.

Only when the five black halos completely bounded the Crimson Fire Wolf, did it finally regain the control of its body, but it was useless now. When the thirty mutated wolves saw the pitiful state of the Crimson Fire Wolf, they all stopped attacking their targets and went to the side of the Crimson Fire Wolf.


Dark Taming

The five black halos entered the body of the Crimson Fire Wolf, and a black lotus appeared on its firey-red forehead. Yang Tian, on the other hand, was currently kneeling on the ground, looking very weak.

The first three wolves that ran back displayed their sharp fangs and bite towards the weakened Yang Tian.


However, they were suddenly wrapped in a series of swelling flames, the flames came from the maws of the Crimson Fire Wolf.

The Crimson Fire Wolf was now standing in front of Yang Tian, the black lotus mark on its forehead was emitting a faint glow.

When the remaining twenty-seven mutated wolves saw the miserable state of the three mutated wolves, they quickly stopped running and looked at the Crimson Fire Wolf hesitantly.

The bodies of the three mutated wolves have been burnt black by the flames, the scent of burnt flesh had stimulated the nerves of the other mutated wolves, causing them to slowly step back.


The Crimson Fire Wolf raised its head and howled.

The twenty-seven mutated wolves retreated during the howling.

The collapsed Yang Tian creased his brows, he did not expect that the Rank 1 Crimson Fire Wolf was still able to resist his command for two consecutive times after it was struck by his Dark Taming. However, the Crimson Fire Wolf was only able to withstand that much, it was now a Tamed Beast that would obediently listen to orders.

If Yang Tian were already a Rank 1 Beast Tamer, the Crimson Fire Wolf that was caught by his Dark Taming would not even have the ability to resist his orders.

Dark Taming was the main methods that Yang Tian used to develop into a Legendary Beast Tamer, the creatures tamed through Dark Taming would obtain one extra element, the Dark Element.

Dark Element: Able to hide within the darkness, possess great explosive power and reduces the magic attacks of other elements received by half.

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